Saturday, December 04, 2021

from one of my favorites, an artist that is both quirky, innovative, and brilliant, John Atkinson

did you see the news today where this empty school bus was stolen? What a Hollywood movie looking event this was


does anyone know the artist, or the series, or this art? Kim's a fan, but hasn't got any info to work with. It might be Anime Тохо Touhou Project by the artist Jun. But, I can't verify that just yet

Most important is the above, the below MAY be the same artist, but there are enough differences that it's also possibly another artist. 

these were found on

before and after, Rysstad Norway, 125 years between photos of the same road

The construction class at Westerly High School in Rhode Island built a bus stop shelter for boy who uses a wheelchair, because unlike most kids, he can’t run outside at a moments notice to hop on the bus, and had to wait in the rain sometimes

The structure sits at the end of the driveway of the boy’s home, allowing him to wait in comfort for the bus that will take him to school

Someone might ask, "what's this got to do with 'things with wheels that are cool'"? 
I answer, the kid is in a wheelchair, and now people did a cool thing. Ergo, things with wheels, that are cool

Friday, December 03, 2021

The art of Rubens Ooms.


more terrific fun art of Stefan Marjoram, a tiller steering series

playground equipment

The Imagination Train at the Oscar Frazier Park playground in Bluffton

South Yunderup Australia 

Wendel Farm's Combine  

 Engelberg Trübsee Switzerland

railroad engineers home, you could buy one for 500 bucks when they quit using them in the late 70s.

Bethlehem Steel, 1940, producing big guns for the Navy, 16" battleship gun

they were shrink fit in laminated sections. The main barrel was made in 2 sections the outer barrel and the machined shell section, the outer section was hung in a giant pit heated and the inner section was lowered in then cooled. This the section where the shell and powder was placed wore out and with the shrink fit it could be reheated and replaced and refurbished easily.

The whole barrel was made in sections the area from the breech up to cover the shell and explosive did not have any rifling. Interesting photo as it shows all the different laminations.

In 1954, all of the Battleship New Jersey's massive 16" guns were replaced. 

The nine guns had been used during World War II and the Korean War. 

The guns were relined and test fired in 1969.

 Three of the barrels were in storage for decades at the St. Julien's Creek Annex U.S. Naval support facility in Portsmouth, Virginia.

 To save these historic barrels from being scrapped, the Battleship New Jersey and the Mahan Collection Foundation transported them for permanent display in Camden and Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard. 

Each barrel is 68 feet long and weighs 120 tons. The barrels were transported north by Norfolk Southern. To support the barrels' restoration or for more information about this project, visit

Denton, MT had a wild fire yesterday, the town was evacuated, the vintage grain elevators were destroyed, and even nearby railcars were severely damaged

Sept 2021 Normandy beach race gallery

Honda Karisma 125cc mini Chopper build in Indonesia by Siskal Kustom Garage Batam.


Banksy - A Great British Spraycation 2021


restoring a Divco led to meeting guys that worked with his grandfather, and how a bakery delivery van had to use wood wheels during WW2 due to the rubber shortage

great photo

 pardon the left arrow, I'm not at my laptop with Photoshop to get that removed

this is among the photos in CNN's look back at Pan Am

Video shows a semi dragging a car on I-294 near Chicago with 19 year old woman waving from the drivers seat of the mangled car

Thursday, December 02, 2021

self explanatory... and she's in a Mopar


this '64 Pontiac GTO with a 389 and a four-speed has been in storage since February 1964. It has just 1,321 miles and is came from Pennsylvania, to Chicago, to Las Vegas, with a $125,000 asking price. But why isn't it at an auction?


The Pontiac Historic Services has been able to verify the mileage of 1,321, and the car even has its original title and window sticker. The 1964 state inspection sticker is still on its windshield, and the 1964 original license plate is still on the car.

talk about true potential for being spouse material in the way of good provider...

 the things ya gotta do to impress a girl nowadays! 

Hertz is getting a lot of bad publicity today, an assistant professor at St. John's University School of Law ain't happy

 previous to this, and they haven't lived it down yet, are allegations that Hertz is apparently so bad at keeping track of its vehicle inventory that they reported cars as stolen whenever the company lost track of a rental--even when it was the companies' employees at fault. 

Now? It's maybe not that heinous, but it's still pretty bad

she arrived at a Hertz location in Brooklyn on time for her rental just before noon on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and got in a line with 15 other customers. After two hours, she was turned away after the Hertz employee stopped filling reservations. Apparently, the location closed at noon, despite having customers with confirmed reservations still waiting for their vehicles.

Klonick and her partner and their dog were told that they could, instead, get a vehicle at another location. After loading into an Uber, and heading to LaGuardia Airport, she was told that a rental vehicle was available but that they wouldn't honor the original reservation. Instead, it would be $1,800, or almost five times the price.

I've never seen this emblem before

seriously, I can't think of something that says 1960s better than a photo of a station wagon

am I wrong, or does this look really tempting to get running and just use as a grocery getter?

after 49 years in a lake with the front in the mud, the elements (lack of oxygen in the mud) caused a strange contrast with the rest of the Vauxhall that rusted via

One night at dinner with his wife, William Lie got up in the middle of the meal, and drove off. 

Ten days after the last time he was seen alive, the police linked his disappearance to the discovery of camping gear belonging to a missing man, abandoned by the mountain lake Trytetjern near Nesbyen, only 150 meters from where he was last seen.

 Among the items was a travel radio with a sticker indicating that the radio had been sold in Oslo. When the police officer contacted the store, they could see in the file that the radio with this serial number had been sold to William Anker Lie.

49 years later Norway police found the answer to the disappearance, a car, using sonar and underwater drone (ROV), at a depth of ten meters in Trytetjern lake

Human remains were inside the Vauxhall, as was a letter of resignation was also found, a farewell letter and books. Some of this material was wrapped in plastic

For a good write up of the days leading to William Lie's disappearance, see

A gallery of the Optima Challenge 2021