Saturday, December 19, 2020

finally another photo of those huge bug screens

on the set of Loving You, Elvis wearing his denim outfit.

Robert Doisneau, 1943

there were once times in history that are now known as ages... here are two photos of one. I doubt we could take a photo today that sums up an age as well as this one does

quite the complete photo of cool things, if they had a tank and truck, this would be quite complete

there's stuck, and there's calling in bulldozers to get you out...

what do you make of this?

frozen lake racer, I suppose

damn, this is one pretty car

they are still out there

Service writer upsold a cabin filter

Francia Tarzian ran away from home to join the Navy at age 17 in 1946, instead of following hid dad's choice of careers, as a stone mason, and later he began restoring cars in 1953 when he purchased a 1921center door Model T from a barn in New Jersey that was in the path of interstate highway construction and seized by eminent domain.

Thanks Ed!

Paying it forward

 Thanks to you who tip, I am able to pay it forward, and send beer to my favorite video blogger, Cole Sonne, his dad Brian, and uncle Jeff, who regularly put out 3 videos a week

I'm sending them beer. 

yup, I was able to contact Buck, who does deliveries in Mitchell, South Dakota, area, and he's up for some remote Santa Claus type work, and will be heading out to meet Cole or Brian, or both, find out what their favorite beer is, and then head into town and pick up a 12 pack apiece.... and one for himself

THAT is some above and beyond type mission work for a Merry Christmas tip in my book, but it's also pretty damn cool. 

So, yeah, it's a total of $120, and that's high, but its only a 12 pack per guy, based on the cost of my favorite beer - Stella Artois, and not many store bought beers cost more than 16 bucks a 12 pack.

Anyway, most of you know that tipping isn't required, it's more like a great way to let some of your favorite people know you'd like to buy them some beer, but you're either not yet on 'get together and drink beer together' terms, or you're too darn far away to stop by and take them out for a pizza and beer. 

Kim came to Seal Beach a couple years ago, from Denmark, and so I went up and met him and I took him out to lunch! A year or two before that, Marc B came to San Diego from Ohio, and I took him out for supper at a restaurant I'd heard was good, as Marc sounded like he preferred seafood, and we caught up and shot the breeze for a awhile. 

So, as I have been saying for years, if you are in the area, I'm buying the first round!

But if you are somewhere else on this planet, I'll just add more content to the blog to entertain you. And on the rare occasion that I'm so darn impressed with another blogger, and can afford it, like many of you, I'm totally down for a twenty dollar tip, or a 12 pack of beer in this case, per person and one for the driver, plus the delivery charge of 25 per trip to get the info on what beer they like, then to go get and return with the beer. 

And if you too want to send some beer, or pizza, to the great guys at Sonne Farms, Cole, Brian, and Jeff, let me know, and I'll send you Buck's info as he's a great guy who delivers out ion Spouth Dakota, and works with paypal too!

Chevy Chase is obviously on life support, and too distracting from the rest of this commercial

the Clipper Flying Could

a timeless christmas season joke

VW beetle bicycle

1967 Super Stock Coronet, the WO23 (thanks Danno!)

Chrysler was supposed to have built 50 of each to satisfy the NHRA rules but some say as little as 32 cars were built, the others being just numbers (with no actual cars assembled).

The Hemi motor used blocks designated as A-blocks, as they had the closest tolerances. Forged pistons were good for 7400 rpm. Induction relied on a Vanke intake manifold which looked stock on the outside. 

Unlike the earlier Super Stock packages that were farmed out, Chrysler put together the WO’s on their own production line. Other ingredients in the package included radio/heater delete. Prestolite transistor ignition mounted under the dash against the firewall, special distributor and coil, racing plug wires, the first application of Super Stock rear springs, trunk mounded big Super Stock Battery, no undercoating or sound deadener and lighter weight carpet. Though not advertised, the metal body components were acid dipped to reduce weight. (Chrysler called this “chemical engineering”). The cars had 10” drums up front for reduced weight and better rolling resistance. Standard Street Hemi had 11 inchers up front and 11 inch rear drums. The race cars used a standard clutch fan, but with aluminum blades.

The WO’s came through with a functional ram air hood. Chrysler took a stock hood, lightened it, and cut out a large round opening underneath. They supplied a plate that bolted around the opening to center and sealed it to the bell shaped velocity stack. The plate and stack came in the trunk along with a set of Hooker Headers that were packed in a Hooker Header box. Automatic cars came through with a special TorqueFlite that had to be shifted manually through its reverse shift pattern. The 8-3/4 rear-end was packed with the Sure-Grip 4:88 gears.

max effort on $20 pull and carry day at the junkyard!

Friday, December 18, 2020

I bet he won't try this again, he was lucky to survive this just this one time

thank you Gary B for clanging the tip jar!

Thank you William M for clanging the tip jar!

Class ring found 50 years ago in a Chevrolet Corvair reunited with its owner

In the late 1960s, the owner of a 1960 Chevrolet Corvair poked around the driver-side footwell to investigate a sticking pedal. Much to his surprise, the issue wasn't due to a linkage-related problem; it was a class ring that a previous owner or a previous passenger had lost. 

He was told the Corvair came from an auction and nothing was known about its past. 

According to The Oregonian, the owner kept the ring instead of selling it. He gave it (and, later, the car) to his daughter, Cindy Johnson, (above) and she stored it in her jewelry box for over half a century.

Fast forward to 2020, and Johnson dusted off the ring in hopes of finding its owner. Admittedly, the odds were against her; the only information she had to work with were the initials SUHS, A, and what looked like either an I or a P. She quickly realized the first set of letters corresponds to the South Umpqua High School in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. The last two were likely initials, and scanning the school's yearbook gave her a name: Arch Hudelson.

It was an H, not an I or a P. Luckily, Hudelson was the only 1968 graduate whose first name started with an A.

Contacted via email, he told Johnson that he had lost the class ring he worked hard to buy decades ago, and the two agreed to meet in a park in Fairview, Oregon, to see if he could identify it. It was indeed his, though he couldn't remember how — or when — he lost it. 

He said he had never owned a Corvair. He also remembered his briefcase was stolen in Portland, Oregon, decades ago, and his class ring may have been in it at the time.

"Found it in a Corvair? I'll be darned. I can't imagine how the thing got there," he told The Oregonian. He plans to have it resized so he can wear it

Nine year transformation of Bloom Street in Detroit

Thursday, December 17, 2020

seen on the way home from work

an Audi suv has fleet registration... who the hell has a fleet of Audi's?


5 dollars a gallon, 5 gallons, 100 octane and low lead. Thank you for the tips!

I think you'll agree this is a good use of tip money

Daytona 1961, tuning and testing

regular cars bought at a dealership and upgraded until they were ready for racing.... the type of vehicles I probably appreciate the most

quite a line up...

a '56 El Morroco has popped up, and is going to be auctioned off next month. But will anyone care? It's just a customized Bel Air.... because some guy wanted to make cheaper Cadillacs, and he didn't succeed. They cost the same

I came across a 57 El Morroco about a decade ago and haven't seen one since 

only about 3 dozen were made, and they were only made in 56 and 57

how long before they realize they are bricking that truck in?

how the driver survived is a mystery

please, everyone stand, and bow toward Illinois, and say "Hail Chuck!" because, not only does he do cool things like reunite Gus, who just had a couple strokes - with his supercharged 59 Apache, the other reason is that his business card says he is an emperor, and I het a kick out of that too

 Gus had not seen his truck for 8 years, simply had lost track of it and the friend who was supposed to help get the supercharger up and running. 

Probably because he has had two debilitating strokes that have left him paralyzed and now in hospice. He couldn’t say anything or make any motions when the above hauler brought his truck home, but his tears (liquid horsepower released by reverse osmosis no doubt in my mind) spoke volumes.

that's just one reason Chuck is a hall of famer, and the first guy I go see and catch up with at SEMA every year. 

John Straub photography

Corvettes have an easter egg, huh! Why haven't we heard about this until now?

Ryan Jaycox recently serviced his mid-engine sports car, and up on the lift, he spotted Zora “stamped on the bottom”  towards the center of the underside of his Corvette

GREAT news!

Yes, they winch an off road Caterham into a palm tree

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Why would anyone ever give up on a GT 500 Mustang? It's just Ford Mustang parts.... not really hard to find or expensive (back when they gave up on the car)

sure, why not?

Not sure how much is real, or photo shop, but probably all photoshop of an airstream and a Power Wagon made into something I hope someone builds and brings to SEMA

proof that some people will pay a hell of a lot for exactly the car they want to own, not flip, just own. You can't flip a car for profit when you're the highest bidder

I don't recall exactly what these sold for new, probably 12k... but this was only driven 440 miles, and stored for 30 years.... and so now it's probably the nicest most original IROC Z on the planet, and someone wanted it pretty bad, they paid 60k for it, with taxes, buyers fee, etc

The ultra-rare  race-ready factory 1LE-equipped versions have sold in the $40,000 range, but this was 50 percent more....

I bet someone wanted this car bad in high school or college, and they finally could afford to buy it, even at the auction

hmmm, has a mod top it seems

must have been someone's oddball race car