Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm off for the next week,

Until I'm back and putting up new content, maybe you haven't seen these "Best Of" posts, some of my favorites, the coolest stuff I've posted. in no order of significance; and it's update a year later and

That's all I've had time for so far, I'll finish this off in time with a couple others that will strike me as awesome and probably not seen by the majority of people who've started looking at this blog recently and don't have time to look through the entire archives
If you remember some that you think were the great and stand out among all the stuff you've seen me post, post the link in the comments of this entry, or email me direct at , and thanks for reading and enjoying

a car guys cooler, found in the bed of an A-100 Dodge

1969 Ford Fairlane, might be a Cobra, or might be dressed up to look like one, because who gets an automatic Cobra?

I think these are some of the instant identifying tailights of the musclecars, ones you instantly know what the car is by seeing

To learn more about the 1969 Fairlane Cobra:

For a vintage commercial look at the Cobra:

Fengtastic strikes again

Captioning an ordinary image, with humor! See the others at Thanks Steve!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lioncoln Premiere, when Lincoln cars had their own style and design department, and weren't cookie cutter fords or mercs with different nameplates

Notice the enormous running lights - turn signals in the bumpers, has to be the biggest I've ever seen on a car or truck

on the left side of the photo are the cool switch levers.. they might make a bitchin addition to a hot rod

What a big old barge, must be a great solid feeling tank of a ride.

Hot rod with a Rolls Royce engine

Ain't that something?

Overhead photos of the woodies at Good Guys Del Mar

Al Meyling's '47 cab over hot rod hauler

One cool hauler

It was great to take pictures of this without a horde of people like it attracted at the Grand National Roadster Show :

the Landy-Matic hemi Coronet

Teri's Tattoo shop rat rod

It's so cool when the rat rods have rare cans for the radiator overflow or to house the ingnition coil

I like the military fuse panel, or maybe they are small knife switches, but it's a cool addition

The autographs on this slingshot are as cool as the dragster with Thikstun heads