Saturday, September 30, 2023

did you ever hear about I-90? And the golden stripe?

The tinted-concrete stripe debuted in 1978 as the final piece of I-90, which runs more than 3,000 miles from Seattle to Boston!

The color pays homage to the golden spike in Utah, which marks the spot where the transcontinental railroad came together in 1869.

In 2006 this stretch of interstate had to be repaved and most of the golden panels were paved over.

Now, as part of the 2023-24 construction project for I-90, MnDOT is restoring the stripe in the original locations. Crews installed the panels on the eastbound lanes in July and will install the stripe on the westbound lanes in 2024.

interesting invention if you refuse to by jack stands, and will trust your life to the axle of a floor jack when you don't trust the hydraulics

transforms a floor jack into a jack stand, prevents it from letting the failure of a floor jack from allowing the vehicle to crush you under it

shocks me to see a 1957 Air Float for sale on Facebook Marketplace for only 8k, it's crusty and roached though

September's banners


there's a very expensive book recently published, and I expect that it's probably best to just borrow one from a library as $120 (on Amazon if you opreorder) is a lot to dish out for a book, it's called the Atlas of Car Design

A global survey of the world’s greatest car designs, featuring more than 650 models, from more than 190 manufacturers and more than 30 countries. 

Organized geographically then chronologically by decade, the book covers more than a century of exceptional and noteworthy car design – from Japanese cult classics, French Art-Deco masterpieces, German iconic models, Italian icons, and British performance machines, to American styling sensations, and pop culture and family favorites. 

This fresh take charts car design’s evolution across centuries and continents. Packed with images, combining period photography, studio shots, and original car advertising

standing ovation for Farm Rescue, and John Deere who provides a couple combines each year to Farm Rescue

Farm Rescue’s mission is to help farmers and ranchers who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster by providing the necessary equipment and volunteer workforce to plant, hay or harvest their crop. Livestock feeding assistance is also available to ranchers.

Farm Rescue helps farm and ranch families in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Ralph Lauren / Polo and Goodwood connect and make a 1:30 short film

cheap simple effective flood prevention... so why don't more people do this?

Just how freaked out should a person get at a spider on the steering wheel?

house numbers painted on the curb, an innovation in the early 1930s to put vets to work during the depression

In 1933, Portland passed an ordinance to rename streets and renumber buildings in the city. Here we see a city employee numbering the curb on SE Elliott Avenue in Ladd’s Addition in 1934.

“Portland House Numbers to Go on Curb-stones, Placing of Figures to Be Done by Unemployed Veterans.”

“Portland residence will wear their numbers on the curb stones if they conform to the new fashion which already has been launched. A crew of 40 men, armed with credentials from the City Council, which recently approved a special ordinance endorsing the plan, began the curb decorating enterprise 3 days ago.”

“The house number, blazoned on the curbstone in three-inch, orange-colored numbers is placed on the vertical side of the curbing, where automobile lights will pick them up at night.”

“The work is being done entirely by unemployed veterans. Stencils for the numbering have been prepared and the same color and quality of paint will be used in all of the work.”

“The work began on the east side and will be underway on the west side today. Each of the men making the canvass is equipped with proper credentials, and the work will not be done without permission of the persons residing at the residence.” 

Morning Oregonian, August 25th 1933, page 12

“About 8,000 house numbers have been painted on the curbs by M. E. Hampton and O. H. Bloom, who have about 40 veterans working on the job under a permit from the city council, it was said yesterday.

The numbers are painted on the curbs where the property owners consent, and where they are willing to pay a small charge for the work. The men pointed out that they numbers are not compulsory, but are placed as an added convenience in finding an address.” 

Morning Oregonian, September 13th 1933, page 9

but the outstanding visual appeal of Arenas Curb Appeal in Orange County is something cooler, a father daughter duo.

1950s home made fruit-crate scooter

looks like a 2x4, roller skate wheels, and the crate.