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Wihcita Coca Cola, and Sprite

I like the rest, they are so awesomely local racing... Chuck and Tom (Warhurst)  racing team, Engine by DeTar

I've never heard of DeTar before, but he's a hall of fame drag racer, The Wichita Wrench: driver on the funny cars, A/FX cars like the Kansas Badman, Posion Iveys Dodge, and did built the engine for Gene Snow's Rambunctious and a lot of other cars... like the one above.

died drag racing at age 35, he was running in a time trial at about 100 MPH when he was caught by a crosswind. Trying to regain control, the car began to fishtail, then slid sideways.

He went off the race track into the sand and flipped over twice. His seatbelt was sheared off by the sharp edges of the fiberglass seat, whereupon DeTar was thrown out of the car.

Dyno Don and his Cyclone Comet

there just aren't enough funny car Torinos. Terry Ivey Super Badman at Detroit, 1970

damn that looks good in purple with Cragars and a flat black hood

Its a 68 Torino that Ted and Garlan Smith made a copy of a logghe chassis and the fiberglass body went on. Due to divorce, the car was sold to Terry Ivey, renamed, repainted then sold off to someone else.

First time I've seen this ad

Rods Illustrated, started in June, 1958 and ceased publication in June, 1960. Why look at the covers, because the cars on magazine covers were the most impressive that could be found to sell copies on the magazine racks. Norm's is on the 4th cover

a tach and a shifter, is a damn fine start to upgrading just about any car

Marlin with a parachute... a rare thing to see

All the covers of Modern Rod Magazine

simple, and amazing.... Time For Machine models (make sure you tell santa about this one early! )

 produced using high-precision laser cutting technology, which allows to make every single detail in construction set extremely precise and easy to install.

Each self-assembly kit developed by Time For Machine consists of hundreds of metal gears, which eventually transform into a moving toy completely ready to play with. Tank tracks can be activated and deactivated, driven by a metal spring installed in the engine

Assembling mechanical models is especially beneficial for kids as it enhances creative thought skills, promotes critical thinking skills, develops problem-solving and reasoning skill. It combines both education and entertainment at the same time.

Metal models perfectly fit both the interior of modern office and old house. All the shapes are made with highly precise instruments to impress the constructors of all ages

this tank is $100.00 on Amazon

shot down in the Battle of Britain, and towed off the beach

Hail damage to a sun roof.

Coffee and Donuts video for a nice easy adjustment into Saturday morning: Landing at Queenstown Airport (New Zealand)

the Nissan Cedric? Sounds like a stupid name to me. But is it better than a Toyota Picnic? Or worse?

according to Richard Hammond, the Ford Sierra, Cosworth edition, is the winningest car model ever raced, winning 84% of it's races

that answers a question I asked once, what was the winningest car ever.

By the way, it was so impressive, that it became the most stolen car in England, and - insurance companies refused to insure it, because it was utterly shit about locks and security, and thieves could get into one with a screwdriver, then couldn't be caught by cops

Friday, April 12, 2019

That's the end of the Top Gear and Grand Tour guys... they finished their 3 year contract with Amazon, and are retiring... the tent and track. They may, probably will, do some specials for Amazon in the future

It's been one of the best shows on tv, for nearly 20 years... and I doubt anyone will try to make a show that is like it, and there isn't much chance anyone will make a show about goofy guys having fun with cars that is better.

But someone ought to try

Jim Clark, Ford Lotus Cortina British Saloon Car Championship 1965, Jim Clark, who sealed the 1964 title comfortably in his maiden full season with eight class B wins from nine outings in the Lotus Cortina.

The small Village in the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy called Cortina is rich in bobsleigh tradition, as it was the location for the 1956 Olympic Winter Games, and... the only time a car drove down a bobsled run

Ford Cortina Mk1 being driven down the world famous bobsleigh run at Cortina d'Ampezzo

Found on the 3rd season, last episode, of The Grand Tour

not very often do I find a 70 Nova in prostreet mode

Case IH restored a rare 1970 Gold Demonstrator to be a part of the 50th anniversary large-scale demonstration program, display and promotions

International Harvester Co. (now Case IH) implemented its own large-scale demonstration program in 1970. The tractors used in the program had magnificent gold paint schemes and were aptly dubbed the “Gold Demonstrators.” The Gold Demonstrators were available for only one model year and today, they are a hard-to-find treasure.

Case IH went on the road in 2007 to promote the new 2008 gold signature edition tractors and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular Steiger tractor

Case IH selected one of the rare Gold Demonstrators to be a part of the display and promotions – an 826.

The 826 Gold Demo that was displayed at the Case IH corporate headquarters and at farm shows across the Midwest that summer sold at the fourth annual Mecum Gone Farmin’ Auction for 50k

in 1974, Plymouth made around 5000 trucks, the Trail Duster (Not to be confused with the Plymouth Duster car) and they made more in 1975 and 4255 in 76

All of the first-year Ramchargers and Trail Dusters had 4×4 powertrains. A 4×2 version was added for 1975. In addition to being driven only by its rear wheels, the 4x2s road 2½ inches closer to the ground.

The Pick of the Day is a ’76 Trail Duster Sport 4×4 advertised by a dealership in Redmond, Oregon

three V8s were available — a 318cid, a 360cid (only in California) and a 440.

 the Sport option package included front bucket seats, color-keyed interior door panels with map pockets, a center console with removable styrofoam cooler, windshield moldings, and unique bodyside, tailgate and interior trim. .

Ever hear about the limited edition (90 made) Bill Mitchell Special Vehicle Developments Hugger Camaro Z28 built to commemorate the 24-Hours of Daytona.?

Jut sold for 27.5k at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach

 These cars were designed with the help of Bill Mitchell, of GM Special Vehicle Development. These special Z/28s were built to commemorate the 24-Hours of Daytona.

They came with Hugger Orange paint, special wheels and tires, improved gearing, special handling packages, KONI shocks, front spoilers, special steering wheel and appearance enhancements.

The 350ci engine remains in stock condition, with the addition of ceramic-coated Patriot headers. A B&M standard lock-out shifter operates the original GM TH350 automatic transmission. New KONI Classic shocks replaced the older units. A bronze anodized MOMO steering wheel replaces the black Hugger GM wheel.

The original Hugger fascia fog lights were replaced with new Hella amber lights. The interior was improved to like-new stock condition with the addition of a RetroSound Bluetooth stereo/phone system.

It has been kept in a climate-controlled collection and has 30,070 original miles (the title reads mileage exempt).

Back in 1973, Rex and Kay Hatton were newlyweds, with a 69 Stingray 4 spd Corvette when someone stole it. Great news, it's been found, and returned to them in time to restore it for their 50th anniversary

The couple quickly learned that life wouldn't be easy after someone stole Rex's 1969 Corvette.

They filed police reports, tried looking for it themselves and then finally settled with their insurance.

Rex was 22 years old and figured he would never see his "dream car" again.

Then the Hattons received a phone call last October from Ohio State Police, who said they had found the missing Stingray in Cleveland. They hope to get the car running again in time for their 50th wedding anniversary.

(Applause to Detective Beal and the officers at the theft recovery hub with the Ohio State Police.)

The car had been in Indianapolis all that time and the man who had it passed away. After his death, his son came to take the car back home with him. The title was unable to be found in the fathers things. The car was taken in for a police inspection, as required for a lost title. It was at that time the car was found to be stolen, seized and taken to impound.

The auto theft division in Cleveland had recovered a 1969 black convertible corvette and they were looking for the last registered owner.  Forty four years! After 44 years, Rex’s car was recovered!

All they had was a copy of a police report, Rex’s name and our apartment address (our first home a newlyweds) and the name of the insurance company. They had already contacted the insurance company but they had no records dating back that far. They had done a title search and it came back with Rex’s name on it and was listed as “purged”.

The insurance company were ridiculous for 5 months and wanted the car to send to a salvage auction and refused to even discuss the possibility of us buying the car from them. In the end, they couldn’t prove that they had any interest (even though we all agreed that we had been paid for the loss) in the car and finally “abandoned any and all efforts to recover the vehicle”.

The Ohio state police detective went way beyond what he had to do to get the car returned to us.

The car is going into our storage and the restoration process will start as the extra funds become available. We’re in no hurry after waiting 44 years for this amazing theft recovery. Hats off to Detective Beal and the officers at the theft recovery hub with the Ohio State Police.

Stolen Corvette found, which is a miracle, but then, the cops knew where to look... an illegal pot farm. What else would drug dealers have for a get away car? Well, a stolen Corvette is the best guess

it's pretty cool how much variety in interesting content I can find when looking around at a variety of websites, but, each site is so damn narrow focused that you only get one kind of car on it.

Ryan Reynolds for Georgio Armani, with a 1964 Corvette

Stolen rig alert! 2015 Pete 389

Shawn’s tractor trailer was stolen Saturday afternoon  from Ashland, Virginia TA (truck stop)

 Last pinged at 658 am Sunday morning near Emporia. Please call 804-516-3829 with any info

2015 Peterbilt 389 with dual chrome stacks. Indiana plates.

Yellow J.B. Hunt lettering on drivers side cab. Please call police immediately if you see it, or think you see it.

Chevrolet Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter and General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra drive in a camouflaged next generation Corvette down 7th Avenue near Times Square Thursday, April 11, 2019 in New York, New York. The next generation Corvette will be unveiled on July 18.

Vic Sr, testing nitro, in his daily driver, at Bonneville

When your dog is living the life, and has got you trained to let it enjoy every day the most

Mike's shout out compliment to Olympic Coatings in Escondido!

Mike finished welding up a pair of sliders on Sunday, and left them with Olympic Coatings on Monday morning, here's his experience!

I was asked when I needed them back and I said by Friday if possible. They are very busy so we went inside to verify if this could happen. They kindly fit them in with other projects they had going on.

I received a call Thursday morning informing me that they were finished and I was welcome to come pick them up. When I arrived, I waited inside their lobby, looking at all of the hot rod photos on the wall. This is when I noticed the ‘tree’ from a drag strip somewhere in the mid-west. I asked if it was the real deal and was told it’s legit. They even plugged it in for me to view.

All in all, great people to work with and their work is awesome. I highly recommend them for large or small powder coating projects you have or will have in the future.

They are located at:
Olympic Coatings ( )
2200 Micro Place
Escondido, CA 

Thanks to Larry L for clinking my tip jar! And for the compliment of the week "I love this blog, My day hasn't officially started until I get all caught up. It's my version of reading the morning paper. I wish your posts had like buttons!"

tractors on road rollers, I don't know why, maybe to under cut the competition's contract bid?

Gary Frazer is a name many people in farming and machinery circles know well. He was the first-ever New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year in 1969 and has gone on to be a successful businessman and integral member of the NZ Vintage Machinery Club

His involvement with tractor rallies is something Gary remembers fondly, including being co-convenor of the 100 Years of the Tractor rally held at Kirwee in 2004. This event was one of the largest tractor rallies ever held in NZ and raised enough money to build the club rooms at Keating Park.

Through his years of farming and dealing machinery, Gary has amassed a unique collection of vintage items – predominantly Massey Ferguson gear including some exceptionally rare machines. His collection of roughly 60 Massey Ferguson implements is possibly the largest in the world.

The standout item in Gary Frazer’s sale, a 1956 Ferguson TEA that was used during Sir Edmund Hillary’s 1958 South Pole expedition.

The modified Ferguson TEA tractor used during Sir Edmund Hillary's 1957 International Geophysical Year Antarctic expedition was the star of the auction. It later served at Scott Base and was one of several of its type. It was bought for $47,000 by the Canterbury Museum, which already has one of the others.

I think this bottom one should have been a album cover art photo