Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Undercarriage, a fine waxing establishment. Seriously, I couldn't pass this and not get a photo to share

Paul Newman's last racecar, a 2002 Corvette, goes up for auction

A private museum in Canada gets a bit of publicity for it's exquisite automobiles

 The Al Johnson collection in Aldergrove, North of Washington State, in the Vancouver region
 A 1930 Cord Cabriolet with Woodlight headlights (I love those)
A rare Diana, of 1927, was the first car to start his collection

Story and photos from via the amazing and diverse Vintage Racing League newsletter

Rare items like this Everready Battery Company ammeter are amazing to find at a swap meet, but it's incredible to find 2

Both an under the hood light, and a roadside emergency warning light... brilliant optional addition to the Pontiac

other cool things that caught my eye at the Qualcomm swap meet

 The below are film canister mailers.. a movie on a reel would be put into it's can, then that can would be placed in the below package, and they would be couriered to the next movie theater