Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nitro nights, the La Salle / Cadillac car show, and Wavecrest...

I'm working through about a 1000 photos to post the best for you, so please enjoy the archives for a little while, and take my advice, go back to the beginning... November 2006 and see how much you've missed. Lots of cool ads from the late 60's in the first month, lots of eye candy and short takes from the magazines, great stuff from around the internet.

I've done the hardest part, posting the good stuff I've found, and then the easy part, giving you a link to the 1st page...

I believe you'll enjoy. If you enjoy it more than you expect, email me or comment, 'cause the comments are now enabled on all the posts.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Race cars to honor Marines

Very cool

Very cool, an 11 second '72 Challenger, and a 10 sec '76 Dart

The coolest part? Owned and raced by a woman.

Yeah, in my experience it's so rare for a woman to dig cars, own a musclecar, race her musclecar, and have an 11 second car, plus it's a MOPAR.... it's so infintesimally rare, that I applaud her, her website, her t-shirt business, and her Challenger. Mine was a 340 '71 auto... so I can relate just a little, to how cool that car is. My Dart was a 72 Demon. Neither was ever at the track, but the Challenger was maybe good for high 12's.

Need the gauges fixed? I was reading about this in Hot Rod, and it's a cool background story. Shannon got a job after high school fixing gauges, and when he wanted to make his own company he got really lucky, a family member let him take over a family owned big building, and then he was the only bidder on an auction lot of and estate sale of an old gauge shop. Sweet piece of good fortune!

Steve Strope gives him the "Pure Vision" business. That is one heck of a good voucher.

Hot Rod Magazine

Why is it that the new Hot Rod is the November issue, a month and a half before november will occur? The info is about 2 months old, due the delays of layout, editting, and printing.

Just curious why they can't conform to the calendar based on planet Earth moving around Sol when it comes to placing a month on the cover and spine. Would it be too hard to get a bit closer to the real month of it hitting the shelves and post office boxes?

Milner had another car, and another movie with lots of racing (according to the preview)

the 68 Camaro was in storage for 29 years after being bought from the movie studio, but is now on page 17 of the November Hot Rod Magazine.

Aloha, Bobby and Rose

Would you like to learn about a rare 69 Camaro you've likely never heard of? A NASCAR pace car!

Musclecar review Sept '08, page 90. 1 of 7 made, and maybe 3 still exist. This one was bought from NASCAR by Richard Howard owner of Charlotte Motor Speedway at the time, when they were done with it. The first titled owner? Bill France.

It's for sale.

This other one is being restored by

440 6 pack Edelbrock intakes

The part about pointing out that they are aluminum is useless... I'm certain that all Edelbrock intakes are aluminum. Anyway, the 6 pack intake was described in an article in Muscle Car Review magazine, Sept 2008, page 70.

Casting number 3412046, and weighing less than 1/2 of the iron replacements that Chrysler made for the 1970 model year. I had one, and it was effing heavy, easily more than 40 pounds.
Chrysler switched from contracting the intakes from Edelbrock to making them to save about 1/3rd th 1/2 off the cost per unit, that is alot of money.

About 3500 were made by Edelbrock, and I'm very happy to have one on my engine. I wanted one for about 7 years before I got mine.

On the topic of Edelbrock intakes, NHRA accepted them as factory stock. That is pretty cool imho. The LD4B and CH4B intakes, and the 2 piece hemi intake were given Chrysler part numbers too.

A highly recommended book

Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942 third edition... highly recommended book by the horseless carriage society. It's nearly perfect, and they've only found 2 cars made in America that weren't in the book.


Highy recommended book by Paul Zazarine, read his column on pg 18 of the Oct 2008 Musclecar Enthusiast

This lavishly illustrated work documents every muscle car to emerge from Detroit wearing a Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, or Oldsmobile badge. The Complete Book of Classic GM Muscle Cars covers over 40 years of high performance with an in-depth look at prototypes and experimental models, anniversary and pace cars, and specialty packages for street and competition driving. With extensive details, specs, and exclusive archival photographs, this book is the ultimate resource on Americas muscle cars.

The " Elmerado " 1955 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

It debuted in January 2005 at the San Francisco Rod & Custom Show, and was sold at 2008 Barret-Jackson Auction Scottsdale as lot #1247 for $72,000.00 but had earlier been for sale by the Imperial Palace Auto Collection (and casino in Las Vegas) for $250,000.
It was designed by the Tompkins Brothers and "Hall of Famer" John D'Agostino, painted by the master, Art Himsl.

Crocodile and leather interior, chopped & sectioned, rolled pans, redesigned bumpers & grille. This car has won the coveted Gene Winfield D'Elegance Award.