Saturday, February 20, 2010

1970 Detroit Autorama gallery on Flikr

More on this Road Runner concept later!

Hoar Cross Downhill Soapbox derby looks like fun

Costumed like Wallace and Gromit, and even includes the stunt sheep via: from

I may have started a riot, 2 months ago I posted about activists, a month later... they messed with the bikers, and lost was when I mentioned the old joke that the fur activists mess with rich old women and not with biker gangs... well, maybe that made them think they had what it takes to mess with niker gangs...

Headline: Activists missing after declaring war on leather at motorcycle rally

“They peed on me!!!” charged one activist. “They grabbed me, said I looked like I was French, started calling me ‘La Trene’, and duct taped me to a tree so they could pee on me all day!”

When confronted with the allegations of force-feeding the activists meat, using them as ad hoc latrines, leaving them incapacitated in fast food restaurant dumpsters, and ‘farting on their heads,’ the organizer declined to comment in detail. “That’s just our secret handshake,” assured the organizer.

extra points for creativity


Best of "best of blogs" thread

riding the rails in style


drag racing at burning man, where the innovators come to show their mechanical marvels

also see the motor wheel:

These are funny tire commercials, you might have seen them already, but I just came across the whale one

Super Mario cart


in the 1890's Tiffany was building bikes, well, decorating the hell out them really, very Victorian era beauty

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool stuff from here and there, surfing the web like it's big wave Wednesday and I've got the longboard!

Above via:

Ahhhhmazing model art

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a 1963 Corvette influenced speedboat design
Pure Hell what a cool dragster