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MT and Art Chrisman, a couple of legends, and a BIG supercharger

snazzy looking Studebaker. Cool rims, and those headlights! Great choice. Is the golf bag mounted on the running board? Or is it just being used by the model for her pose? I think that's a 'Balloon' front bumper

another rare sunmarine and car photo... honestly, I don't know why the hell anyone thought that would sell cars

And why the Swordfish? Was it just the best looking boat on the piers? Somedays, that was all that was needed in order to get some recognition, just be fresh painted and rust free... and damn, does being in the ocean all the time really speed up the amount of time it takes for rust to kick in, especially on those boats that were around before rubber SHT tiles

that's either his fan club, or his own parade of majorettes

cool photo

After WW2 Larry Shinoda got into the Southern California hot rod scene, and built several hot rods named “Chopstick Specials.” He won his class in the 1955 NHRA Nationals in a 1924 Ford roadster powered by an Ardun V-8.

I don't find it useful to repeat what everyone already knows, and I do appreciate relaying what I learn about some famous people who were successful in racing, hot rodding, and were in the military. 
I find it has been the more interesting stuff to learn, instead of the normal stuff everyone rehashes on the other websites

As a kid, Larry was always drawing cars with pencil stubs he found. At the age of eight, he did a large color painting that years later hung in the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

He built hot rod Ford coupes and roadsters called “Chopsticks Special” that he street raced, drag raced, and speed raced on the dry lakebeds of California’s Mojave Desert. 

I didn't know until now that Shinoda worked at the Weiland Company to put himself through two years at Pasadena City College.

After college Larry had a two year stint with the Air National Guard and spent 16-months in Korea.

In 1953 Shinoda set the SGTA Bonneville Nations D-Class Speed Record with a two-way average speed of 166-mph in his Chrysler-powered roadster. Then in 1954 Larry won the Fuel Roadster class at the first NHRA Nationals in Great bend, Kansas.

I didn't know until now that he'd been in the Art Center College of Design, or that he'd joined racecar builder A.J. Watson’s Indianapolis 500 team for a season, he designed the car’s sleek, cigar-like body and wild pink livery in addition to working on the crew. 

Pat Flaherty drove the car to victory, giving Watson one of his six career wins at the track... and he spent some time designing the body and the car’s paint scheme of  the John Zink car, as crew that raced and won the 1956 Indy 500. 

When working at the GM design studio, with Bill Mitchell, he drove a white 1956 Ford. The engine was a Bill Stropp race-prepared 352 with dual quads, headers, NASCAR shocks and a full roll cage.

Below is his 1932 Ford three-window coupe he built for drag racing. He cut away most of the firewall and placed a Ford flathead V-8 as far back in the chassis as possible seeking optimal weight distribution at launch

 The driveshaft to the quick-change rear was only 26 inches long. The car ran over 120 mph in the quarter At El Mirage, on pure alcohol, it was clocked at 138 mph, Russetta Timing Association certified. The car was later sold to Don Montgomery.

Rhodesian Pookie MRAP, used during the civil war to deal with road mines, on Formula One tires bought second hand after the South African Grand Prix. ... Thanks Kim!

The Pookie was a small one-person vehicle fitted with large Formula One tires bought second hand after the South African Grand Prix. 

The wide tires prevented the detonation of buried mines by exerting less ground pressure than a human footprint and spanning the mines' circumference.

 The vehicle was made with readily available parts from the Volkswagen Kombi and resembles a small go-cart with an elevated cab to protect the driver.

 The bottom of the cab had a V-shaped reinforced hull to deflect the blast away from the operator. Sensor 'pans', resembling rectangular wings, were lowered and used parallel to the ground below the cab.

And it was just recently posted, with a lot more information, at

garage made catalytic converter security cage in Irvine Ca, via

since April fools day is still months away, this must be legit. A 1975 Honda no one ever wanted to ride enough to remove from it's factory shipping crate

but when the 360-series bike came out in 1974, the shipping crates Honda used were not the meteal erector-set style seen here, they were made of wood, and some assembly of the bike was necessary

Indeed, reading the article from Hagerty shows that this was apparently stored in the open air at a New Orleans, Louisiana dealership

Happy Birthday Paul Burke!


Santa Monica Depot, 1875 and 1888.

funny funny police. Shame they are unaware just how technology works

Digitally altering photos in Photoshop is pretty easy on a basic level. That also means folks with more knowledge can easily unalter such photos. 

The Waikato Police department in New Zealand learned this lesson the hard way after boasting about a new unmarked car on Facebook. A quick digital blackout hid the identity of the vehicle, but a simple image flip revealed it as Holden's version of the Chevrolet Equinox. How embarrassing.

The region's top traffic cop, Inspector Jeff Penno​ had previously had a press release that the new vehicles would be SUVs but all other details were kept a closely guarded secret.

He was ignorant, or a moron, as there was an official press release from New Zealand Police they distributed last July that talks about the Equinox undercover vehicles.

pinstriping, or lettering, the bus

unusual front end design, and there was no information about this motorbike


seen in this video

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Campbell checking out Bonneville

The Henie-Velox was the most expensive and unique automobile built in the U.S. in the early 1920s. It featured an OHV V-12 engine, four-wheel brakes and was slated to sell for between $17,000 and $25,000.

Gustav Heine, a German who moved from his hometown of Vierkrug, Germany, to San Francisco in the late 1800s. Shortly after his arrival in California, Heine began working for the Bruenn Piano Company as an apprentice

He was San Francisco’s premier piano dealer when, at age 35, he indulged his strong interest in then-novel automobiles by opening one of the Bay City’s first car dealerships. He then became a small-scale manufacturer of powerful cars adapted to San Francisco's steep hills, offering a handful of self-named Heine-Velox automobiles between 1904 and 1908. He is best known in automotive history for the five 12-cylinder Heine-Velox automobiles he constructed in 1921, of which 4 survive. 

I haven't seen a car with wood trim around the outside of the fenders before.

cool car, happy guy

good ad, clever and well thought out

These cannons are used as roadblocks in Havana

photographed on Interstate 30 (Between Texas and Arkansas) June of 2018. So, just another note to say, be wary, and keep looking around to be safe, there's no way anyone can guess what might be on the road ahead of you

every radio commercial break from 8 to 10 am, had 3 car insurance commercials each. I'm tired and frustrated by this repetition of the same damn commercials

 Geico, Progressive, Farmers and something called Zebra, a comparison of car insurance quotes

video of the 100 vehicle pile up in Ft Worth due to icy roads, and drivers not used to driving safely

Gregory Bombard claims police false arrest, illegal seizure, and violations of his right to free speech, subsequent to a 2018 traffic stop that occurred only because the trooper claimed, that Bombard shot him the middle finger.

In a complaint filed Feb. 3 in Washington County Civil Court, St. Albans resident Gregory Bombard is suing the State of Vermont for what played out nearly three years earlier.

He’s demanding a jury trial and seeking compensatory damages, and a declaration that the actions of the trooper in February 2018 were illegal, among other requests.

Those actions are said to have included a pair of wrongly-administered motor vehicle stops, subsequent arrest, and the towing of Bombard’s vehicle. The traffic stops were due to a perception by the trooper that the driver was directing their middle finger towards him in an obscene manner and audible curse words directed towards the trooper at the conclusion of the first stop, according to the complaint.

“Vermonters who want to protest the actions of police through words or gestures have a constitutionally protected right to do so,” Bombard’s lawyer, ACLU attorney James Diaz, said in a press release, the Messenger said.

“This abuse of power by a Vermont state trooper is a clear example of just how overpoliced our communities are,” Diaz said. “Cased like these are part of why so many are calling on lawmakers to take bold action to limit the broad powers of police.”

According to the complaint, Bombard denied he gave the trooper the middle finger before he was pulled over — but did do so after the traffic stop.

He also mouthed off at the trooper, “saying something to the effect of ‘a–hole’ and ‘f–k you,'” the complaint said.

Riggen cited Bombard for disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic, towed his vehicle, and held him at the local stationhouse for about an hour, the complaint said.

Both charges were later dismissed, according to the Eagle Times newspaper.

But Bombard didn’t let it go, and last week filed the civil lawsuit, claiming false arrest, illegal seizure, and violations of his right to free speech.

this shit pisses me off. Police are only paid to enforce laws, that's why they get the name "law enforcement" and none of these moron badge bullies made it through the requirements to be law enforcement without learning that citizens of the united states have a fucking right to free speech, not limited to audible, but also speech by clothing graphics and burning the American flag. 

So for all the assholes on the force, get a fucking grip, grow the hell up, and act professional in situations where you ain't got a damn reason to let your berserker rage take over. Act like you wear the damn uniform and badge like you're getting paid to find drug dealers, sex traffickers, and other shit like that. Ignore the mickey mouse crap, and stay out of the damn court system.

how to screw with anyone

Justified smash. GOOD for the dash cam having tractor driver! I'd smash that asshole too, twice. I'd accelerate when he got out of the car, and move on about my business

Vintage Sun Super Tach Sst-709 & Eb9a Transmitter on Ebay for 275.00........ Thanks James!

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Nat King Cole squeezed into a three-wheeled Messerschmitt cabin scooter, circa 1954. Getty Images says that Cole had dealerships for this small car in two states of the USA

not a great moment for car decor. I'll be no one, no matter how blind or drunk, has repeated this weird looking treatment

that's not even paisley.  Damn, I bet that is the result of LSD

some people are just clueless, and deserve the ticket, and the cops asking them why they are morons putting other peoples lives in danger


keep you eyes on the road, that's where the idiots in cars are not paying attention to what the hell they are point their vehicles at

Must be a lawyer, or have one on retainer, as this bullshit clearly looks like a cash grab. Might not be very smart though, screwing with a motorbike rider is not likely to be off camera... smart riders all have a go pro 

dual quad 413 with the racing exhaust manifolds, and on the firewall, is that a hi perf ignition box?

would look much better with 4 headlights and