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abandoned Massey Fergusons are getting repurposed into a bars, desks, etc. Well, if the rest of the tractor is going to the junkyard or scrap heap to recycle the steel, it's a good damn idea to save the cowling for something artsy

good grief, it's been years since anyone has accused me of stealing their copywrited paragraphs. I forgot how stupid people are.

You are aware, that no one pays to read your text, see your images, or look at your website?

So, when used as a source of information, with a respectful link, you're unhappy, and would rather that the text anyone can see without letting you know - albeit on your site which actually is one more stat of traffic, isn't shared in any way past the limits of your website domain?

No matter how few people see the information there, you prefer that fewer people read it, than to being a source of information - regardless that no one cares where they get their info, nor does anyone pay anyone in any way, for the reading of it?

You don't even realize that you don't have an email on to request such permission with?

Yes, sure you have whatever for whatever purpose if someone wants to waste time filling in forms, but Ben, you're not the govt. Why have people fill out forms? Put up your email you obtuse buffoon. It's not like having your email adversely effects you. I've had my email online on my site for over a dozen years, and billions of people have seen it, and only like minded car people ever bother to use it. It's not like having an email where people can find it gives them the key to your car, or allows them to use your bathroom.

What's the worst that can happen? They, omg, shock and horror, email you? That's why you have an email. Good grief.

As for your "we all have to share information" no. We don't. We who share information, and place it on the internet where anyone who is interested will be able to read it, like a library, for free, without asking permission to enter, to use the books, to enjoy a seat and the company, without a tax, without a surcharge, without subscribing, registering, or becoming a member, like civilized people who enjoy the information so much that we wish others to enjoy it.

Did you wish, that once you'd written something, that no one should read it? Of course not. You published it that people would read it.

Did you want as few people as possible to find it? No. Certainly not. You made it succinct, lucid, and well written that it's a pleasure to do so. You probably even took care to use the right photos, edit for length that people wouldn't get bored of rambling writing, etc. You took a bit of time, or talent, to make it something people want to read.

But you forgot one thing.

It's on the internet. Fair use clause applies, given the caveats and pre emptors

Besides yourself and myself, I see 5 other websites have the same info, and images. But they all spell focused correctly with only one "s".

Therefor, to prevent you from having a fit, really unbecoming of a person of your age, I've erased everything that I'd found you'd written, and got the same information from 5 other sites, removed the link to your page, and replaced it with the 7 other sites.

It was rigorous, it was perplexing, it took all of 2 minutes. Plus I took the time to divest the test of extraneous waste of time words, and made it easier to digest in a speedy way for people who simply don't have time to waste reading the extra verbiage that you probably added from where ever you obtained the information that you certainly didn't invent, on the spot, without every learning of it from reading what others have written, spoken, or recorded.  That took another 30 seconds. 

So, if you're just frothing at the mouth like a mad Englishman, take it up with

or the fair use clause of the Copyright Act. As I certainly have no more time for what you've done, I instead rearranged the words in the texts of the other 10 websites to find they too use the same words you have in a different order, then rearranged them again. Simply for fun. After all, the word Ferrari is certainly copywritten by that company. How dare you use it without proving that you've got the permission of the Ferrari company to just put it anywhere you want. Did you request permission from the inventor of it, to use the word Supercar? By heavens, you have some cheek! 

And don't call me sir, you're not paying me for anything. 

I say good day! 

Damn you internet, just when I think I'm done and can close the laptop, you suck me back in.

TV should be like the internet, just when you finish Firefly, Stranger Things, or the original cast of Top Gear seasons, you should have a "Want more like that? Try this:" helper

whoa... that nails it

A guy in Blairsville, GA created this unusual boat when he found a rusted frame Avion with a mostly gutted interior. He has made a beautiful boat, that also has overnight accommodations

good heavens..... if Airstream had thought of this 60 years ago!

how to lay out a hunting cabin

only 900 bucks, or build your own, or commission your own favorite metalsmith you make you one

Each cooler is handcrafted from recycled 44-gallon oil drums.

or only 700 bucks at

TikiLand Trading Co. was in Laguna Beach for the third marketplace event this past October, using a Land Rover as a prop

Well done Laguna Beach, nice make over on the city busses so they aren't so damn utilitarian ugly

As of 2015, they had a fleet of 8, riders can enjoy a continuous loop from Cajon Street in North Laguna to the resort hotel.

In just four weeks since the service was launched, more people have climbed aboard the city’s free weekend trolleys than live in the seaside town.

The service’s popularity prompted city officials to seek out $515,000 through an OCTA grant for this year’s year-round off-season trolley service. The pilot program is paid for by a grant from Project V. The Orange County Transportation Authority program is funded by Measure M – a half-cent sales tax increase approved by voters in 2006 for transportation projects.

Trolleys cut down on traffic congestion created in part by the more than 6 million annual visitors to the beach community – with at least 93 percent driving into town on day trips from surrounding cities and counties.

In Dana Point, city officials will launch free trolleys in June.

The trolleys in Dana Point will meet up with the Laguna trolleys and run from the Ritz-Carlton to Palisades Road in Capistrano Beach, stopping at hotels, the Dana Point Harbor and Doheny State Beach.

first, I saw the Airstream, then I wondered how it was so buried in a plush garden, then I learned it was a musician's that I've never heard of, then I wondered how a musician could afford the garden, much less the adjoining mini home, then I learned it was a music video's daughter living in the garage and backyard of her wealthy divorced mother’s 1930s duplex in LA

This was a concrete slab between her mom's house and back alley, which most people would consider a back yard, unless you've been in So Cal's back yard areas. Lots of cement in the city back yards, for parking trailers, rvs, cars, etc. Very little lawn, as that requires mowing, water, etc.

she bought the Airstream for $2000

Occasionally, Mileece lists the Airstream on Airbnb for extra income, or simply lends it to traveling friends.

After all, the garage was converted to be a living room, with a built in bathroom

Lucky daughter, and talented. Never heard of her though. Mileece.

Mileece’s roots in electronica, art, technology and innovation run deep. In 1961, her grandfather worked on the IBM team that programmed the first computer-generated song. Mileece’s parents ran a recording studio and were music video pioneers, creating iconic videos with artists such as Kate Bush, Stevie Wonder, and Queen.

Born in 1978, London, her parents ran a pioneering recording studio, and video promo company, exposed Mileece to artists and a/v production from the get-go, playing childhood violin lessons and Casio compositions to improvised piano, hosting a jazz radio show and DJ’ing at clubs by her teens.

 Her peripatetic life that took her from rural French farms to crystal gardens in LA, prompted her awareness to the many forms of man’s impact on the natural world. Hence, Mileece completed A-Levels in environmental science and economics, an A.A. in documentary filmmaking and worked for several environmental agencies. Just before turning twenty, Mileece returned to the UK where she undertook courses in sound engineering and received a B.A. in Sonic Art.

In 2006 after living in London, Montreal and the South of France, Mileece returned to Los Angeles, where she had lived with her American mother after her parents’ divorce (her father is a wealthy British music video maker).

About a year ago, her husband left for England to get his Ph.D. Mileece carried on, hauling in tiles she bought at Habitat for Humanity, wood pallets obtained from a company that delivered mobile homes and 90-pound bags of cement, whose weight nearly equaled her own.

Her mother was skeptical.

“She was like: ‘What are you going to do? It will be a disaster,’ ” said Mileece, acknowledging that “there’s a level of insanity that goes into a project like this.”

Her mother, Marsha Levine, who helps companies place products in films, said her concern was for her daughter’s safety.

“She’s a waif,” Ms. Levine said. “And yet you see her using these incredible huge machines to saw and lift things. I would think, ‘How does she do that?’ ”

The Airstream was the final touch, bought for $2,000 from a couple near San Luis Obispo, Calif., and shimmied into the backyard. “Of course, most Airstreams are really expensive because they’ve already been redone,” Mileece said. “This one had every reason to be $2,000. It had dead mice in it, and the toilet was just disgusting. It took about a year and a half to rehab it.”

While mother and daughter remain attached at the garage, the structure that links and separates them, they observe a respectful distance.

Combing interactive sculptures, original products, materials and instruments, her projects to 'promote ecology through technology and the arts’ have featured on prime time television broadcasts including the NY Times advertising of the year campaign (2013) and VICE Motherboard (2014) reaching over 100 million viewers.

While her teenage impression of the city was unfavorable, as an artist and a budding gardener she appreciated the year-round sun and the cultural scene. 

She and her husband began by turning the garage into a three-room music studio and lounge. Furniture and appliances were sourced from friends or Craigslist. (The vintage propane stove, for example, was bought from a member of Iron Maiden who was living in a bungalow in Culver City.)

She even brought her music to America's Got Talent

And she's taken her gardening on the road with a bus, for LA urban school kids to get some exposure to gardening

Her work ‘promoting ecology through technology and the arts’ has brought her international critical acclaim as a composer and installation artist. Mileece will use the Artist in Residence space at Maker City LA for the summer of 2014 to conceive and create interactive objects and experiences for a number of projects including a first-of-its-kind interactive eco-classroom at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles and an installation at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Mileece is currently the resident artist at the Lycée International Français in Los Angeles where she has recently converted a 1996 school bus into a ‘travelling interactive forest’
The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes By Justina Blakeney

Dang, that thing is stuck

been years since I've posted bumper stickers, but then it's been years since the long vitriolic diatribe finally ended about Obama, but when looking deep into other sites archives, stuff turns up that's still funny

this is the only other photo without dead bodies in it, from Tienamen Square.

Friday, January 03, 2020

It's been a long time, so here's two new videos of Karcocha just in time for some coffee and donuts

I know, I know, just press play anyway

And from minute 31 to  minute 37, is a sketch bit I've never seen him do before, a directors bit trying to get 3 actors to so a short simple bit of acting, and they are hilariously inept

And this one is shorter, and on a sidewalk, so he changes from the car jokes to nothing but working the pedestrians jokes... yes, he's got so many gags that I split the videos like that.

And this is the first time I've seen the kids get the better of him with the old " one foot to the next to the handstand" gag

and wow, if you want to see how much he's changed in 10 years, look at him before the hat and cover alls:

Street performer in Ecuador, from Argentina, named Christian.... showing how much he can do in only the time of a stop light in Ecuador

he was more impressive in this video, after the link


Proof that you will get your moneys worth out of your dash cam

Pretty funny... he thought that it was a rubber hose situation, when, all along, it was a pepper spray situation instead.

Massachusetts plate 745 SW3 Toyota Corolla driver is extremely triggered by a Trump flag... and decides that tossing the garbage out the window at the Trump flag is the best way she can demonstrate, protest, and display her anger.

Common things among the left winger anti Trumpers, they seem to prefer Toyotas, only one headlight on her car works, a very odd haircut, middle age, very angry without being verbally provoked or physically assaulted, and instead, does both to peaceful people who support the elected president.

She also has left her turn signal on though she makes no attempt to switch lanes to the right... to the right... HA! That's funny... she doesn't switch to the right. Ha!

Hmmm, I see several connections between her and the other Trump protesters who left so much litter behind at Anti Trump protest marches

I've never seen this before, but a long chassis truck, without anything on the back, is near impossible to see at night, and the driver is unaware he's left the back 5 feet into a traffic lane

Maybe it's a flatbed tow truck, maybe it's a new delivery to a dealership that has not yet had a bed or cabinets mounted on the back yet

But it's nearly caused a wreck

So be careful out there! Clean windshield at all times

to teach your kids what you don't want them doing behind the wheel, on the road, in intersections... just have them watch some of these teaching aides

when they cost this much, customers want a bit of assurance that they will perform as promised

The Mercedes-Benz team have thought up a special task for the G-Class and its occupants: the steel construction is called “Iron Schöckl”; a name derived from a mountain just outside Graz in Styria. This iron mountain is used by Mercedes-Benz for test drives. The drive begins with a moderate 80 percent gradient. No problem for the eight-cylinder engine of the G 500. It even takes the 100-percent gradient smoothly, before stopping briefly at the highest point of the iron mountain, eight meters up in the air.

Maybe you're tired of pole barns and want a seriously strong and longer lasting barn... use some shipping containers!

You get the added strength of steel, rigidity of welding them all together, and also their watertight storage compartments.

Plus, I doubt a storm is going to do any damage to them. Tornados and Hurricanes, maybe. I guess it depends a lot on whether or not you get some smart people to tell you what the deal is with open breezeway vs closed door, when the big winds blow

Schoolbus Home in Santa Cruz, California

In the ’60s, photographer Rick Auerbach travelled to multiple hippie festivals and gatherings, shooting pictures of nomadic rigs.

2018 Charger with 44 miles...

I shit you not.... that is the work of a designer/engineer with no fucking common sense

I first saw someone use these 35 years ago, and it's rare to see them at all, but when finding these on a truck I was reminded that I've never talked to anyone that could explain why 99.999999% of cars made don't seem to need them. So, why does ANY vehicle need them? Aren't they a waste of money?

testing the pavement