Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coolest tail lights I've seen in a while, and totally in style for a bug (they are sequential when indicating a turn)

Sorry I couldn't get better photos, but when you are waiting for autofocus, and driving, and trying to move through traffic, and the car you are hoping to get a shot of has no idea they should wait for you... nothing turned out very well. Just good enough to get the idea that the custom lights are great, innovative, and I'll keep looking for it to get better photos

Tom Fritz paintings of hot rods, motorcycles, and land speed racing in the 40's and 50's

see much, much more at

Bomonster is channeling Roth and Escher!

Above: Bomonster , below MC Escher
Gotta appreciate the artist that pulls from the great as creates their own blended style. Very amusing and fun! See more of his work at and SoCal hot rod and custom car shows

Friday, June 17, 2011

the transporters - kombis - type 2's at the Bugorama

I like that so many owners have made the van their business advertisement Old soda pop bottle caps. I think they wanted 23 thou. In this condition... hmmmm, maybe. Might be worth a years pay. The variety was even found in side ladders, the one above is braced on the wheel arch, the one below (a very good reproduction from Pedro's) braces on the rear rim