Saturday, August 14, 2021

really good looking for a 28 year old car

some women think men don't show their emotions enough... probably because they aren't hanging out with us when we score a barnfind, and give it a second life


impressive display

yup, I can see this being legit


its interesting to see the cross country endurance runs that were used to demonstrate how reliable the cars were, and who they chose to drive those, and what routes they chose. This ad for Packard had all three, easy to see

interesting bolt on tail lights, must have made stamping out body panels a lot easier

no spare tire but lots of luggage rack.... and those great comedians, Abbott and Costello in the 1941 movie Hold That Ghost

working in the barracks parking lot

been there done that

Seriously, I doubt they ever came through and paid out on this guarantee

must have ruined someone's day, peobably on a Monday morning

and then there was that tunnel boring unit in Die Hard 3 (the best of the Die Hard movies)

the opinion on IMDB is that this was custom built for the movie

with style, and efficiency

a day in the life of a crop duster

news flash: 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti this morning


just a month after their president was assassinated, Haiti is surely in a mess.

it's hot out, and the 2nd best remedy for that is ice cream (the 1st is air conditioning, of course, the 3rd is swimming)


Built in 1910 by O'Grady-Anderson's of Winnipeg, Manitoba, this massive Gas Traction Company Model B is now the sole survivor of her production run and thought to be the oldest surviving operational Canadian built agricultural tractor in existence.


found on the you tube channel of Rainhill 1829, who focuses on tractors

Friday, August 13, 2021

a founding member of the Museum of Bus Transportation (which recently merged with the AACA Museum) just donated his collection of 5,000 bus models to the museum. I bet they all saw that coming.

Back in 1976, Dockendorf was hired as chief of the urban transit division of PennDot’s Bureau of Public Transportation and thought it would be nice to decorate his new office with bus models.

What began as an office decorating project turned into a collection of more than 5,000 toy and model buses ranging in age from 1915 – the present. John has become one of the foremost authorities on model buses in the World.

New York's MoMA is having a car show

1946 Pininfarina Cisitalia 202 GT 

Nine cars, including a recently restored Volkswagen Type 1 sedan (better known as the Beetle), will invite visitors to take an up-close view of the machines that architect Le Corbusier compared to ancient Greek temples and critic Roland Barthes likened to “the great Gothic cathedrals…the supreme creation of an era.”

A seminal event in the history of the automobile was being recognized beyond its role as a transportation device in the 1951  '8 Automobiles' exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art 

Philip Johnson, (one of my favorites) director of the MoMA’s department of architecture and design, wrote in the exhibition catalog: “Automobiles are hollow, rolling sculpture, and the refinements of their design are fascinating. We have selected cars whose details and basic designs suggest that automobiles, besides being America’s most useful Useful Objects, could be a source of visual experience more enjoyable than they now are.”

The vehicles selected for the 1951 showcase were a 1949 Cisitalia, 1939 Figoni et Falachi-bodied Talbot, 1937 coffin-nosed Cord, 1930 Mercedes-Benz Model SS, 1939 Bentley, 1941 Lincoln Continental, 1948 MG TC, and 1951 Willys-Overland Jeep

Nice Suburban I spotted on the 15 in rush hour traffic

People choose strange vanity plates

Ha! I haven't seen one of these in years

You never see one of these Land Cruiser used as a commuter anymore, so this nearly rust free example was a big surprise to find in the grocery store parking lot


150 Hoover dam workers fit on this Mack bus

one of the two Mack dump trucks that built Hoover Dam are still around. The restored one is painted red and the other, is in the Campo, California rusty truck museum, the Motor Transport Museum

 I was at the museum 8 years ago, and didn't hear about it, but Roadtripper Sanna Bowman was just there last year and learned about it. Didn't get a photo of it though.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

the cameraman who recorded this has the closest safe place to view it, wow

and now for something different, circa Saturday Evening Post

looks like a suicide via Rube Goldberg, just waiting for one domino to fall and start the process.

Clever, and I've never seen this one before

the asking price for a NOS grill and head light buckets is now 1400. Damn, that's a lot of mark up, but probably less than inflation

looks like traction failed in the worst way at bad moment where the trees were closest to the road

car chase scene that was incredible, but never gets on any lists of best car chases? Terminator 2, the semi chasing the Harley


1966 Shelby GT350, SFM 6S089 was converted to R spec, and later caught the attention of Stirling Moss in 1992, who bought it for vintage racing, starting with the Targa Tasmania

Moss purchased SFM6S089 in 1992 and first raced it at the Targa Tasmania with his wife Susie as co-driver, where they won their class, the Classic Division B7 for Touring and GT cars over 4000cc. He raced the Shelby in vintage competitions all across Europe, including at Silverstone in 1995 and 1996. In later interviews, he noted he was particularly fond of the car’s handling. Moss owned and raced the car until 1999.

It was at the 2007 Keels & Wheels Concours d’Elegance in Seabrook, Texas, that Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby and their wives were guests of honor, and Shelby himself drove the car up on stage. Shelby announced that the car would hereafter be known as “The Moss car,” and Sir Stirling Moss made it official by signing his name inside the trunk.

Well, for the right price, Shelby would appear at any car auction and help boost the highest bid with some personal touch, story, etc. Most every celeb attending an auction to help raise the price is there to make some extra money, why not? 

a Maryland resident ignored warning signs and cones, drove his Cadillac right through them, into a two-lane wide sinkhole caused by a broken water main


The driver ignored signs posted by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) in Prince George's County ended up plunging their Cadillac into a gigantic sinkhole, officials say.

This is not cool, it is news though, that I think it's necessary to put out there. It's a sorry and sad situation that illustrates the strange people we share the roads with. Someone is printing Nazi masks, and doing door to door sales at gas stations to stock their shelves with them


in Ft Lauderdale Florida, a gas station had these on the shelves. 

They were bought up, and tossed in the garbage, but the news has spread the word so you're aware of what's going on out there, which doesn't represent the brand of gas sold at the pump, nor does it reflect on the station manager, or cash register attendant. 

It's simply opportunists making a variety of mask designs, selling them in bulk to the station, which simply exists to profit on sales in the store, as the margin on gas profits is slim. 

So, that's the news folks, it's a sad situation indeed. But I thought you ought to be notified.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

1956 Mopar Ute

Ruxton, painted with stripes at the factory so they stood out among all other cars parked near them, they were only made for 2 years, the majority were assembled at the Moon Motor Car Company of St. Louis, some were assembled at Kissel, only 96 were made in total


if you'd like to read about them:

Interesting that this is the first van I've seen with a Bee borrowed from the Super Bee stripe

nice matched set

compliment of the day

  this is the blog I save for after all the other bullshit 


this years Goodwood Revival is going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 1946 victory parade with 150 military vehicles, from tanks to motorcycles


I don't know what artist to credit for this cool piece of art