Saturday, February 06, 2021

When Ichiro Itano was 20 years old, he decided one night to strap 50 fireworks onto his motorbike, light them with a Zippo, and start speeding down his local beach at 80 miles an hour. Why? Because he was told it was dangerous.


In the midst of all the smoke, light, and sound emanating from the fireworks, the young daredevil and animator gained the inspiration for what would become one of the most iconic sequences in animation. Muraki, Masami Goto, and Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideki Anno.

The “Itano Circus,” where a single character or object maneuvers through a torrent of missiles (or lasers, body parts, etc.), all in a single shot or within a single cut of the character, often shown from the perspective of the cockpit, is one of anime’s most dynamic, stylish, and visually distinctive tropes. Itano first used the technique in the 1980 series Space Runaway Ideon, and gained even more attention for the technique when he pulled it out for 1982’s Super Dimension Fortress Macross, hence the origin of its other name, “The Macross Missile Massacre.” Muraki, Masami Goto, and Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideki Anno.

Since the 1980s, it has been one of the most copied sequences in animation, many attempting to mimic or even outdo the innovator. Itano has said that only three animators have successfully pulled off the technique: Yasushi

9900 mile 1930 Cadillac, snapped up in the 40's by a museum, and kept in museums ever since - and no one wanted to do something to keep the paint from deteriorating Thanks Doug!

have you heard of Wham Bam Tesla Cam? It's the American version of Russian dash cam vids from what I can tell, showing just what a mess it is out there past your front door. They post a weekly episode compilation of the most interesting car security cam footage is the link to the channel

bugs on a clothesline, in Brazil, in primary colors

the Jorge Nicolini private museum and restoration center, in Peru. He was a go cart racing champion, and his father and uncles were the reps for Packard and Mack trucks in Peru

his first car was a 1925 Lincoln that was being used as a 40 year old taxi, in Peru... he saw it driving by and was struck that he had to have it. We all know that compulsive desire to own some car at some time in our youth.

Next he bought a Model T from up in the Andes mountains, won a contest for best preseved oldest Ford, where the prize was a 1965 Taunus, which he sold and bought 10 old cars with

 In 2002 he opened the museum of the cars he'd stored for so long, because the conditions of the countries government did not allow him to open a museum previously,  to show the Peruvians and the foreigners the cars that were in Peru, how people lived in Peru in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and to which Peruvian families these cars belonged to 

and Petrolicious made a feature article about it  if you want to read more

act now to sell some diamond mines, left arms, or kidneys so you can buy this incredible 1967 Mustang modified by Holman & Moody into an “FIA Spec” road racer... at a cost of 24k in 1972 dollars

I didn't know that Ford built Mustangs in Peru. Did you? 
Sure it makes sense, save on shipping cars to South America, but this is the first I've heard of it, unless I've forgotten it.

So this car was owned by the wife of a car racer, who was the son of a car racer... and she'd been driving it for 4 years when her husband decided to send it to North Carolina, in crates, so that Holman & Moody would make it a full crazy race car. 

It was then that the military dictatorship running Peru became a problem to be avoided. As it was when trying to ship the car back to Peru after it was upgraded and tested at Road Alanta

upgrades included a full period TA-spec rear clip mated to a period NASCAR super speedway front clip, Holman-Moody Talladega Super Speedway front suspension with 3.5 inch wide drum brakes and dual shocks, Bud Moore Nascar heads, and whatever else H&M could throw at it.

 Toughness and reliability were paramount, as evidenced by multiple shocks on each corner, easy-to-service four-wheel drum brakes, supremely heavy-duty bits like double-center wheels, and stout coolers for the gearbox and differential.

When the car was completed, Galjuf flew to Road Atlanta for a shakedown test with the H&M crew (bill was even held onto...!)

Once the Mustang was shipped back to Peru and reassembled, Galjuf raced it extensively and successfully for a few years in Peru, Mexico, and Argentina

All of this came to an end, however, when his friend was killed in a similar car. He parked it, then sold it to another racer, after that, it was in the Museo Del Automovil Colección Nicolini in Lima Peru, the biggest car museum in South America and where 97% of the cars were obtained in Peru, which also has a workshop and restoration dept, a staff of 10, and one detailer that services 3 cars a day, so ech car is detailed once every 6 weeks

Ford has shifted focus from it's heritage v8 Mustang, the fundamental Ford legacy car, to this electric thing it put the Mustang name on. Now Ford is trying to suck up to women by having a tshirt challenge, instead of something useful, like free daycare, or hiring women to be sales and service dept leaders so female customers get treated better.

Ford did get some pure talent on board by hiring Misty Copeland though

None of this changes the fact that this electric car ain't ever going to be a real Mustang, will never look as good as a mid 60's Mustang, or sound as good, or appeal to real Mustang fans.

Nor will this tshirt nonsense bring about an honest change in dealerships who take advantage of women who typically aren't as savvy with the scams in the service departments and with avoiding the bullshit sales tactics when buying a car

This is just a marketing virtue signal ploy that does nothing to connect in a meaningful way with women, minorities, or ballerinas

Friday, February 05, 2021

drivers ed, way, way back when

cars, trucks, and tractors in a showroom, and gas pumps outside... quite the place to stop at to get caught up on the newest Fords

a moment for a machine shop project

huh, what if Tesla bought GM... just to simplify matters and straighten out the electric car market?

Tesla is now worth more than the combined market capitalizations of the three largest legacy automakers in the world — Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Nissan, Jaguar, and Land Rover all restore their old models. Why don't they build better new models, if people love the old ones so much they'd rather sink a fortune into them, than buy a new one?

Will Ferrell commercial for the Superbowl

Surprise! Your great great grand dad knew how to inline skate... his generation invented them!

And now I also understand where Frank Baum was inspired to make that one Oz species with the feet made of wheels.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Coffee and donut video, Scott Birdsall has set a new record in the Exhibition Class for the fastest diesel-powered vehicle up Pikes Peak, with his 1949 F1, beating the diesel record set by a megabucks Mercedes-Benz factory team in 2016, with a time of 11:24.065!

Old Smokey weighs 4,400 pounds, and it's nose-heavy. 

The engine, with turbos mounted and full of fluids, weighs 1,200 pounds

above is the dash cam footage, below is the helicopter footage 

don't you hate stopping on road trips?

 because everyone you've been passing for hours, will now get ahead of you again, and you'll have to pass them all AGAIN

What fearful symmetry... In a paper entitled, It Takes Two Neurons To Ride a Bicycle, Matthew Cook mapped the path of 800 unmanned bicycles until they fell over.


a one-owner 1968 Camaro RS the widow is doing nothing with, stumbled upon by pest control

a sales rep for a pest removal service got a call about rats in a two-car garage in a South Bay suburb opened the garage and saw the classic pony car hidden within, a one-owner (deceased) 1968 Chevy Camaro RS 327. 

This Camaro was its owner's first ever car and has spent its entire life in Los Angeles.

President Biden’s new 'climate change envoy' John Kerry took a gross polluting private jet to accept a climate change leadership award in Iceland in 2019.... then defended his hypocrisy as “the only choice for someone like me.”

private jets emit up to 40 times as much carbon dioxide per passenger than commercial flights do, but, "it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle,” Kerry said in an interview with local outlet RUV. 

The private jet of John Kerry, the USA global envoy for climate change, emitted as much carbon dioxide in the past year as 36 passenger cars.

The Kerry family’s plane logged about 166 metric tons of carbon from February 9, 2020 to January 10, 2021, Fox News reported on Friday using the Paramount Business Jets emissions calculator.

The former secretary of state continued justifying his big-carbon-footprint choice of travel, saying he didn’t have time to sail the seas while clearly omitting the fact he had the option of flying commercial airlines that transport hundreds of passengers at a time.

Kerry's wife, a billionaire from inheriting the Heinz corporation money from her 1st husband (senator Heinz), owns a private charter jet company, Flying Squirrel LLC, and Kerry takes a Gulfstream private jet, everywhere, anytime he needs to go somplace that is an airport's distance away.

The Kerry family’s plane logged about 166 metric tons of carbon from February 9, 2020 to January 10, 2021, Fox News reported on Friday using the Paramount Business Jets emissions calculator.

News of the Kerry family jet’s high carbon emissions comes as Biden proposes a climate plan that could cost at least $1.7trillion. (but won't change the flying habits of private jet owners, and politicians)

Biden’s climate plan aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, which could cost millions of jobs and drop the country’s gross domestic product by trillions, according to the Heritage Foundation.

“He knows Paris alone is not enough,” Kerry told reporters at a White House press briefing, referring to Biden re-entering the US in the Paris Climate Agreement in one of his first acts as president.

“Not when almost 90 percent of all of the planet’s global emissions come from outside of US borders. We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved,” Kerry conceded.

The former secretary of state, now Biden’s climate envoy, acknowledged that it's impossible to bring the world’s top polluters to the table, including China, which produces 30 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

I have no problem with gross polluters, I own a 1969 Dodge with 3 carbs, dual exhaust, and no catalytic converters myself... but I'm fed up with hypocrites, politicians, and stupid shit that is effective but wastes trillions of dollars of American tax dollars without fixing any infrastructure, only to make billionaires and the corporations they own, richer, and ramp up the inflation and cost of living which only affects the people earning under 50k annually, renting apartments, and not getting pay raises

the new Jeep groundhog commercial (not amazing, but it is amusing)

why would the Red Cross have woodies instead of regular cars?

things happen out there, it's not a good place to get to feeling safe and comfortable

the first two minutes of the movie 5 Against the House shows a pigeon hole parking garage in Reno in 1955! Thanks Robert!

From 2:30 to 3:15

the 'Animal House' Corvette is up for sale, after having been stored since the 1978 movie finished filming

 this Chevy was purchased back in 1975 from an Oregon dealer and then loaned three years later to Universal Studios for the production of the cult classic.

After starring alongside John Belushi, Karen Allen, Kevin Bacon, and Donald Sutherland, it was returned to the possession of the rightful owner and been gathering dust in his garage ever since. That’s a barn find in its own right.

Anyways, he has decided now is the right time to part ways with the ‘Vette after the car hasn’t been driven for years; the consigners even claim its interior has been “untouched since the movie in 1978.”

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

I was so caught up in how hard it was going to be for him to get down, I didn't realize there was a camper trailer on the back of the car. Must have been a powerful car with great brakes!

Wow! Great recycle innovation of a Muffler Man!

a Keith Black Willys in 1960? That's double the cool factor, at least. I'll say it's triple, just to be on the safe side

just why?? What is there about the hood of that car that makes anyone want to use it for a bowling model shoot

actually found abandoned in the woods. Used for drug running? Getting marijuana from deep forest grows?

a couple pieces of art from Florian’s build-it-yourself Paperlegend fleet

crazy but true,to%20pay%20for%20their%20habit.

An article, apparently reproduced from a September 1998 edition of the Sunday Times:

 "In 1913, Bayer decided to stop making heroin. There had been an explosion of heroin related admissions at New York and Philadelphia hospitals, and in East Coast cities a substantial population of recreational users was reported (some supported their habits by collecting and selling scrap metal, hence the name "junkie")."

is brave, but also probably has great life insurance and kids to put through college