Saturday, October 13, 2012

design question

Why don't armrests have adjustments like headrests?

The photo is from the 2010 Pierce Arrow / Studebaker clubs Cool Car Show behind the SD Auto Museum. This armrest had a 2 position double hinged mechanism... and when I came across this photo while going through my 2010 archives it got me thinking

About comments

I've really enjoyed the comments, and so many of them have been awesome at educating me, informing me, and correcting me (and I love learning more about the cool stuff I post) so I want to thank all of you who comment

 Every couple of days I get website links or advertising as comments, and I wanted to let every one know that
 ---- I've never posted those comments,
--- I don't understand why anyone thinks readers would waste time clicking on a link in a comment about some advertising weblink,

and want everyone with
--- a car insurance quote website,
 ----viagra distribution website,
 ----and websites about new cars that have nothing to do with my post

 to know I'm never ever going to publish that crap as a comment on my blog

Driving has some quizzes if you have a moment to test yourself

Famous cars (37 out of 45 tv and movie cars, they are either easy or impossible ... which of the Back to the Future movies? Really? And the Cuda is a 71, not a 70)

Car advertising slogans
Car identification by taillight  (I got 28 of 35, huge range, from 60's sports cars to new Hondas and Toyotas)
Car company emblem identification (I got 44 out of 50)

It's a little slow because of the one question per web page, next page for the answer, next page for the second question format...  but hell, I didn't want to make a test like this! Time consuming to photograph 50 car manufacturers logos, crop them, photoshop out the name FORD for example, then post them and the answers, and grade it... 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the B-24 in Balboa Park, next to the Veterans Museum and memorial

this a 1/4 scale B-24. 

They were made in San Diego by the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, (Convair) which had been created by Rueben H Fleet (who has a science center in Balboa park named for him due to his focus on math and science for students, and he also was pivotal in getting the air and space museum going in Balboa Park (like New Yorks Central Park)) who moved testing airplanes from snowy New York state  to San Diego.

Another reason he chose San Diego to relocate Consolidated to, was that he had been sent to San Diego in 1911 while in the Natl Guard

Rueben was a Major in the Air Corps of the Army, training pilots, when in 1918 he was put in charge of the airmail service, and had it up and running between New York and Wash DC in time and on schedule. He was featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Nov 17th, 1941 when he became an advisor to the president

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gourmet food trucks are perfect for car shows, there are even brand specific trucks.. like at the British car show, a British food truck!

I didn't expect to see a 440 6 pack at the British Car Council annual All British Car Show

This is a Jensen Interceptor, from the same Jensen company that partnered with Healey to make the Jensen Healey sports car. The Interceptor was more a muscle car, in the same configuration as the AC Cobra. A British sports car with an American big block. The original engines in the Interceptors were built with 383s, but a 440 isn't so different in size, and with a small amount of trouble will fit in any engine bay you pull a 383 out of

an astonishing source of info about cars you've never heard of, The Petrol

I browsed through for info about the next post, a VW SP2, and while I was looking around I found numerous cool and unusual cars I've never heard of, like the Monica 560 (Which was built with mopar 340's) , gold plated Deloreans (American Express specials) , the Monteverdi Hai, the Ford GT 90 and lots more

One you've likely never heard of, a Brazilian VW SP2

Images from

In the 1970's Brazil wasn't allowing imported sports cars, and VW brazil had some autonomy from VW of Germany, and built these. 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

any landing you can walk away from

The Encyclopedia of Hungarian coachbuilders, (carrozzeria) a summary 1899-1949 is translated automatically by Google chrome

It's the thorough work of Pal, who is also the author of the admirable and complete list of auto museums on planet Earth.  is a brief over view.

The topic is a bit more advanced and less photogenic than what I post, but I would be terrible not to advise you of it, for those interested in custom built auto bodies of the golden era

most unusual rim

Thanks to Case who took this photo at the annual Throttlers car club event in Burbank this past weekend

A few selected shots from the 4th annual Crower open house and car show

 real magnesium rims too... see the white specks?

 Above is Bruce's red one.

A odd motorbike that Von Dutch built on a BMW frame, with a VW engine

Thanks Frank! I've never heard or seen this one before

George Follmer tribute event at the Petersen Museum (Nov 8th, tickets $150+)

In the fine print at the bottom it says, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Don Nichols, and John  Morton are scheduled to be there... plus the Porsche 917-10, the Boss 302, the Iroc 911, and the Javelin

Monday, October 08, 2012

Cat moves it, and ought to use this video as advertisement! The Ghirardi Oak was moved by Hess Landscaping Construction by using a D7 dozer, a D8, and a trio of 345 excavators

This video looks great in full screen, and the lack and white images are only there for a historic perspective for the first minute for a gallery of images for the what, how, and why of this Compton Oak... which was an acorn brought by the first immigrants to this area of Texas from Louisiana

Hess landscape Construction is a company from near San Jaun Capistrano, California

Norm Grabowski had a custom motorcycle made, and the shop put his photo on the back of their sales brochure

 a 41 Indian frame and Boyd DeFrance made the adapter to link the Indian shaft drive to the engine and cast the valve covers

Later, Tony Nancy added the upholstery to the cut down T-bucket sidecar rig and Dean Jeffries did the pinstriping

last two photos from

About 100 new images on

I put images like this one from on that Tumblr of mine, photos that I've posted here in the past, back in the archives that no one looks through, and such great photos deserve some fresh air and appreciation in my opinion... so I give them a 2nd run.
 This Tumblr of mine is for images that other photographers did a marvel of a job with, and no photos I've taken are on it.

 It's a celebration of great automotive photography, that's what it's all about

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Want your pre 1980's car to have the right era license plate, if you are in California.. it's now possible. Law AB 1658 has passed and the DMV will stamp out the vintage plates as far back as the 1950's Yellow plate with black letters

For an extra $50, California car enthusiasts will soon be able to order vintage license plates, including the black plates with yellow lettering issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the 1960s, thanks to action taken by Gov. Jerry Brown.

 Among the hundreds of bills signed by the governor last week, AB 1658 is aimed at Californians who restore and drive vintage automobiles, as well as residents who are just nostalgic for the good old days.

 Other plates to be offered after Jan. 1 include those used in the 1950s, with a yellow background and black lettering, and those issued in the 1980s, with a blue background and yellow lettering.

 The DMV will only produce one of the designs once 7,500 applications have been received for that design statewide.

Kuwait has it's first car museum

With vintage four-wheeled beauties ranging from 1904 to 2012, the Kuwait Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum is where history meets modernity. Home to a collection of more than 40 historic and classic car models, it is Kuwait’s first museum specializing in vintage cars. According to the Head of Committees of Historical Vintage & Classic Cars Museum Mustafa Ali Makhseed, the museum is aimed at restoring Kuwait to the pinnacle of the region’s classic car community.

Gourmet food trucks gathered at the Touch a Truck show