Saturday, January 09, 2021

ummmm, why does the amount of good taste and decorum decrease when someone's wealth increases? Do they get stupider? Color blind? crazy? Or are they just letting their inner freak flag fly to see how many people are paying attention?

this guy looks like a dead ringer for Iggy Pop mixed with John Waters, with David Lee Roths hair from 1983, trying to pull off a modern Nudie Cohn

quite a silly way to advertise

Harry Crosby quit his teaching job to be a photographer, and was on assignment photographing the city of Tijuana in 1964.

Harry Crosby is almost single-handedly responsible for introducing the culture, history and landscapes of Baja California to contemporary audiences through his explorations, landmark photography and classic volumes on the magic peninsula, including “Antigua California.”

Mexico honored Harry Crosby with a postage stamp for his pioneering photography and documentation of over 180 rock art sites painted by the peninsula's original inhabitants. The resulting book, “The Painted Caves of Baja California” received international acclaim and is credited for helping to bring UNESCO World Heritage Site designation to the Sierra de San Francisco murals.

well, this went too far

those are 1972 stripes, and the 1970 or 71 wing. Should have went with some side pipes instead.

interesting and odd

Young gentlemen flyers

quite an easy expression to imagine when the right amount of snow is on this car

Soap box, Los Angeles, 1946

reuse, and recycle... even use to get kids interested in cool cars

wow, compliment from a fellow 1969 Coronet owner, fellow vet - Nam combat wounded vet!

 the blog is fabulous. It is the first thing I look at when I open my computer in the morning. Truly a pleasure every day. Thank you.

I survived getting shot in the chest in 1969 and returned to the U.S. in time to be invited to attend Woodstock. I didn’t go, I was done camping. 

 But I was able to buy my absolute favorite car, a 1969 Dodge Coronet 500. I kept it for 7 years. If I could find one now, I’d buy it, restore it and keep the rest of my days. 

 I am always delighted to read your reports on your 1969 Dodge. 

 Mine only had a 318, but it was a beautiful car with white bucket seats, medium green paint and a white vinyl top. I was in heaven getting the car and having it until children arrived. 

 Thanks again for your work. I love cars and I particularly enjoy the interplay of the cars, the trains and the planes.

Thomas Murphy 

they didn't have a great camera, or Kodachrome, but they had a damn cool car in the drive way!

F35 landing

compliment of the day (Thank you Jagdishsingh!)

 hey great blog man 


Friday, January 08, 2021

door handle at a gas station... how come I've never seen this before? It's brilliant!

This job site in Toronto uses shipping containers for their offices but also cut them out for the protected walkway underneath

interesting home made design that seems to have been made with pieces of vinyl wrap?

someone's great grandpa's first car that he parked here 60 years ago

I didn't realize the concept of painting a motocycle, or car, on the side of a van went back this far

the van clan had an upgrade plan

A man came home from work, and found a brand new driveway he knew nothing about.

However, he had no need for one, nor did he order it. Apparently there was a home a few doors down the street that did order the driveway though that looked very similar. When the crew came back to see if the job was up to par, they realized it was the wrong customer and it ended up costing them an estimated $8,000 Australian dollars.

The Reddit user wrote, “When the person that laid it came back to see if I was happy with the job, he realized it was the wrong address. I now have a free concrete driveway.”

the action starts at the 55 second mark

This street in Los Angeles hasn't been paved in 94 years... that industry lost the secret of making paving that lasts, as the current pothole issue proves without a doubt

Sign outside a retirement village

Thursday, January 07, 2021

the Ford vs Chevy race to dominate any and every aspect of the automotive world resulted in a lot of similar things, like the ponycars, Mustang and Camaro, the car trucks, Ranchero and El Camino, the 427 vs 427, and the wrist twist steering

1st photo is the Mercury Wrist Twist if I recall correctly, and bottom is the Chevy Turbo Titan III

oh wow, so 1968... I wonder what happened to this VW van? Hell, I wonder what it was like to be in your twenties in 1968

that is a cool painting on the van!

a lot of Americana happening in the background.. a bowling alley, radio and tv repair, Goodyear tires , movie theater, etc

have you heard of the Viper R/T 10/ CS? Carroll Shelby and Fitzgerald Motorsports, made 19 Carroll Shelby Limited Edition Viper Roadsters... even though the plan was to make 50. Seems no one needed to waste more money on a Viper for minimal gains in performance over the stock factory Viper they could buy in a dealership

this is #5, and about 25 years ago, #16 was in the San Diego Auto Museum for about a year. 

18 1995/1996 RTs were built (16 white with blue stripes, 1 blue white stripes, 1 black with gold emblem on the hood) and one 1997 GTS Shelby S/C (Street Competition) which was red with gold stripes.

Modifications were a fresh air intake and better exhaust, plus a remapped ECU, helped bump power to around 500 Hp from the stock 415.

The car was also fitted with a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio in place of the stock 3.07:1 unit, along with racing harnesses for some extra safety.

A group of Shefford UK neighbors threw an attention getting party — for a car that has remained abandoned on their street for a year. There aren't many ways to draw attention to a car that has not moved, and this is a good idea

One woman who lives across the road from where the car has been dumped, said: " It's been reported to the council several times — but the council say that the car can't be abandoned because it looks in too good condition."

Since the car has been here, George Street has been turned into a one-way road — and it is the only vehicle on the road parked facing the wrong way.

thanks Gary! 

a side street where the city practices its road painting

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

clearly, they knew a lot about making a legendary race car, but jack shit about making a ramp for loading it

canoe racks on old cars are just odd looking

Vic Sr

After the filming of Thunder Road was completed, Robert Mitchum bought the actual shoebox Ford he was driving in the movie, and had it transported back to LA!

The police cited Cleveland Browns wide receiver Rashard Higgins and guard Jedrick Wills Jr. on Tuesday morning for drag racing each other

Thanks you Mark M for the tip in the mail! I threw it into the tip jar, and it jingled and clinked, rolled around the rim, then plinged off the bottom a couple times!

Much appreciated! 

Some lyrics of Tom Petty's American Girl

 Yeah, she could hear the cars roll by

 Out on 441

 Like waves crashin' on the beach 

And for one desperate moment there

 He crept back in her memory

 God it's so painful

 Something that's so close 

And still so far out of reach 

Oh yeah, alright

Take it easy baby 

Make it last all night 

She was an American girl

Close one, but no collision!

what to do... ignore the key in the back door, try to tell the driver, or follow them to see what other people will do about the key in the back door?

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

sing along if you know the words "There will be peace in the valley, for me, O Lord I pray, there will be no sadness, no sorrow, no trouble, no trouble I see, there will be peace in the valley, ... "

sleeping peacefully for 50 years in a barn in Mayenne, it finally went up for auction last month

full story and video at

1928 onomatogram of Citroen, as the company got a Parisian jeweler to make this piece


an Onomatogram is replicating the traits of an object directly linked to the word

Delivery car for the perfumery Gallia, a Victoria electric Galliette

1906 Cadillac Model M Osceola Coupe

Ducati Puppy