Wednesday, December 05, 2018

look it over before you buy it, the factory doesn't seem to be employing a qa or qc anymore

these are above and below comparisons. Above, no yellow reflector turn signal diffuser, below is the example of what it should look like

above, tailgate that's out of square, it's only suppose to have about an 1/8th of an inch gap like the other truck below

and these were just yesterday's finds


  1. Isn't the dealer supposed to tweak these final adjustments that the factory let slide?

    1. no, there are no final adjustments. There are no panel adjusters here at the dealership, and no inspection for panel fit. As you can see from the missing orange reflector, the factory just blunders along not getting vehicles built well from lack of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. The many examples I have taken photos of will all get posted eventually, but I don't think that post is going to entertain many people, so I'm in no hurry.
      Here at this dealership, operating at this location by the same family ownership since 1962, there is one guy checking the incoming new vehicles, and he doesn't catch these many panel problems that I do. He barely gets the cars and trucks out of shipping mode. He fails at that too damn often, and I have to take those back to him too.