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A gallery of what stupid people do to vehicles, for you to laugh about

Via is a thread to about 5 dozen pages of cars that are just WRONG or look wrong.

Click on all pictures to enlarge them

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Thanks for reading, I hope you keep enjoying what I find entertaining enough to post for you and my friends. Car show season will be starting about 4weeks from now, and I'll be putting more photos and less links 'cause I'll have less time to surf the web for good stuff.

From the Speed Kings Garage, and Scott Whittaker... the same group who made the Dynaliner

For a video in which Scott describes all the cool features, like the Dino Ferrari steering wheel, Porsche 356 GT bucket seats etc etc Gallery here

You've never seen this happen at a drag race, looks like the "American Graffiti" cop car scene


The best tribute vehicle I've ever seen.... does double duty

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best of SEMA gallery, and the only two I've found so far

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 1:06AM2006 SEMA In Pictures, Part VWhere all that glitters is somebody's gold.
Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 1:05AM2006 SEMA In Pictures, Part IVWhere all that glitters is somebody's gold

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 1:04AM2006 SEMA In Pictures, Part IIIWhere all that glitters is somebody's gold.
Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 1:04AM2006 SEMA In Pictures, Part IIWhere all that glitters is somebody's gold.
Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 1:03AM2006 SEMA In PicturesWhere all that glitters is somebody's gold.
Sunday, November 5, 2006 at 12:34PM2006 SEMA: The Aftermarket Strikes BackDetroit's in a funk, but you wouldn't know it from a walk around the world's biggest aftermarketshow.
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 12:46AMChevrolet Pumps Trucks at SEMANew 427 concept headed for production.
Monday, October 30, 2006 at 9:48PM2006 SEMA ShowAll our coverage from the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza.

The coolest Nash you're ever going to see... you can now hear, too! for an Irvine show.. ROCKS

the only 70 Coronet photo I've ever seen that looks good enough to post.

Normally the ugliness of those bumpers turns me off... but the color combo, the rims, the blacked out hood scoops, the R/T side scoops (from a 70 Charger R/T?) and the black butt stripe.... all together just make this 70 R/T the best looking one I've ever seen!

So cool it deserves a 2nd look!

This is the work of a car club, and is a full size version of the little boxed kit cars . Bitchin!

Smile! And 2 from Big Daddy's museum I think

An Ed Roth creation!

and an inline 12 cylinder slingshot?

Cool early motorcycles

interesting in their own way, a what is it?, a how the?, and huh... how'd they get the horses to pose?

The coolest looking mechanized real vehicle that wasn't ever in a movie but should be

the rolling mine exploder
For a really good write up on what it is, and links to more pictures in the comments section, look at
Good blog I read frequently, they do more homework on things than I do... I'm just happy to find cool stuff and show it, and give you links where you can read more about the thing.
Just for the record, I don't remember where I found these pictures that I posted 2 days before Hemmings, but this is a fricking cool machine, and Hemmings should get credit for great research.
For a picture of the back of this, showing the 3rd wheel, and ruining the 2 track awesomeness of how it appears here.

Ride safe my biker friends, not like these guys

There is one guy captured in the top photo, flying through the air, his feet are high in the air under the 2nd banner from the right.
Click on these or any photos to get the full size version
Via:,id,1800.html for a 2 more pics of this mass collision (I count 8 bikes down)

Vanishing Point, to the music bed of Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream"

Forget it, You tube is pulling videos down like a pack of lawyers is at it's throat. Sorry everyone.

Ludicrious insanity. Reverse donuts in a Ford Festiva

Skip right to 1 minute 50 seconds, nothing happems before that

Transporters full of collector cars, the contest is to see how many you can identify

For Sale: the bike no one has ever filmed at speed

Chrysler will be selling the original Tomahawk concept and nine replicas through Neiman Marcus, for up to $555,000 each. The motorcycles cannot be licensed, so they cannot be legally driven on public roads. A Chrysler spokesman told Reuters they were meant as rolling sculptures.

For a full gallery of the Tomahawk :,id,135.html

Seems this is old news, Sept 06.

How to get a tree in your pickup bed. Perfectly.

( Hot Rod, Muscle Car, Custom Car, Kit Car ) emissions law clarification

For example, a Cobra kit-car using a 1968 351C Ford V8 would require all emissions equipment originally required for that model year engine.

A dune buggy upgraded with a ''91 L79 TPI GM V8 would require all emissions equipment used on that engine.

More generally, if a configuration precedes 1966, no exhaust emissions controls would be required.

If the configuration precedes 1961, no PCV system would be required. If a range of model years applies to any particular engine configuration, vehicle owners will have the option to select the model year of emissions controls to be used.

Car Show at the Deer Park Automobile Museum

Car Show at the Deer Park Automobile Museum and Winery
Jun 8, 2008
Escondido, Ca

Does this mean the Deer Park museum is back in business?

San Diego car clubs... in case you want to check with them about your favorite vehicle.

! * Car Club Council of Greater San Diego
El Cajon, CA

! * Monday Nite Car Club
El Cajon, CA
! * Porsche Club of America
San Diego, CA

! * San Diego Early Ford V-8 Club
San Diego, CA
* Al Bahr Antique Car Club
Valley Center, CA

* Alfa Romeo Owners Club
San Marcos, CA

* Antique Automobile Club
El Cajon, CA

* Associated Glider Clubs of Southern California
Ramona, CA

* Austin-Healey Club
Solana Beach, CA

* BMW Car Club Association
Vista, CA

* Christian Rods & Customs
Lemon Grove, CA

* Horseless Carriage Club of San Diego
Solana Beach, CA

* Jaguar Club of San Diego
San Diego, CA

* Jensen Owners Club
Poway, CA

* MG-T Register of San Diego
San Diego, CA

* Model T Ford Club
Escondido, CA

* MoPar Club of San Diego
San Diego, CA
* Motor Transport Museum
Spring Valley, CA

* Mustang Club of San Diego
San Diego, CA

* Over The Hill Gang San Diego
Lemon Grove, CA
* Packards International
Leucadia, CA

* Palomar Model A Ford Club
Carlsbad, CA

* Rolls Royce Owners Club, Inc.
San Diego, CA

* San Diego 4 Wheelers
San Diego, CA

* San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club
San Diego, CA
* San Diego MG Club
San Diego, CA

* San Diego Miata Club
Escondido, CA

* SoCal Shelby Club
San Diego, CA

* Studebakers Drivers Club of SD County
La Mesa, CA
* Volvo Sports America
San Diego, CA

* Walter P Chrysler Club
San Diego, CA

Camaro Club of San Diego
San Diego, CA
Camaros United
Poway, CA
Classic Image Car Club
La Mesa, CA
Classic Thunderbirds of San Diego
San Diego, CA
Coastal Cruisers of San Diego
Ramona, CA
Corvette Owners Club of San Diego
La Mesa, CA
Horseless Carriage Club of La Jolla
San Diego, CA

Lemon Grove, CA
San Diego Military Vehicle Collector's Club
San Diego, CA
San Diego Pontiac Oakland Club
Escondido, CA
San Diego Prowlers
El Cajon, CA
Southbay Cruisers
Chula Vista, CA
Southern CA Convertible Club
La Mesa, CA
The Little Guys
Vista, CA
Vintage Chevrolet Club of San Diego

Laws that affect Southern California vehicles

like AB 1488(Mendoza) Air pollution: smog check program: diesel-powered vehicles.Status: 10/14/2007-Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 739, Statutes of 2007.

January 1, 2010, include diesel-powered vehicles manufactured after the 1997 model-year and diesel-powered vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 8,500 pounds in the biennial smog check program.

You might have heard of this one, it would make all the curently exempt diesel vehicles that a lot of small business contractors use get smogged. One guy I talked to told me that it could have the effect of causing gross diesel polluters to get their engines fixed or replaced and that would cost the small business delivery trucks, construction contractors, etc etc to raise their rates to counter act the higher cost of actually preventing their diesel delivery and work trucks from polluting.

San Diego Auto Museum, the San Diego Auto Club, The Association of California Car Clubs

Briggs Cunningham was a big name in sports cars and upper class racing circles a generation and a half ago. Today, his most tangible legacy arguably is the San Diego Auto Museum in the city's renowned Balboa Park, amidst a cluster of museums.

Cunningham founded this car-and-motorcycle museum, which was formally approved by the San Diego City Commission in 1980 to occupy a one-time California Pacific International Exposition building of 1935. The museum opened in 1988.

Curiously, the nearby Aerospace Museum occupies what was th Ford Motor exhibition hall of 1935. San Diego was home to Consolidated Aircraft, which developed PBY amphibians and B-24 bombers for World War II, and Ryan, builder of Lindbergh's plane which soloed the Atlantic in 1927

Some 37 car and cycle clubs are bound together as the San Diego Car Club Council (SDCCC) which publishes a newsletter - the SDAM Courier - and also carries announcements from the state-wide Association of California Car Clubs (ACCC) which has a strong legislative agenda for motorists and car collectors. The Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at the SDAM.
The Association of California car clubs has 116 member car clubs

Indian Rickshaws celebrate 50 years of cheap reliable transportataion with ...

Above photo from

The world's most bizarre motor sport? Endurance Rickshaw Rallying

The most wild, unpredictable, and unique road race ever organised. The entrants to this amateur adventure will be enjoying the crazy Indian night life and pushing their endurance to the limit by day as they cover 1921 km along India’s western and central regions, all in local Tuk-Tuks –A.K.A the Rickshaw – is India’s three wheeled work horse and general purpose runabout, which hundreds of brave entrants shall be piling into, making their own, and then pushing to the limits and beyond.

San Diego Drag racing, and Barona 1/8th mile

May 4th
Sunday 08:00 AM TO 04:00 AM 2008 RACE DATES

All dates are Friday nights.
March 7th & 21st
April 4th
May 2nd & May 30th
June 6th & 27th
July 11th, 18th & 25th
Dates subject to change per stadium schedule

Here's some news
... 12 helmets are available: San Diego Sportcycles provides helmet rental through Bruce's Auto Repair booth
...If you need community service hours or want to volunteer, please contact the office at (619) 265-8159. You can also e-mail

Very cool website intro,

from a 69 Camaro and 70 Chevelle restoration company

Still hoping there will be a Kustom Kulture car show this year
For a gallery of a 2005 show:

San Diego Mopar Club newsletter is online in PDF... news on Bill Goldberg

Robert Genat, acclaimed author/photographer, took photos of Mopar Club friend Bill Goldberg assembling a 1965 Dodge A-990 (WO1) clone that is intended for the street. With a Hemi that is a special “Goldberg Edition” displacing 526 c.i. from Indy Cylinder Head, of which only 20 will be made. See Mopar Muscle, March 2008 for more
The plan is to complete the car in time to be on display at the Indy Cylinder Head booth in the manufacturer’s midway at Mopars At The Strip, March 28-30

More updates to the Car show calendar for the full updated calendar

March 15
San Diego Jaguar Club Tech Session at Bumper Doc Kearny Mesa
Tech session on bumper repair. Live demonstrations. Pizza, soft drinks, coffee and dessert. Raffle prizes and gift certificates. Guest speaker - Dave Stall from kceo.

March 19th
Wednesday, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM @ SoCal Paint Works.
10009 Prospect Ave. Santee
BBQ, Body & Paint Tech Night

April 13
San Diego Jaguar Club Rolling British Car Day
Chris Zacker
13th Annual Rolling British Car Day,
150 - 200 British cars driving around San Diego County on specified route announced the morning of the drive.

May 3,
10AM-4PM 9th Annual SpringFest Car Show & Parade
Allied Gardens Rec Center (TG 1250-A6),
Staging 9-10AM at the Mormon Church(corner of Greenbrier & 51st, TG 1250-A6)

June 28 & 29
9 am to 5 pm
35th Annual San Diego Scottish Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans

June 29 thru July 4
Austin Healey Conclave "Healeys on the Bay"
– Sprite 50th Anniversary – Sheraton Hotel & Marina on Harbor Island,
Hosted by: Austin Healey Club of San Diego

June 21, 22, 28 & 29 Harvest Fair
1pm parade of anitques
The antique engine and tractor show
2040 North Santa Fe

July 12
All American Car Show X
Westfield's Plaza Camino Real, Carlsbad.
8am to 2pm
Sponsored by Mopar Club of San Diego.

July 20
San Diego Jaguar Club S.D.J.C.
44th Annual Concours d'Elegance
Spanish Landing Park San Diego
Dan Jensen 858 459-1571

October 5
San Diego Jaguar Club San Diego
British Car Day Fallbrook
Katherine Partain
29th Annual British Car Day.
400 - 450 British Cars on display at a local north San Diego County horse ranch.
Picnic on the lawn. Prizes for British car, picnics and Club displays.

Oct 17
The Playboy Mansion, and it's Mopar car show!
Mopars at the Mansion, Beverly Hills.
Sponsored by Mopar Collector?s Guide

The Miramar car show looks like it might not happen this year

Due to circumstances beyond our control, J B West will no longer manage the annual Miramar Car Show for the Marines. The event has been canceled.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and the wonderful car owners and their families that supported the past events.

Our tour of duty created many friendships and personal rewards and we are proud to state our donations to the Military totaled over $25,000. We provided over 10,000 lunches for attendees and gave away over 3,500 6-Packs of 8oz bottles of Coca-Cola. We hired over 100 military personnel to work with us on the shows. We were touched by many of the relationships that we made especially that of a wounded solider returning home from Iraq.

How does something that high avoid hitting airplanes?

Cool! Front yard display of mining gear

Dip .. .. that about covers it, right?

How could I resist taking this picture? With that unpainted front air dam just broadcasting "poser" , I wouldn't have even noticed if the cop wasn't pulling him over.

Viper running on a spare tire

If I ever do something as uncool as run the spare tire on a Viper... shoot me. Put me out of my misery, for surely the mad cow disease has struck me down and I've lost my mind.

this is the first new Super Bee I've seen... it deserved a picture

Just to show what a difference it is from a classic '69 Bee... 4 doors... what the hell were they thinking?

GNs are still out there for sale!

"You can't do better than a roll a long,... David" sayeth Chris Boyer

So I've been wondering what the hell he was talking about... I still am. There isn't much about them on the internet, but what is there boils down to this... Roll A Long was a company that made campers / RV's from Fords. Nothing about why they are the best. But they sure are cheap!

This has been hanging around the driveway a loooong time! The license plate is mid 60's