Saturday, November 23, 2019

back in 2011 I took a lot of photos of Big Oly (the remake of Parnelli's Bronco) and only one of the original, but this year I got the opportunity to take photos of the original... and it's pretty cool, and has some terrific original stickers and decals, a couple I've never seen before

it's not just cars that are getting robot contrrols for autonomous driving, so are floor strippers

why the hell this was at SEMA, I can only guess it relates due to car collection warehouses and garage floors

meanwhile, over by the Hoonigan drifting arena

there were quite a few old Japanese cars at SEMA this year, reminding everyone that inexpensive quality 2 seaters used to be a lot more common

part of artist alley at SEMA this year, Brown Dog Welding/Josh Welton, Max Gundy, Nick Crouch, and Old School Alex

I happened to be there when Ralph Gilles  (head of design, FCA, CEO of SRT) stopped by to thank Josh for a piece of art he'd just purchased

Nick's art is really extraordinary, last year he was the SEMA artist if I remember right

really, to be the artist of choice for SEMA? the skill and talent that good is rare, and few get that contract. This year it's Old School Alex

Max Grundy was the artist for SEMA a couple years ago

the car of the year at SEMA was the Toyota Supra

Every year it's a curiosity what will be featured in the Absorber booth... it's frquently an AMBR or Ridler winner, no kidding, or or's something fun like the tank, or the van Ron Berry built by hand - how's this? A real cop car Isetta!

you might have heard of this hot rod, Lunch Money, it won over a whole variety of vehicles on season one of Fastest Car on Netflix - while operated with hand controls, and handbuilt. Some of the competition was Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc

interesting way to show support from your sponsor

thank you Phil M and Jeff J for the tips! (wait, that 3 tips from people with 4 letter first names, I'm seeing a pattern here!)

Friday, November 22, 2019

great little mini truck!

Not many drifting semis are used to make fun videos for entertainment

Thanks you Mark M for clanging my tip jar!

GM wagons needing a good home, parked in the 90s in Paso Robles, but going to get sold now

the country with the worst roads, in the whole world? Papua New Guinea. 820 languages, on 18% of its population lives in cities, it only has 3 paved roads... sort of, and it's the definition of 3rd world back country. So, with mountains, and villages scattered, and no police, it's roads are the most dangerous both in condition, and bandits

fascinating documentary!

How drastic did car insurance vary in 1967?

Rick Mitchell from Ontario, Canada, is the original owner of this 1967 Antique Pewter Metallic Pontiac Beaumont. It's equipped with the 396/350hp engine and M20 four-speed transmission, he bought it in March of 1967.

He initially wanted to order a 1967 427/435hp Corvette, but insurance would have been $3,000 a year. The Beaumont insurance ended up being $124 a year.