Saturday, November 28, 2009

Burt's Bikes!

The webiste of Burt's bikes: full of info and photos

For all the info and images I've come across and posted about Burt and his land speed record 1926 Indian Scout:

Cool images from Cay Broendum's blog about spare time

Made from parts and things I believe, because it looks like a fork in the right side of the front forks

A bronze Bugatti lawn art piece

Who knew Brad Pitt had a cool looking chopped motorbike?

Nice photography!

Doesn't everyone need to see a good pinup queen now and then? But what really caught my eye were the exhaust pipes on the bike.. . that is unusual

Barracuda paint colors, the best kind of display I think, on the vehicle

Both of the above are from Nik's blog , how he finds such astonishing images only he will ever know!

PROfessional quality TOols, which were PLVMB tools until about 1947

This great old tool box belongs to my girlfriends mom, who also believes that you should by the best you can afford so things will last the longest possible time.
For some history on Plumb/Plvmb/Plomb tools that is now owned by Stanley:

Tool boxes from history, made of wood by skilled craftsmen... back when they were built to last guys who hauled them to work every day