Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mopar intake manifold website for indepth intake theory

Chevy caught on to the rarity of the dual quad cross ram Z28 intake

So they went back into production on them.

The authoritative Torino Talladega website

Amazing abandoned race track, Century 21 in Colorado, website

The only used once, Boss 429 Bardahl Torino, prepped by Holman Moody Stroppe

This Torino was specifically built for Bobby Unser to use at Pikes Peak and it set a record in 1969 that held for 7 years! It still has the Boss 429 engine under the hood and is exactly as it was when raced. After running it was put in the Pikes Peak museum for several years then was shipped back to Bill Stroppe and stored away for several more years. It has remained untouched and original, right down to the original paint, motor, and even the Good Year Pikes Peak special tires are with the car!

Also an odd historical note, the 69 full race Torino Talladaga's had Boss 429 engines, but none of the publicly available Torino Talladaga's came with a Boss 429, they were instead fitted with thte 428 CJ, not as powerful... sad.

This car was gifted with a Boss 429 that Smokey Yunick built, and when Unser wasn't satisfied with the gears in the axle, he had a new set made, that cost $35,000 alone. Bunkie Knudsen was running the operation to win at Pikes Peak, and money wasn't a problem, Knudsen told Unser anything it takes, win. No matter what. 

What the real horsepower numbers were for the musclecars, about 80% of advertised

The proper engine color for 340 restorations

How car insurance killed the musclecars in the early 70's

Here's the background story on the AMX3... love this car. for many more pictures far better than this one... but with a car this rare (only 1 of 5 AMX3's, and the only one in a magazine, and the only one that was painted yellow... I'll post all the pics I ever see of this, for me, for you, for posterity)

Once upon an Oldsmobile ad campaign

10.5 to 1 compression was advertised as Ultra-High-Compression!

Type -- Ultra-High-Compression V-8
Horsepower -- 345 @ 4600
R.P.M.Torque -- 440 lb.-ft. @ 2800
R.P.M.Displacement -- 394 cubic inches
Bore -- 4 1/8"Stroke -- 3 11/16"
Compression Ratio -- 10.5 to 1

Sorry about the poor resolution of the photo.

The 1971 Road Runner race car of Richard Petty is up for sale $1,050,000 is the asking price

1971 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER, PLYMOUTH: 1971 Road Runner--If you are a Nascar fan, this is the car for you! Once owned by Petty Enterprises, comes with a letter of authenticity signed by Richard Petty himself. This car has been fully restored with a Dick-Landy-built dry sump. Complete with decals purchased from Motor Sports Design. Featured in Hot Rod Magazine and Mopar Muscle.

The many uses and variety of custom VW bugs

The marvelous VW dictionary website

Hemi Bee trumps Boss 302 for auction results

Numbers matching 1 of 1, 4 speed Boss 302, vs 69 1 of 3, automatic Hemi Bee
$94,600 vs $104,500 thou Mustang Superbee

Friday, January 19, 2007

The most expensive kiddie car, Harley Earl design

$82,000 for the 3/8ths scale woking model of the 1956 Pontiac Club de Mer, it was in the motorama along with the full size concept; but after the show circuit, the head of design, the legendary icon Harley Earl, had the Pontiac mechanics give it the controls and electric motor apparatus for full functions. He then gifted a grandson with the kiddie car, very cool. for a incrdible website on Harley Earl for a better write up for a little Motorama history, for a little bit on the full size concept car,9171,891711,00.html for a 1956 timeline

Linda Vaughn's personal 1979 Hurst Olds sells for 65 thou. Damn

There will not be another 79 Oldsmobile getting that bid. No 3 other Olsmobiles in the 2nd hald of the 70's will fetch that price. I think this was another investment buy. Makes no sense though, for 65 thou a lot of muscle cars would go home with a buyer and appreciate at 30-40 percent annually, not this car, I doubt anyone besides this buyer will shell out that much for it. I dig the license plates... LV79HO

Here was an auction loss, the Von Dutch square rainbow is where I went into detail, and will explain what it is, but get this... it was auctioned off for 34 thou last may by RM auctions, and now that person took a loss of 6 thou becuase they got greedy and wanted it just for the profit potential, they only got 28,750 on Jan 19, 2007 Barrett Jackson auction. The irony is that Von Dutch painted this (by one account) as an example of how rich people are foolish, and now this bird has come home to roost for the seller who takes a loss of 6 thou.

64 Catalina drag racer, went for only 24 thou... wow

'71 Pro touring Cuda, hot! 500 cu in stroker, went for 72 thou

This exemplifies stupidity. 175 thou on restoration, 57 thou at auction

Now what moron thought spending 175 thou on a 1974 motorhome was smart? Seriously, you can not find value in that restoration of a 74 motorhome... they weren't stylish, unique, owned by a superstar icon, nothing. Just 20 months of wasted labor. Terrific purchase for the buyer, they scored a luxury motorhome that someone spared no expense to have restored by the experts... but wow, what the hell was the line of thinking in the mind behind the checkbook?

Want to see a 89 thousand dollar Fiat? It is the rare "Jolly" model, wicker seats and fringe cloth convertible top, built for playboys to drive in narrow European city streets, and small islands. Basically a pre-golf cart that was streetable is my take.

Crazy, 1965 Marlin went for $27,500, that's nuts.

Ever heard of a 1970 Olds W-31 Holiday? Me neither... I love learning about rare musclecars Sold for 52 thou.... Hmmm. I have seen 50's Olds Holidays... but had never heard of one from the 70's. The specs in this link say Olds made 1029, and only 74 are known to exist.

Viper went for 55 thou (proverbial pennies) at Barrett Jackson

1995 Dodge Viper RT-10 Hennessey Venom 600 Roadster. Motortrend "Raw Power" cover car.

Seriously? That's 1/2 the sale price of a couple of the prime restored muscle cars you'll read about in the next couple of postings. This is a 600 hp monster, that isn't in need of a restorations carefull detailing... and a magazine cover car to boot!

The Rumble seat Mustang you've never seen or learned of, except here

I've posted on these before,

Suprised the hell out of me, one went up for auction at Barrett Jackson and they didn't promote it... wow, missed chance there to spread the word. I'll be looking through the magazines to see how many were at the auction and noticed this rarity

Went for 48 thou.

"This particular package was a joint effort by Ford and Autocraft of Dearborn, MI. The option was not shown on the build sheet or Ford window sticker because the conversion was done after assembly. It was a "Blossom-Time" sales promotion offered only during April 1969 to certain Michigan dealers. Documented by 2 different magazine articles, it is still un-certain exactly how many were done. This one is believed to be the only one in "Meadowlark Yellow". This one was built April 16, 1969 and delivered to Jack Dykstra Ford in Lansing, MI."

Still reasonably priced desireable muscle cars 65 389 tri power GTO went for just 30 thou 69 GTX that looks really good only took 34 thou

Auction highlights from the Jan 16-21 Barrett Jackson

Barrett Jackson spring suction has delivered higher sales than I thought it would, here are the ones that surprised me... from the results page

A 70 Challenger with 440 six pack, 4 speed, one owner before the auction restoration

A 70 Road runner with 383 now goes for 71 thou if you blow 30 to 40 thou on a restoration. Amazing. Not worth the work of redoing the photo here though.

a 68 Coronet R/T convertible for 68 thou

a AMC Hurst SC / Rambler for 49.5 thou

a 70 Torino Cobra fastback with 429 CJ for 47 thou

An AAR 'Cuda for 103 thou

But strangely this 67 Torino with a c6 and 390 only went for 13 thou

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A thorough Oldsmobile website for info on 442's

AAR's and T/A's

Why Dodge and Plymouth musclecars are coolest

1) 440 6 pack. For the 1969 1/2 A12 package cars, see other entry on 440 6pks, Edelbrock made the intakes from aluminum. Weight savings, performance edge from Edelbrock (Holley never made a reputation for their (few) intakes!) 1100 to 1200 cfm throught Holley carbs, nice! Holley may have never realized they could corner the market on the top end of the engine if they would only do better intakes, but they sure have everyone else beat when it comes to carbs!

2) Ram air induction good for an extra 10-15 horsepower, without paying a dime.

3) Bitching hoodscoops. Nothing catches my eye like duals on the hood. The fiberglass lift off on the 69 Superbee, with hoodpins.... frosting on the devils food. Nobody made better looking or bigger hoodscoops.

4) Pistol grip shifter.

5) Dana 60 was the mother of all rear axles. Never heard of one broken from too much abuse or power.

6) Wheel wells big enough for 295-50-15's. Try that on a 69 Camaro. Not gonna happen.

7)Tic toc tach. Beauty. Wish someone made a good quality watch with that face.