Saturday, November 28, 2020

cool photo to end the week with. Come on back tomorrow, same place, different stuff!

Thank you again for the tips, Richard Cz, Maxime G, Gary L, Michael R, Ray L, and Mark R !

 I went and bought 7 gallons of av gas for my ol beast with it! 

To my surprise that little red fuel container holds more like 3 gallons than 2... damned if it's not a Canadian made container, and I thought it was labeled 2 gallons, maybe it was labeled in liters, or they just didn't measure correctly because it's nearly 3 gallons. 

Or the pump was bullshit in measuring how much it pumped out. Cause right there that clear 5 gallon container only has 4 gallons in it... anyway, THANKS!

and for the first time in decades, the gas gauge shows how much is in the tank! 

That's because I put a new tank level float in the gas tank last year (dang, it was April 2019! ) when you nice peoples sent me some tips! 

so, after 18 years of owning, well, let me be accurate, starting to make payments on this ol beast the first time.... I finally could afford to install a new tank float gas gauge sender unit, and NOW, after 18 years, that needle got pushed by the av gas in the tank to a damn near accurate representation of how much fuel is in the tank! 7 I just added, and whatever was left of the 4 gallons I put in it a month ago before taking it to get the torsion bar bushings replaced, cause I can't get under a car and sledgehammer on torsion bars, I'd probably knock the car off the jack stands

great photo, damn right it has wheels, and is cool. Hell this better be a banner or I'm setting Karen loose on management!

Bucyrus Steam Shovel

the 1927 Dole Air Race from Oakland to Honolulu has had some photos turn up recently

I posted about it in 2015, but now  and  have added to the photos online about it, and added a lot of detail information too

for a 500 photo gallery of the Dole Air Race see

Aloha, a Breese-Wilde Model 5 then took off with Martin Jensen and Paul Schluter. Schluter wasn’t an aviator, but rather was a marine navigator who had seen an advertisement in the newspaper placed by Jensen

They were followed by the Woolaroc, named after the Oklahoma ranch of sponsor and oilman Frank Phillips, as way of promoting the company’s Nu-Aviation brand of gasoline.

Just a nice old photo

without looking it up, does anyone recognize it? 

I sure don't. That very square back doesn't remind me of anything, I'd guess a REO, but I'm likely wrong

lumber wagons, Fresno, 1906

the American Girl 120 years ago on tour around the world, Harrison Fisher is the artist. There are 6 cards in this set. (yes, she looks exactly like a Gibson girl)

On the left is a classic match makers carriage, famously featured in the John Wayne movie (a favorite of mine) The Quite Man with Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald

slightly different is the contrasting "marriage trap" carriage from the same movie that I came across in a museum in Arizona 
I hoped I'd find a woman like Maureen O'Hara that would fall in love with me... but that never happened, and isn't likely to. A guy might as well have high hopes, right? 

the proper attire for ladies heading out for an automobile ride 

I was just discussing the JAP the other day

just thinking out loud here... nothing more than that, I'm not condoning violence - let me be clear

 but if you're upset about things, and want to have a baseball bat in your car or truck, say for example

Just consider this - police, being the assholes they are, and have proven themselves to be 24/7/365 

would it be prudent to instead have a "cricket"  bat and ball

as the 1st reaction to an angry driver with a baseball bat is "well, here's a live one about to lose their mind and riot, lets see how fast we can slap the cuffs on and hog tie this one, maybe we set a new record at the cop shop next to the donut table"

where as I have in my amused imagination, the reaction to a cop coming across the same angry driver and this time, a cricket bat being spotted in the backseat... the following:

asshole cop: (poof! powdered donut breath) "do you know why" 

driver: (clipped britsh royal accent sounding like John Cleese trying to sound extra Britishy in Faulty Towers) I SAY! My good man! Tut tut, what the DEVIL?"

"DO you mind? I'm on the way to the matches!"

you of course may not be able to picture the humor, or John Cleese stating that: 'Deep down, I want to be a Cambodian police woman. 'Is that allowed, or am I being unrealistic?' 

I'm not making that up, he did. He's one of the few comic geniuses alive (Monty Python co-creator) and adorable character in Fish Called Wanda and Ministry Of Silly Walks, Argument Clinic

Anders Lassen's father famously summoned his Rolls Royce in front of the Hyde Park Hotel with a hunting horn on a pre-war visit.

Lassen was also a notorious partyer, much like his SAS comrade “Paddy” Mayne. On leave, he was on vacation–not leave.

He did what he wanted, when he wanted, with who he wanted. He was willing to put his life on the line in the most dangerous missions, so he and his men would blow off some steam when they had the chance.

For example, when Athens was liberated in 1944, he stole a jeep to go carousing in. Someone then stole it from him. No matter–shortly thereafter, American forces showed up, so Lassen stole one of their jeeps.

He drove it up the stairs of his hotel, into the cargo elevator used for luggage, and up to the suite he occupied.

Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau Lassen,
 was a highly decorated Danish soldier, who was the only non-Commonwealth recipient of the British Victoria Cross in the Second World War

Friday, November 27, 2020

uh oh, the secret naming pattern at Ford has been discovered!

concept for EMTs responding in traffic jam cities like Paris

Porsche 917 prototype is re-envisioned with minimalism by creative studio INK

a good idea for Uber rides

Why haven't I seen Dodge balls for sale until now?

a gentleman who I've never seen before with a set of funny glasses

So I had to post this, because looking at it puts a silly smile on my face and I hope yours too

ice racing in 1940, East Jaffrey Lake New Hampshire

Sept 2, 1963, Donna Mims, the executive secretary for Don Yenko, driving an Austin Healey Sprite that had been purchased new by Dr. Jonas Salk, won the Class H Production Race in Thompson, Ct to becoming the first woman to win a SCCA Class Championship.

the Marent Gulch Bridge, at one time was the tallest wooden railroad bridge in the world, 226 feet tall and 866 feet long.

In 1853, the United States War Department dispatched five separate survey parties to map out the most economical and practical railroad routes. 

In 1854, Washington Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens set out to impose treaties on the Indian nations of what is now Washington, Idaho, and Montana which would move Indians out of the way of the railroads and the non-Indian settlers that the railroads would bring in. 

In 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation which granted “funds to aid the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from Lake Superior to Puget Sound.”

In 1875, the Northern Pacific Railroad was organized under the leadership of Frederick Billings and by 1878 construction had begun again. It has been estimated that construction of the railroad involved the efforts of 25,000 Chinese laborers, as well as countless other immigrants.

In 1881, the Northern Pacific reached the Yellowstone River at Miles City, Montana. This allowed for the direct shipment of buffalo hides to the east and increased commercial buffalo hunting. In 1884, the Northern Pacific sent its last carload of buffalo hides to the east. The once great herds were now nearly extinct.

Native Americans were less than enthusiastic about the railroad cutting across their reservations and aiding in the decimation of the buffalo herds. 

In Western Montana, the natives on the Flathead Reservation (Pend d’Oreille, Salish, and Kootenai) bluntly told the Americans that they did not want the railroad running through their land.

 In response the United States granted the Northern Pacific Railway a right-of-way through the Flathead Reservation. 

This was, in essence, a transfer of wealth from the poor (Indians) to the wealthy (non-Indians). Because the rich run the politicians, therefor the country. 

It would take a court case in the twentieth century to obtain adequate compensation.

Completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad also had consequences for the coastal tribes. The completed rail line, coupled with improvement of canning techniques, resulted in an increased demand for Northwest Coast salmon. This marked the beginning of the depletion of the once-great salmon runs and the exclusion of the tribes from the fisheries which had been guaranteed to them by treaty.

a month before the bridge was completed, a rope was next to the trestle bridge, strung across the gorge, and Eli “Frenchy” Carpenter did his high wire tightrope act across the 870 feet long rope, 226 feet over the gulch

“Frenchy” Carpenter allegedly made a name for himself as a trapeze artist for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. 

But he went down in history as one of two prospectors who discovered the Silvery Slocan, a vast deposit of silver and lead ore in eastern British Columbia in 1891, 8 years after crossing the gulch on a rope

This Dodge Power Wagon is property of the Alaska Dept of Transportation and had been at used at the airport at Mary's Igloo, a tiny village outside of Nome. The tires are Air Streaks, manufactured for Bush aircraft.

I expect we will see a lot more of this happening in the future, AAA better buy some generators now

I hope you had fun yesterday, it was a shame I didn't come across this photo until just now. It really would have been spot on yesterday morning to post it

I hung out with Mike and his wife and their neighbors and had a lot of laughs!

ski lift chair booths in a New Hampshire McDonalds in North Conway

1750 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, Conway, NH 03818

Gideon India Pale Ale is celebrating the brand new bike & pedestrian bridge in Portland, Oregon!

The Broadmoor Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway will receive a new snow blower as part of its renovation of the tourist cog railway, with the capability of cutting through snow drifts up to 10’ tall and 20’ wide.

The 47.2-inch-diameter cutting reels can cut through 4,200 tons of snow per hour and have the ability to blow snow 50 to 100 feet off the line. 

The new snowblower will be delivered in Spring 2021 with the first new train set.

The complete renovation (track, rail cars and depot) and renaissance of the famed Colorado Cog Railway, which reaches up to 14,115 feet and is the highest railway in America, has less than 1 mile of track left to complete. 

The Railway is still on track for with a May 2021 reopening.

there is one hour left for this "Bring a Trailer" no reserve auction for a massive collection of 52 time pieces of vintage Chronometers, Timers, and Stopwatches, final bid was 28500

I just found out, it was said to only have 3 hours left on the auction when they emailed about it