Thursday, October 24, 2013

get a great paint job on your construction equipment!

interesting new wheeled designs

another great kids bedroom

The US version of top gear, actually a good 3 minute snip that demonstrates Mopars are best, Fords worst, and old cars have lousy brakes compared to new cars

some of the cars that are going to be racing in the Optima Street Car Challenge have been announced

full gallery from last years SEMA:

just one of the impressive list of incredible street cars

the others:
· Herb Adams (1977 Chevy Cheverra)
· Bob Benson (1972 De Tomaso Pantera)
· Betim Berisha (1985 Porsche 911)
· Richard Caleel (2012 Cadillac CTS-V)
· Lou Crukar (2009 Ford Shelby GT 500)
 · Dave Eckert (1969 Ford Mustang)
· Troy Ladd (2014 Ford Mustang)
· Jason Overell (2013 Subaru WRX STi)
· Dave Stundon (2009 Ford Shelby Super Snake)
· Todd Treffert (2012 Mercedes SLS)

Ultimate Street Car Invitational veteran Troy Ladd, known for his award-winning and track-capable traditional hot rods, has a completely customized 2014 Mustang to challenge for the win at this year’s event. The addition of a classic De Tomaso Pantera straddles the line between imports and domestics, a unique entry that many fans will likely cheer on.

 The number of foreign-built entries continues to grow, with three more added in this announcement. Two more German entries (including an iconic 911 upgraded by Southern California’s BBI, and a stout Mercedes SLS) join the Subaru WRX ST-I of Targa Trophy series founder Jason Overell. The addition of these entries pushes the percentage of imported vehicles higher in 2013 than in any previous year. The Ultimate Street Car Invitational is truly becoming an international challenge.

 One of the legends of American automotive performance, Herb Adams, is bringing one of his vintage “Cheverra” Camaros out to the event. Herb’s “Very Special Engineering” (VSE) was recognized as the leader in GM F-body suspension development throughout the 1970s and ’80s. Enthusiasts should be curious to see how the Cheverra will compare to today’s great road machines.

Final Chance for an Ultimate Street Car Invitation – Exciting New Process As in years past, a committee made up of OPTIMA Batteries and industry representatives will walk the SEMA Show floor in Las Vegas, looking for the best potential competitors across all vehicle segments. The committee will identify and notify 20 “Golden Ticket” candidates prior to Thursday morning, November 7.

New for this year, all 20 candidates will be given a certificate that they can proudly display on their vehicle throughout the SEMA Show floor. Ten final “Golden Ticket” winners will be announced at the OPTIMA Batteries press conference at 11 a.m. PT on Thursday, November 7 in the OPTIMA Batteries booth (#22755).

Spectator Tickets Going Fast – Buy Now! Exciting for participants and spectators alike, the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational will once again be filmed for television and will air later on MAV TV. Fans wanting to spectate are advised to act quickly because the 2012 event sold out and this year, a very limited number of tickets remain. The cost is $30 per person, which includes a free event T-shirt. For more information on OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational participants, official rules and ticket purchase information, please visit .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

did you see the Fonz drive a Mercury in the demolition derby?

the SkiWay Cloudliners of Mt Hood (Portland Oregon) worlds longest and largest tram at the time

Steve ( ) found the background info:

 these were modified municipal/school buses on a modified logging cable system.  Built on Mt. Hood (east of Portland) in Oregon, it was the world's longest and largest tram at the time - running from Government Camp to Timberline Lodge (old WPA project).  It took ten minutes to run the 3 miles, lifting 2,100 feet in elevation.

Known as Skiway Cloudliners, each coach (there were two) was assembled from a pair of Kenworth Model T-216 Pacific School Coaches.  Two front halves were mated together for dual-control, since they couldn't be turned around.   Each had an under-floor engine powering the rear wheels, which had the cable wrapped around them, and around the front wheels which acted as idlers - creating a self-propelled tram.  They were 35 feet long and could seat 36 passengers.  They had six extra inches of headroom (to accommodate skis), had reversible seats, and cost $40,000 each.

The system went into operation on February 3, 1951, and shutdown about 3 years later due to competition - the road to the lodge was improved in 1952 and the ground-bound shuttle bus to it cost 50 cents compared to the 75 cent fare for the Cloudliners.  The whole system was removed in 1961.
Pre-opening news article:,854535
The newsreel below is from 1956, but was probably filmed earlier:

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also see

a back up gas tank for trucks (post 1999) to locate in the spare tire under bed area... 30 gallons

full write up at

The first-of-its-kind fuel system is designed to repurpose the space commonly used to stow a vehicle’s spare tire and fits most American-made diesel pick-up trucks made after 1999. The tank essentially doubles the fuel capacity of most pick-ups and unlike in-bed auxiliary fuel tank solutions, its underbody location means that it has no impact on the truck bed’s storage capacity.
 The lightweight, one-size-fits-all 30-pound tank is easy for one person to install and includes mounting hardware, a filler kit and an electronic fuel transfer control unit that can be operated from the comfort of the cab. Titan has engineered the system for fast installation and all components come in a standardized package. 
It will be displayed at SEMA
About Titan Fuel Tanks
Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Titan Fuel Tanks engineers and manufactures ultra-durable, extra-capacity aftermarket fuel tanks made from advanced military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene. Titan offers a broad selection of replacement fuel tanks, designed to seamlessly integrate with and extend the fuel capacity and driving reach of a broad range of truck models, including Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles. Titan serves the aftermarket fuel tank needs of the United States, Canada and Australia, and is recognized as an innovator in aftermarket fuel tank design. Titan’s engineering staff employs the latest technology in its design process, including finite element analysis (FEA). To learn more about Titan Fuel Tanks, please visit:

interesting bike rim engineering

Monster Jam fans and photographers... you can submit your photos to get into the annual book!

rip off traffic cameras in the UK

from the thread

I've got a picture of me 'driving' a Cobra that was sent from the Office of Speeding Fines (whatever). It was a right-hand drive Cobra so I was the passenger. The fact I didn't have a steering wheel in my hands didn't bother the money collectors....

cool advertising bus idea that Goodyear tires had

Monday, October 21, 2013

a few more interesting photos found on

the above, it's brilliant. Why not put cellphone towers in fake cactus?

all found on

ouch... seeing this Porsche 917 getting hauled off this way, it's brutal

ZZ Top, Eliminator, Afterburner, Recycler.... damn, what a good run of album art and great rock and roll

If you ever go to Kruger National Park in South Africa, be careful not to drive off with a 13foot python in the car engine bay... yeah, it happens... but it'll scare the hell out of your mechanic

Happy tractor day! or whatever reason they had to make this tractor pyramid

Sunday, October 20, 2013

this is how to pay a ticket.... origami your dollar bills into pigs, and carry them to the DMV or police station in a Dunkin Donuts box. Dude... I applaud you

this soapbox derby contestant has the right spirit, and a cool as hell paint job

Sears catalogs you can buy on Ebay... I've never seen them before either!

cool stuff I found on we-r-stubborn.tumblr

see a lot more cool stuff at but be warned, it's NSFW

the most incredibly thorough website I've come across about a car manufacturer... All Things Buick /

from the trains that moved things around from place to place and bldg to building, and the various paint jobs of them like the above Spirit of 76

to scans of the books that explain the history of the company, cars, strikes, accomplishments and everything else you can ever learn about one company...

I stand in awe of