Thursday, September 02, 2010

The 2nd annual Cool Classic Car Show, the Studebaker and Pierce Arrow get together

Notice in the below photo an STP sticker on the front vent cap

I don't remember seeing any tachs that actuallu spell out RPM into words before this one

Old decals, gotta love them
Multi colored engine bay, red, yellow, orange and black... quite the variety
With or without front bumpers... I like the look of the without

On the outside of the glove box is the single word, Vanity, and once the door is opened, the "Vanity" is ready for use, because they hadn't yet invented the mirrors on the top of the visors

I don't know what the letters stand for, I can only speculate... the pink color is just reflected from the full sunlight bouncing off the red interior onto the chrome
Such simply stated guages and radio face, how far they've changed since then. Now there are 3 FM selections, AM, XM, Sirius, CD, Mp3, blue tooth, and navigation. I like the look of the old ones a lot more.
Just 1 through 10 on the speedometer, no MPH and KPH nonsense, no numbers on the clock, no amounts to the ammeter or fuel gauges, just the ends of the scale. Cool.

Elegant interior

I like the full length brake lights

What a rare valve cover decal.

These are the instructions for removing the spare tire: "TO CHANGE TIRE REMOVE TOP BOLT AND DROP BUMPER" pat appd

One of the few cool brake lights with the car company's name in it