Saturday, March 05, 2016

1926 Miller 91

at the Canepa Motorsports Museum. On loan from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, this is one of the legendary Miller Front Wheel Drive Indy cars driven by "The Black Devil" Leon Duray, and set speed records at Indy and Monza.

Photos by Canepa Staff Photographer, Zach Todd.

Lola MK6 1962

Chevrolet, Kentucky. Small town in Harlan County

The community was named in 1918 after the model Chevrolet Series 490, the first car seen on local roads

Victoria Advocate, 1935

winner of the 1st Monte Carlo rally in Jan 1911, a Turcat Mery

Abarth, innovative and determined to win races

in March 1949 Abarth was founded in Bologna from the assets of  bankrupt Cisitalia.

Abarth obtained five 204 sports cars (two complete Spiders and three unfinished), a D46 single seater and various spares from the Cisitalia assets. 

Alfa Romeo BAT #5 by Bertone,1953.

look at this beautiful set of lube oil racks on either side of the lift

Panhard had some elegant looking cars, like this 1936 Dynamic

Buffalo Bill, one of the few cowboy legends, that had his picture taken a lot

Found on

quite the little car huh! 

so many choices. Halensee, Germany, 1930

might be the first time he ever went for a ride on his bike without an instructor

Tucker used some interesting design ideas to make progress with his car

the front and back seats were interchangeable, so you could even out the wear and tear on them. Unless a car is only used to move the family every day, most of its use is just for the driver's benefit.

The glove box was moved to the doors, so the front seat passenger could duck into the footwell in case of imminent collision 

neglected Porsches

dang, that is messed up

stoned and obnoxious Chevelle

what city in Europe has the worst traffic and why?


1/2 the new cars, and 15% of all cars, were given to employees as company cars, it's cheaper than a raise, because taxes

Belgians are said to prefer to live far from cities

train transport is reported to be getting worse, strikes, delays, and cheap parking for cars in the city all add up to people using their cars, and not carpooling or taking the trains

bad road and highway network design

and, they can't dig more tunnels, mice/rats ate the master plans for the bridges and tunnels

Friday, March 04, 2016

Salvador Dalí on a carriage drawn by his goat, 1953.

great job - in one try

3-view drawings of the 1930s air racers

wow, that's effort and opportunity finding a crazy stupid, but plausibly shaped item, to recreate the tail lights

cool stuff from Ghost Town Auto facebook page

Wow, not often any cars are photographed underwater

I wish I was here taking photos

reason #37 to get a dash cam, when you're right, and the cop is being a complete ass, you can call him on it, and make him face the facts and evidence. He might wise up and apologize

No shit, the music is annoying, and 500 times louder than the voices, but have a hand on the volume control, and you'll appreciate this video.

Skip ahead to the 1:40 , watch for 10 seconds, then skip ahead to 2:40 where the cop flies his asshole flag fly high and wide. Then skip from 5 to 6:45 for the apology and crow eating ceremony. Ketchup or BBQ sauce was liberally used to dip the crow in before eating

Is this new? I haven't lived near snow for 20 years, I don't know

Russian attack helicopter

Jack, Nancy, and Gregory (if you don't know them, you missed out on some good Hollywood as a kid)

Arnold Schwarzeneggers car collection

Schwarzenegger is no poser when it comes to military vehicles or military life for that matter. He was required to serve at least a year in the Austrian military and opted to be a tank driver. He said his Patton is ““exactly the very tank that I drove in the Austrian Army when I was 18 years old.”

but it's embarrassing to remember that in the 80s and 90s, a lot of Hollywood celebs did commercials that would never be seen in the USA, and he did his share of stupid schlocky cup o noodles commercials, but even worse are the energy drinks... he must have been out of his mind