Saturday, January 24, 2009

Checker Motors Files For Bankruptcy After 87 Years Of Business

My favorite Z-28

Pacific Coast timing Association tagged hot rod, cool

A bit of Bugatti beauty


Love the welded chain upper radiator supports and the coffin air cleaner! I think this is from Scruffy's website,

Voglreiter house Salzburg, Austria

Via Pixdaus

Park carefully, don't park near a logging operation

Via Pixdaus

A variety, mostly from Pixdaus, a couple from Nikollas

Above New York in 1910, below Rio De Janerio in 1913

New York firemen with new truck

1907 Minerva

Three wheeled tractor trailer rig

FAR was a French truck manufacturer, affiliated to Chenard-Walcker. It was founded in 1919 and ceased manufacture in 1970. Among the company's products was the 'Pony Mécanique', a three-wheel tractor built under licence from UK company Scammell, from 1937 to 1970.

Teriffic collected photos by Nik!

I don't think Nik knows it, but the above hot rodder is Norm Grabowski!
For a full post on Norm Grabowski, icon and influence of hot rodding:
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