Saturday, February 18, 2023

1925 Maxim speedster made from a truck, was on Ebay, but the bidding didn't get to the reserve, of course

This Maxim fire truck was found in Vermont in bad shape. But the pointed fenders, the huge Wisconsin engine that made the reputation of the Stutz racing team in early teens, the magneto, the bucket seats and the hood that retains the unusual shape of the rad made it clear it was a great candidate for a speedster conversion

The engine was pushed back and lowered. The steering wheel angled and pushed back 36". 
The hood was extended and a custom monocle windshield added

Engine is a Wisconsin RBU 5x6 side valves. 471 cu. in. 
 4 cylinders cast in pairs.
Bosch magneto, Zenith Carb
Wheel base : 146"
Wheels : 24"
Tires (6) : 38x7 Bridgestone
Trans : 4 speed

If you are the type to plan your days to the minute, my car is NOT for you. Unless you have a museum!

But if you are the kind to never leave without your toolbox, you may qualify 

This Maxim is all but reliable. It will be 100 years old and everything that can leak does, 
Rad, oil pan, differential joints, carb etc...everything drips. 
And gas mileage is calculated by the drum, not gallons, It does not even register on the fuel efficiency spectrum. 

 Other clarification : it would be more exact to speak of "decelarators" when referring to what other cars have what is called "brakes"

Gucci on Kubrick


a beautiful road in the Barycz Valley forest, in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship of Poland, photographed by Jakub Wencek

the Barracuda in the 2nd Black Panther movie... interesting combination of the decals from a 71 440 Cuda, plus a 70 AAR, on a 72 or 73. It is a good looking combo of decals, but, it would have looked better on an AAR Cuda (better looking hood scoop and tail lights)

at least they got rid of the side marker lights, those 72-73 side marker lights are ugly. I had a 72 for a year, back in the 90s

the grill on a 71 is so much cooler looking, they should have went with that. I think the 72 looks too damn much like the pointed center section of a Pontiac bumper

And I've wondered if the round tail lights on the 72 and 73 were imitations of the Chevelle / Corvette taillights

Friday, February 17, 2023

it's time to finally replace the 54 year old radiator in my garage Dodge

step one, get the stuff off the hood! 

The radiator is last years income tax return... 
But the headers? Those are the combined tips from all of you, so I say - THANK YOU!

Thank you Brendon, Kim S, Greg S, Jeff J, Mark R, Chuck B, Andrew P, John A, Robert C, Dale B, Ray L, Daniel P, Ed G, Cassie E, William S, Tim M, Harold M, Tom M, Mark P, William M, and Benjamin F 

step 2, remove the original fan shroud 

I had no idea it was a real Mopar piece, I don't think I've seen real Mopar fan shroud on a 69 B body

and step 3, remove the fan - which I was very surprised is a Flex-a-lite plastic unit

So, that was last Saturday, before I ran out of sunlight, and the temps dropped fast to 50

years ago I moved the horns out of the engine bay, to clear it out and free up the space

here's where they used to be, and they are still fastened to the radiator support using the same nuts welded to the support

So, that's how far I got last weekend, in about an hour - it was nearly sunset when I got there.
I didn't expect to get the radiator swapped out, and was in no hurry, and when the sun went down, it was a great time to cut out and grab a burrito. Then get back to blogging, of course. 

If Saturday warms up to the low 60s, I'll get back to it, and probably finish this radiator replacement

This week, Cobra debuted a new line of clearer CB radios following a four year battle with the FCC, CB can finally use the FM band

the inclusion of FM on professional drivers’ CB radios cannot be overstated. Previously, CB radios only operated with 40 channels on limited modes: AM and SSB (consisting of Upper Sideband (USB) and Lower Sideband (LSB)). FM mode will lock onto the strongest signal and is less susceptible to the background noise that that can come through on AM,” Cobra said in a news release.

Cobra calls this the “the biggest change to the industry since CB radios were expanded from 23 channels to 40 channels in 1977.”

Founded in 1923, Kenworth is acknowledging the century milestone by issuing 100th Anniversary Special Edition Trucks

“Six Triple Eight” tells the inspiring true story of the 6888th Postal Directory Battalion, the only all-Black, all-female battalion to serve overseas during World War II. The project is currently filming in the U.K. and Perry shared images from set

Guns and Roses is sponsoring the No.43 Jimmie Johnson Camaro for the Daytona 500

Jimmie Johnson, said in a tweet, said that a 1992 Guns N’ Roses concert was the first live show he ever attended, and that today’s announcement would have blown his 17-year-old self’s mind.

thank you Chuck B, and HIGH FIVE! You made my day Chuck! (My weekend too)

Out of the blue Chuck sent me a tip, and these gifts! 

 Sure, some of you know what weed chains are, I posted about them a couple times in the past years , but, even I had no idea that any of the canvas bags they came in still existed! THAT'S COOL! And yes, I gush, but, I love cool stuff like this, to put in my garage. The magazine? Oh hell, all of you must know how much I go through the old magazines and how many times I've posted from Motor, Motor Age, and similar 1940-50s magazines to share the cool old advertising

So, thank you Chuck for making my day, sending me these, and clanging my tip jar! 

Kurt Cobain owned a hand-painted skateboard that pays homage to Iron Maiden, that Tony Hawk now owns, and is going to do something newsworthy with, next Monday to raise awareness for emotional health, and to help provide resources for those who are struggling mentally.

Kurt Cobain was an avid painter, and one of his most notable works was a hand-painted Jeff Phillips model skateboard that pays homage to Iron Maiden. Sadly, Phillips, who was a skateboarder, died by suicide in 1993 just three months before the Nirvana frontman took his own life. Since Cobain's death, the board has been passed on to different owners, with the most recent being Tony Hawk. The legendary skateboarder bought the piece of art at auction last year and has some special plans for it. He teased that he'll be using it to raise awareness for emotional health, and is going to share more details on Monday (February 20), which would've been Cobain's 56th birthday.

"I bought this skateboard at an auction last year. It is an original Jeff Phillips model, hand painted by Kurt Cobain in 1985. Two icons that had immense influence on their respective fields, both of whom passed away tragically and much too young. I even tracked down the original owner to understand its provenance," Hawk wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the skateboard. "With the incomparable help of @dupedupe, we are hoping to make something good of this acquisition by raising awareness for emotional health, and to help provide resources for those who are struggling mentally. More to come on February 20 (Kurt’s birthday)."

monster truck ballet

why not? interesting possibilities in variations

San Diego road crews filled 14,000 potholes after the rain storms of the past 2 months... well, it's a start...

In January, NBC 7 reported that the city had received more than 1,600 reports of potholes through the Get It Done app. They added that they usually see around 200 reports, but the severe weather made that number much higher.

Now, there are approximately 350 left for crews to tend to.

The city credits its "‘all hands on deck" approach for the quick action. They added in a press release sent to NBC 7, “the City’s Transportation Department deployed nine patching trucks, along with 30 two-person teams carrying bagged asphalt, and a dump truck repurposed to carry hot asphalt.”

In a statement sent to NBC 7, a spokesperson for the City of San Diego said, “the City works to address these potholes quickly and thoroughly with dedicated personnel and resources to provide smooth safe streets while continuing to resurface miles of roadway through our asphalt overlay and slurry seal programs. There is more work to do however and our City forces are up to the task.”  

The only way I see that the city government wants the input from us constituents/voters/drivers - is to use a website or app

Thursday, February 16, 2023

an indication that you may find a live 7 foot long snake while working on the 66 Belvedere you just inherited from your grandfather

cool utilization of a wheeled loader

trust me, teaching the new guys isn't easy until they understand both the simple fundamentals, and the big picture

I did my best to photograph the elusive interesting license plate, in this example 8888BBB, or something like that, it might have been BB8BB8BB. Either way, it's genius, a way to reduce the number of tickets this Mercedes owner gets

daily commuters, I kid you not

Nice 80s Bimmer

I'm not sure if this is an Impala, or a Biscayne, because of the number of tail lights might indicate which one it is

interesting art made on a Morgan LMP2 race car, inspired by the signs found all around the Le Mans circuit, much of which uses public roads.

French artist Fernando Costa created a special livery used on a Morgan LMP2 car that was offered for sale at Rétromobile 

“Fernando Costa makes a sculpture using small pieces of metal welded together using a spare chassis to mount all these pieces of metal on. When the sculpture was finished, it was scanned, and a very intricate wrap was made.” 

He made the livery on a model, which was then transferred onto the actual racing car by fellow French artist Filip’o’. 

 The pieces of metal used by Fernando Costa for the Morgan art car were inspired by the signs found all around the Le Mans circuit, much of which uses public roads.