Saturday, November 08, 2014

the Rod Shop had a bunch of cars at SEMA, this Charger is pretty cool, the grill and rims are interesting versions of the factory grill and General Lee rims

cool idea for a trophy, a gold ingot

This year at SEMA, Bryan Fullers "Double Down" was completed and proved the potential we saw last year

and the above photo was good enough to get noticed and used by Fuller Moto which is pretty damn cool

Full write up and more photos at

and at the Optima Street Car Challenge

update Nov 2015, a new gallery from SEMA 2015 

the Galpin GTR1 based on the GT 40

pedal cars

1972 Chevy Nomaro, the rear and frame are a 72 Nova, the front clip from a 69 RS Camaro... an interesting look

one hell of a display of restored locomotives!

Art Chrisman's Hustler 1, 1958 NHRA Nationals Best Engineered award, and winner of the 1st Smokers Meet

a cool trend of a different Zinger each year at SEMA is happening