Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mexican Blackbird, a t-bird that finally got a good custom paintjob!

I didn't see, that this is owned by ZZ top guitarist and hot rod driving force Billy Gibbons. I mean that Billy funded a lot of customs being built and they way that they look, the work that inspired many enthusiasts. Cadzilla, Eliminator, the pair of motorcycles, the album cover art of the ZZ Top albums in the late 80's.. .. wow
For a good post about this car, with a video of it rolling on a side street:

Platinum Bomb, my chioce for best theme and display and detail, yup 3 awards

wow, double roller chain for steering, that had to solve some clearance problems!

Blows my mind, the shifter handle, the punched holes, the switches, the instruments alone are stunning, the steering yoke is phenomenal... what a great dash!

For a look at the best at the show, that the HAMB have selected as the top 10 roadsters:

The sculptures of J Nesse... oh wow! Here are a couple, go to his website for lots more! and then look over the hot rods... wow!

Pinstripers at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show pay no attention to the warning from Myspace is the website for Eric “Eggie” Foust and his business Mindless Pinstripping

I can't find her website or myspace or anything, if anyone can help ?.. I'll be appreciative!

Coolest business card holder !

see the display from the 2010 GNRS: