Saturday, June 22, 2013

James Thomas' incredibly well documented high school hot rod photo album

a very basic early ford speedster

some Americas Most Beautiful Roadster winners were at the LA Roadster show this year

Bill NeiKamp's famous roadster, winner 1950

above, 1951 winner, Carter Fisher

Blackie Gejeian's 1955 winner

John Corno's 1980 winner

Steve Lykken's 1984 winner

Cliff Hansen's 1987 winner

above, 2001 winner, Chip Foose designed built by Barry White

above 2006 winner of Ken Reister

2008 winner of Rudy Necoechea

above, 2012 winner of Bill Lindig

2013 winner of John Mumford

a different Bell Auto roadster from the last LA Roadster Show

the other cool one from 2012 LA Roadster show: and coincidentally they were parked in the same place 12 months apart

the cool cars in the movie Dazed and Confused, set in 1976, included a Superbird, GTO Judge, Chevelle, SD 455 Trans Am

Looks like a barn find race car collection in a barn, in Europe, gathering dust... and there is no information about it! (3 Shelby AC Cobras just in these 4 photos!)

found on but all the photos are marked but after looking around that site I did not find a post about this collection... damn you Ian Alexander for teasing!

the most fun thing you'll see today

found on

If this GIF isn't moving, click on the link, the car and dog are running while the guy pedals the bike

B 17 "Sleepy Time Gal" on a bridge, heading to the museum at Dayton Ohio

found on

but credit for learning what a B17 was doing on a bridge goes to Bob, Vonredbeard.blogspot who somehow figured out the plane, the location, and what it was doing on the bridge! Thanks Bob!

B-17 44-83624 being delivered across the Mad River Bridge to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. B-17 was being towed by an American Coleman Model G-40 all-weather towing tractor (USAF classification is MB-4) which can be removed in hot weather.  Made from 1954 to at least the mid-1970s. (thanks to Steve!)

unique gas tank, it's clear

Louis Chevrolet and Ameilia Earhart

we know that some dogs chase motorcycles, and now a wolf has decided to join the hunt

a guy was giving his new bike a test ride, when a wolf came out of the forest and chased him via

the wife and kids in the sidecar of a 1912 Henderson