Saturday, March 28, 2015

named in tribute to the APC in his convoy that was taken out by VC, a surgical strike inside the wheel well and it tumbled over the cliff. Yeah, you learn some unreal but true stories when you get the stories behind the car names

a full article on the engine here:

colored headlights, and reverse lights... cool

68 Dart at the dragstrip, cool

Looks like fiberglass bumpers, hood, and light weight rims... I bet its fast

making Merlins, Rolls Royce aircraft engines

Women seem to avoid all engine build shops, dyno shops, and speed shops. Damn... that is where I'd like to meet women actually... but in WW2 with most men having been drafted into every countries army and navy, women were pulled into every factory job to manufacture the planes, tanks, guns, and vehicles needed to fight the enemy. So... why do women avoid mechanical jobs, and vehicular racing? Because most guys are assholes is my suspicion.

Image from Facebook... I can't remember which page, probably

62 Dart, been drag racing a loonnnggg time.

it isn't showing up in the photo, but the scoop is stuffed with a K and N filter cut to fit, and to prevent another rock from going down the carb at 100mph. That really happened, but won't be happening again.

Cleanest 90's Mustang I've seen in a long time

Drag racing 72 Duster, you don't see many anymore

a Grande Mustang? Why would anyone choose a Grande to drag race?

drag racing Camaros at the NMCA races today at the Auto Club Speedway

I didn't think I'd see an 80s Camaro though

drag racing Chevelles

good idea for an air intake! Inverted filters work just as well

Vega station wagon... who knew they were still getting drag raced?

those are fricken huge tires

stay out of the sun, wear a big sombrero!

and now the secret is out, to get a big sombrero to fit right, wear a small one under it

Hard to believe, but someone is still racing a mid 80's Olds, it must be perfectly dialed in after all these years

If they won't fit, hammer the hell out of the fenders

One hell of a big fat Plymouth, but it runs 12s! (might even be the biggest Plymouth made)

Biggest Road Runner that's for sure