Saturday, January 16, 2016

WW2 photos of Margaret Bourke-White, John Florea, J R Eyerman, and George Silk for Life magazine

Thanks to T Wilson 66 for telling me about this video of the tank battle of Cologne, it's incredible, and that Panzer in the photo is the one in the video

the most red neck - trailer trash kind of car repair I've seen in a long time

Stealing a bunch of magnetic car caps and a garbage bag to cover a broken window... that is terrible

Toyo cuts out all the questions about how much tread is left... why doesn't everyone?

This is the first time I've noticed this type of wear indicator

exhaust tips with style and humor

sales and marketing of the Agri-Jeep... because after WW2, Willys wanted to find a new market for the Jeep, and there was a shortage of tractors due to wartime production

The new 'Jeep" Tractor was designed for use on the farm like any other conventional tractor. It came factory equipped, like the Farm Jeep, with hydraulic lift, governor, heavy duty springs, and propeller shaft guard. Since the 'Jeep' tractor was designed for farm use, it lacked front shocks, a spare tire, windshield, tailgate, headlights, fuel-pump booster, speedometer, and horn.

this is a stumper... that's not going to fit in, and can't have came out of that window, and they aren't ready to get that down off the roof. Complete mystery

almost the full set... bikes had some strange names in the 70s

Graf Zepplin advertising

1970 Pontiac Laurentian

body dimensions of various British cars, 1920

model T snow machine with a chain drive drum

a breakdown of the 1920 car year sales, in 4, 6, 8, and 12 cylinder cars, and how many companies made those engine sizes

the 1926 sprint car, the McCathern Special

The wheelbase was shortened to 88" and the engine them moved back 8" per “Complete instructions for building a Fronty Ford Racing Car” by Arthur Chevrolet.

It was a pamphlet that they gave free to anyone that purchased a Fronty head or they would sell it for $2 to many of us folks who were only dreaming of owning a Fronty Ford. If you have a copy of the book “Model T Ford in Speed and Sport” on pages 92-99 they reproduced that pamphlet. Or in “The Fast Ford Handbook”

The chassis was dropped 6". Front and rear radius rods were connected directly to the frame and the single front rods replaced with wishbones. It had a 4:1 rear end for short track racing. Ford ignition was replaced with Eismann high tension magneto driven off the right side of a 3-in-1 front plate. Wheels were changed to racing spoke wheels with knock off hubs and external hub brakes added to the rear.

1970 Chevy Suburban Fire Rescue on Ebay sold for only 8500