Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bikers, here's the name of the magnets to trip the stop light into a green

Neodymium magnets, get a pair, install them perpendicular to the bikes longitudinal axis, parallel to the foot pegs.

When Honda only makes a 1000 of the latest and greatest, it wasn't long before thieves made it 999

Red Bull Air Racing, San Fran video

Bikers without fear, and PMC members, here's some crazy bike stunts

FYI, the MANA FREESTYLE... is soundtracked with a racist NSFW song

"Smoke tires, not drugs" kinda has a certain ring to it....

Wheelies, racing and wrecks, jump to the 47 second mark to skip the text

9.4 at 140mph in a 70 Challenger... 1000 Hp

Big recommendation of the day, "I film" drag racing clips

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One marvelous hillclimb, and fall from the top video

Barn find Ferrari Barchetta

If you like Road Runners, you'll love "Plum Floored Creations"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007