Saturday, July 10, 2010

the simple beauty of the Hemi racing engine in a slingshot dragster

This is the kind of wallpaper I like, I make it myself and know it's what I'm going to use it for when I took these photos

A vintage slingshot dragster for cacklefests and the coolest brake knob idea

Before and after, always amazing

North Park annual Cops and Rodders car show

I've never seen this on the trailer, it sure makes it look small

The whole side of the park had restored Police cars... great display, and I once got to take photos of the place they restore them

I don't recall seeing the center head light before, it's oval shape... unusual
San Diego SWAT vehicle... made me realize San Diego has a swat team, I didn't know we did
1969 bus

Twisted Minds bike club, that's Mike in the black jacket
why do this to a vette? yes, it's an ugly 70's vette, but looks even worse as a 4x4

Both the black cars are Dodges

this is the first time I've seen this Shriners truck

It's a 4 dr... and I didn't realize that til I walked around it

these guys are good!