Saturday, October 24, 2015

there is a facebook page for grills and front end design "All up in your grill"

there is a facebook page for trunks and tail section design "Junk in the trunk"

there is a facebook page for Stunning Car Interiors

there is a facebook page for dashboards

Scam warning, bikes not for sale in Australia are listed for sale in Berlin

Andreas in Germany found this Indian listed for sale in Berlin, but the price was too good, and asked on the Antique Motorcycle Club facebook page for help, and just that simple, learned that it had been sold in Australia abotu 6 months ago and the current owner is very happy with it and it's not for sale, and then, the motorcycle shop owner that worked on it a couple months ago verified it's happy home status in Australia.

So be careful out there. Too many scams are going on

clever way to get the point across to drunks

Friday, October 23, 2015

Looks like Christmas... with a life size assemble it yourself, battery not included, gift

I like the 71 Barracuda most of all, the grill and gills make it terrific, and if it's got the shaker hood, even better

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Canadian police pulls over a trucker, looks through the book, finds one mistake, takes the trucker off driving for 72 hours. But the trucker found 5 mistakes on the ticket the cops wrote, and made his hypocrisy and stupidity famous

Metro station wagon... cool

astonishing baby stroller

parking where you can keep an eye on your car... so true

What A Trucker Needs For Shopping

Oct 23rd. 1983

Gone, but not forgotten. Not on my watch, damn it

Static display / warbird monuments

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I have no idea how many SR 71s there are on display, but this one is in my city. There is an Atlas missile at the Air and Space museum annex

Swift strikes again

Stupid, stupid stupid... must have been a rare Swift driver that moved to a new company

attempted to make a quick U-Turn instead of making a 3-pointer and got himself stuck in the mud in Pennsylvania

"Sketch My Bike" art from Petrisor Dutu... very talented!