Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mopar Muscle cars from all over the pits at Mopars at the Strip 2012, perhaps the best place I've been to get your fill of Mopars of street and strip, stock and Super Stock

 Even new Charger Super Bees

 Plexi glass over the grill area
 What the hell? When did a Barracuda get a half vinyl top? The Gran Sport model? I don't know, it looks terrible

 I love the Mooneyes on the headlight covers. Awesome

 Worst of the Road Runners, a 76 or 77 I think, and this one has had a hard life in the sun

 I don';t remember ever showing how some of the last hood ornaments had the engine displacement facing the driver

 Supercharged slant six. Hmmm must be a power to weight or class break thing

 most down home small town sponsor advertising I've seen