Saturday, November 10, 2018

It is veterans day. I've only found one company that gives a damn. Canadian Pacific Railway. CPR continues to pay tribute to the veterans who served in the last century's two world wars. This tradition is that every CP locomotive stops moving.... has a minute of silence, then sounds its whistle at 11:01 a.m. local time

CP is a proud partner of the US Army PaYS program, which recruits soldiers interested in obtaining a quality civilian job following service to their country. Learn about our Veteran Management Trainee program

Respect. It's so damn rare.

I'm still wondering when this country is going to give veterans the day off work on veteran's day. So, people with govt jobs get the day off work, but, all vets with regular jobs go to work, but can't get their mail delivered? Can't get the DMV open so they can deal with drivers licenses, or whatever other examples you can figure out for yourself... but the vets with years in the military, and an honorable discharge can't be given a national fucking holiday off work.

I say, fuck the politicians who could make that happen with a damn signature. Those corrupt bastards get the day off, though most have been lifelong politicians with ZERO time in the military.

Further, let me specify that this company is doing something that sets them apart from the Veterans Day sale companies that seem to email blast us with their "care" for vets... this company, CP, isn't trying to sell us something with their implied concern. CP is NOT selling anything. They are doing something instead. 

1948 Willys Jeep

and then I came across this BIG old Ford panel truck

The boat at SEMA? 1959 Fleetform 16 footer with a Mercury outboard


there were some cool old Chevy trucks at SEMA

there were some Toyota Land Cruisers at SEMA

From desert racing to restored is quite a variety

This is an odd duck, but Shawn recognized it as a pit crew racing Miata body kit from Japan

There were a couple unusual Challengers at SEMA, one for racing the Baja, and another for "Gridlife" racing... which is new to me, seems to be regular Road America type racing

Stewart Warner always has a cool car in their both, this year was no more subdued than their norm

in 2017 they had this Chevelle

in 2016 the Valiant was there

back in 2015 they had this hot rod