Saturday, July 24, 2021

great commercial humor

what's more surprising, that someone knew an idiot would come along and was already recording, or that an idiot came along and did not realize they were about to die because they were so stupid as to try crossing the flooded river on a bridge already in the water?


video at

the 1950 LeSabre center grill was an oval that rolled 180 degrees to show the grill, or the headlights

a new idea for a wind tunnel to test automotive aerodynamics, just acquire a railroad tunnel thats abandoned

I don't know what an overpass weighs, or how hard you have to hit it to move it.... but a loaded dump truck can relocate one 6 feet horizontally on the I-16 in Georgia!

front license plates... waste of material or needed by the police to identify the presumed guilty?

 as long as you've made your vehicle legal in one of the 50 states, it's legal to drive it in any other state, right?

Even if it doesn't have a front license plate. 

So, why do 30 of the 50 require them, and why do 20 states not give a damn? 

After all, motorcycles do not have front plates, in ANY state, so, why must cars in 30 states have a front plate when a motorbike does not? And why are the most populous states requiring a front plate, while most of the least populated states do not? 

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Mississippi New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia all do not give a damn about front plates. 

Cops don't bother pulling anyone over and ticketing them for ignoring a front plate requirement, just like having lights that are required to work, but don't, like so many brake lights and tail lights... easy to see that a LOT of cars have lights that don't work. Cops ignore them UNLESS they feel like something else is going on, and then lights, seat belts, and front plate violations are great excuses for pulling over the suspected drunk, stoner, speeder, or whatever. 

Cops lets this stuff slide so some other cops can bust you for something more egregious. Also, parking enforcement cops finally get something to do with front plate violators. You know a LOT of sports cars, and expensive cars simply don't have a place for a front plate. I bet cops like that. 

The Old Shillelagh Bar in Detroit has a cool Mopar mural by Camilo Pardo, but there do not seem to be many images of it online


found buried in the facebook page of the artist that modeled for the top billboard image

he was a featured artist at the Petrolicious gallery

Born in New York city, Camilo moved to Detroit at the age of 10 and had by that age developed a fascination with 60s and 70s era sports cars and modern art. 

After graduating from Detroit’s prestigious design school Center for Creative Studies in 1985, Camilo was hired by Ford Design Center in Dearborn Michigan. 

His assignments included working in the Dearborn Advanced Studios, Ford of Europe- Torino, Italy Studio , and the Design Studios in Cologne Germany.

 After 15 years at Ford Motor Company, he took on a state of the art re-design of the classic Ford GT race car. 

This project developed the 2002 Ford GT concept car. As chief Designer of the Ford GT and the SVT Studio, Camilo’s team worked on the 2005 and 2006 production Ford GT. The GT became an instant success capturing the interest of car enthusiasts around the world.

another one he did that you oughta see. 

cool video animation of BMX and skateboard tricks, enjoy, (warning about volume) by Bogdan Grishanov

for another "finger BMX":

see the video at:

if you liked that, here's one with a little more flair 
from his Instagram of similar cool animation

for the finger scooter, take a look for a moment at the nice little video here

Mark Allen, the Director of Jeep design drives this fantastic 401 AMX for fun

notice the center of the trunk lid has the gas filler cap, for a fuel cell no doubt.

compare it to a stock 73 

everything looks better with a hood scoop, and custom design changes for better appearances

in a MotorTrend interview last May he said this about it:

I am currently finishing up a long-term project of a '73 AMC Javelin AMX that I have modified extensively to behave and feel more modern without losing the identity of the car. I have wanted to build a vehicle from the era of American muscle cars for quite a while but really did not wish to have a car that is common or familiar, so I purposely chose something obscure from FCA's twisted family tree. The build style is sort of pro-touring, but as it would have been done in the '70s. I am wrapping up this project now and should be ready to cruise this summer.

the Skoda 1100 OHC, a 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans race car that couldn't participate because of the cold war

Porsche Center Heilbronn was also hit by the recent flooding, and a $700K list of their inventory was damaged, new 911s, Carrera, Macans, and Taycans.

an eyeful

L​ast week, a semi truck transporting 20,000lbs of ramen noodles ended up toppling into Lake Conway in Arkansas. This can't be what they meant when they said to “just add water”!

Did you know Hearst Autos owns 3 major magazines that were formerly independent, and Bring A Trailer?

 the magazine world hit a wall when the internet arrived, and suddenly the world online delivered free, unlimited, focused websites for the vehicle world

Road and Track and the competitor Car and Driver used to be different, and contended with 
Motor Trend, Automobile, and Autoweek. 

Now Hearst owns Road and Track, Car and Driver, and Autoweek. 

And Hearst can't fill their open jobs 

probably because they are located in Detroit, New York City, and San Fran. Not many people want a low paying high turnover job in the two most expensive cities in the USA, and possibly the worst city in the USA north of interstate 40

highlights of the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The many different shades of grey on this road in Croatia are due to the Asphalt ageing over time and repairs on the road being done at different times

Friday, July 23, 2021

hell no I'd never go in there to help. I'd tell him to either learn how to back up, or to borrow a couple tow straps, and use a winch

Weatherly Hill climb, 1972

cool trick piece Mitchum is showing the reporter

pretty cool compilation photo

Marlboro F1 car emerging from a mock-up of a giant Marlboro cigarette pack in 1972

Philip Morris began sponsoring F1 in 1972 with the creation of ‘Marlboro BRM’, and was probably the first F1 sponsor to recognize the importance of leveraging this involvement by creating ‘marketing projects’.

For example, in 1972 the company flew journalists to the team's French launch, at which the racing car emerged from a giant Marlboro cigarette packet, achieving widespread media publicity.

In 2005 tobacco wasn't allowed to advertise on F1 race cars anymore, so Marlboro switched tro a bar code design. 

 the legal loophole was exploited with the following genius defense argument:

When challenged by a series of media reports in early 2010 that the barcode design was in reality a Marlboro logo, Ferrari responded thatthe so called barcode is an integral part of the livery of the car and of all images coordinated by the Scuderia, as can be seen from the fact it is modified every year, and, occasionally even during the season. Furthermore, if it was a case of advertising branding, Philip Morris would have to own a legal copyright on it’.

this was the last time this oaf with his shoe on the Ferrari was ever seen alive, rumor has it he left the track inside a roll of carpet carried by big guys in trench coats

Hand-drawn artwork depicting the exterior of the DeLorean time machine from Robert Zemeckis’ time-travel adventure Back to the Future. Rendered by Ron Cobb

The owner of a '70 Buick Wildcat who dropped it off at a restoration shop in Mobile Alabama for upgrades is now left empty handed. His car was stolen in the early morning hours Sunday by incredibly determined thieves

because another customer's Nissan Altima was blocking the Wildcat in, so the thieves smashed the driver's side window with a cement block, and worked 4 hours to get the Altima out of the way.

"Once they rolled that out, they discovered the Wildcat was out of gas, so they took the time to go get gas and come back and fill it up and take it," but instead of expensive gas containers, they bought a couple gallons of milk, poured out the milk, rinsed out the jugs, then filled those with gas to fill up the Wildcat before speeding off around 3 am.

buried in 4 feet of mud/silt, a Wildcat took an entire day to get pulled out of a lake (2 years ago)

license plates belong on the bumper, not the dashboard

if the lightning had some other reason for striking down from a mile away, to hit exactly where the license plate was located on the dash, it isn't likely that we'll know what that is

A gathering of Rolling Bones creations at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011. Photo by Peter Vincent.

the organized garage is a pleasure to behold