Saturday, July 18, 2020

If you're looking for a cool movie, rent Road to Perdition. It has Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and Stanley Tucci. All 1920s and 30s cars, gangsters, banks, and diners. And a twist ending I had forgotten about

Tom Hanks drives a 1930 or 31 Buick, Paul Newman's character is chauffeured in a Pierce Arrow.

Along the way, they have a couple scenes in roadside diners, 1920s palace architecture hotels, etc.

It's a bit of a dark movie, but the story is pretty good, the casting is phenomenal. The end is incredible. I haven't seen it since it was first released, in 2002, because it's a dark movie, and I rarely see those more than once. In this case, I was reminded a couple weeks ago, I can't recall why, it was probably due to the actors in it.

When you can find Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and Stanley Tucci in one movie, it's not to be missed, especially whens it's flooded with original cars from 1925-1931

And I found a website that takes dozens of screen shots of a movie,

well, it's still good for parts.

Don't trust the big deep puddles!

I bet someone was fired over this

This is a surprise, Belgium still has beach huts on the sandy beach of De Panne

I thought they had went extinct after the Edwardian period

more fantastic restorations

the gold paint marker technique was terrific use of a machine shop tool

Rudge Whitworth Folding Bicycle Stretcher

A Triporteur in early 1900 s Paris, advertising perfumerie des Galeries Saint Martin.

the results of WW2 gas rations I suspect

This woodie is made in Chicago by ' Old Hickory Cycle Company ', and mfgrd about 1897. Sadly the ' Old Hickory Cycle Company 'only produced these for a year or two in 1897 - 1898.

if this sounds familiar, it's because I posted a different one, though very similar, a couple months ago, and forgot already. These are better detail photos, so I'll keep this post up

the Salsbury marketing team did a lot of good work to get sales up by showing what a variety of uses a simple scooter could accomplish

cool digital designs by Bulgarian designer Konstantin Laskov  for his facebook page, and many more designs

1905 Nelk, water-cooled, chain drive

dear ol saint Nick, I've been better than usual, would you mind thinking over my notion to ask you for a cool old car... this one is pretty light, might be a good fit for the back of your sleigh

This Peugeot Bebe had spent its entire life in Italy until being imported in 2018, much of its earlier days being used in the grounds of a villa on Lake Garda.

designed by Ettore Bugatti but a fraction of the price of those bearing his name

this mook decided to try not paying for the work. They decided to make an example of why you don't screw with construction crews. He's lucky these lads weren't bricklayers.

it’s hard enough these days to earn your way and you got rich assholes like this who prefer to try and scam out of paying up

nice... simple

the level of humor that has to be present for me to figure some of you might also get a laugh from things isn't very high

someone is scattering homemade caltrops made of welded rebar in order to blow out tires, in Texsa, on I-20 from US 69 in Smith County to FM 314 in Van Zandt County.

The Sheriff’s Office says that more than 30 spikes have been collected this week.

Friday, July 17, 2020

22 years of safe driving ended by one old asshole in Montana whose caused THREE collisions in 2020, the year of govt ordered staying the fuck at home

This shit pisses me off a lot, and I would prefer to not add it to what I would rather have as upbeat fun content where we all can admire other people's hard work and cool accomplishments

But, I want YOU to be aware of what crazy shit is going on too, so you can prevent it happening to YOU

So far I only can be sure that I have prevented people from being scammed by the Bud Light Car Wrap scam

low bridge solution in this case of a dumpster truck

“Operation Hardhat” is currently being conducted by New York State Police, the NYDoT, and the Thruway Authority to catch drivers who are speeding in construction zones

I stand corrected,

the guy bent over and using a grinder is Dominic Fuller

So I stand corrected and have changed this post to let you know he needs a guard because he has a wife and kids, and people like me don't care.

Does he mean people in a hurry to go places are murderers, who get a free pass to kill construction workers? Or that we have magic powers that allow us to selectively target husbands and fathers, but only the ones with kids not yet in school?