Saturday, September 21, 2019

and it has it's own ceiling fan installed...

Normandy Beach Race 2019, racing at at Ouistreham Beach.

far from the city noise, the rat race, the smog, the subwoofer thumps, the airliners landing at the airport, etc

everything about this is cool and late 60s early 70s... kerosene lamp, wicker baskets, double bit axe, thermos and coolers, and aluminum canoe

doesn't anyone have the brains god gave a goose, to not make a flood zone a parking lot for dealership cars?

Or the sense to haul the dealership floor jack out to the cars and lift the out of the water, stuffing some old tires under them? Unless you've got plenty of something else soft and bulky that will fit under the space a floor jack creates, to toss under the tires... and I can't think of anything a dealership has more of that is disposable...

Looks like they'll be hiring a new forklift oprerator

Result of the floods in Orihuela, Spain. 10" in 12 hours, the worst storm in 140 years.... not that the climate is changing, drastically

a sign of being raised right, because if you take care of your gear, your gear will take care of you

Friday, September 20, 2019

the bad traffic jams are when people get out of their cars and walk around for exercise after a while of sitting and not moving

Motorcycle platoon on Harley-Davidson JD-1200 with sidecar armed with Hotchkiss wz. 14 heavy machine gun from 1932.

Photo by Witczak-Witaczyński Narcyz.
Thanks Shas!

Vehicles from the 4th Squadron Armored from Brest assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Division for the duration of maneuvers. commanded by the legendary Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski.

The aforementioned the maneuvers from which this photo was taken took place between 10 August and 8 September 1932 on the territory of the Mordy estate in Siedlce County,  book page 34

Thanks Marcin!

I wonder what the South African woman was thinking would be the best outcome of driving off with a parking ticket cop, on her hood. Is there ANY possibility where that goes well for her?

A hacker by the name of Droogie decided to mess with the Automatic License Plate Reader systems that issue traffic fines. from that alone you ought to expect this backfired on him colossally

Droogie (a name Joseph Tartaro made up for himself as a teen) had decided to experiment with the "NULL" plate, after checking with California's DMV and finding it surprisingly available. "Registration went through fine," he said, "no bugs or anything," leaving him without any "high expectations of the DMV website."

“The idea was I’d get VOID for my wife’s car, so our driveway would be NULL and VOID,” Tartaro says.

He secured the plate and set out to check "is it possible to be ‘invisible’ to citations? What happens when a police officer does a search for my plate 'NULL', would it not return any data? If they file a citation, would it cause an issue?"

That first year as a NULL driver was uneventful. But when it came time to renew in 2017, the DMV website no longer accepted NULL as an option. “It broke the website,” Tartaro says. Specifically, the site told him that the license plate and vehicle identification number he had entered, knows as the VIN, were invalid. But Tartaro was still able to use a reference number to renew. He didn’t think much more of it.  Unluckily for Droogie he had provided an address for all those unassigned tickets to get sent to, $12,000 dollars worth, at first. More followed

He also didn’t think much of the ticket he got in early 2018, for not having the appropriate registration sticker on his license plate. Tartaro suspects someone scraped it off to use on their own car. He thought about fighting it, but the fine was only $35, so he decided to just pay it and move on with his life.

Then came the citations. Dozens of them, deposited in bulk to his mailbox. Parking violations, stand-stop violations, fines of $37, $60, $74, $80, from Fresno to Rancho Cucamonga. “I’ve never been to Fresno,” Tartaro says of the California city.

Nor had Tartaro gone on a statewide, parking-related crime spree. Instead, by paying that $35 ticket, it appears that a database somewhere now associated NULL with his personal information. Which means that any time a traffic cop forgot to fill in the license plate number on a citation, the fine automatically got sent to Joseph Tartaro.

The tickets were for Hondas, Toyotas, Mercedes vehicles. (Tartaro has an Infiniti.) At one point, Tartaro says, he received two tickets written at Cyprus College within hours of each other—for two different vehicles. He would have had to swap the registration during his lunch break. Worse yet, the incoming citations seemed to apply retroactively.

“I have tickets from 2014,” Tartaro adds. “I didn’t have the plate back then.”

Even through all this, Tartaro remained mostly unconcerned. The CPC was just a private company; he could keep working with the DMV to void the fines as they came in, which was an annoyance but not a catastrophe. He had successfully registered his car the previous year despite CPC citations piling up. But just days before Defcon, according to Tartaro, he says he received a notice that the California DMV would not let him renew his registration unless he actually paid some of those fines.

“Now that the DMV is enforcing these tickets that are falsified, it changes everything,” he says. “At the moment, I cannot reregister my vehicle without paying the tickets. But I can’t pay the tickets because it admits guilt, and the minute I admit that it opens me up to all the other tickets. I’m basically in a really bad situation.”

They made some strange combinations back in 1970... orange car, black decals, painted white top. Were they just seeing if the factory would ask "how high" when they were told to jump?

a Pittsburgh company with 9 duck boats is getting auctioned off piecemeal (thanks Doug!)

90 year old farmer who was almost killed by his own tractor sells entire vintage collection of 70 unrestored tractors (thanks Steve!)

Eddie Thompson, from Attleborough, amassed an impressive collection of farm vehicles, parts and tools during his career, but said he was “happy to see the back of them” as he recovers from the serious injuries he suffered in an accident in March.

His family feared for his life when he was taken to hospital with breaks to his ankles, legs, pelvis and shoulder after a 1960s Fordson Major lurched into life while he was tinkering with its starter motor in March.

The collection of 70 tractors included 55 David Brown models, with the sale highlights being two military aircraft tugs, one made in 1952 which was used on an RAF base in Germany, and one from 1942 which saw service at an East Anglian airfield during the Second World War. Those two lots alone made a total of £14,200.

The Grand Tour, season 3 episode 1 excerpt, Hammond getting his Demon ready to race

The Lunar Rover folded into a 5-foot by 20-inch package for travel to the moon. It weighed just 460 pounds unloaded, 1,500 pounds with astronauts and gear, and could travel at speeds up to 8 mph via quarter-horsepower electric motors at each wheel.

The NASA astronaut Corvettes... did you know they were dollar leases, that then went back tot he dealership after a year, and were sold to the unsuspecting public? One collector has found and bought two of them

The dollar lease program ended in 1971. As lease vehicles, the astronaut’s Vettes were returned to the dealership after a year and sold to the public with no mention of their space-related provenance.

Texas collector Danny Reed found the gold and black Corvette that belonged to Apollo 12 lunar module pilot Alan Bean and Worden’s white Corvette (above photo). The gold car has been restored and has earned NCRS awards; the white one is unrestored and shows the wear incurred while it sat in a field.

 Both were displayed at the National Corvette Museum in the months before the Apollo 11 anniversary (above photo)

42 years after selling his 442 back in 1975, he stumbled across his car and was able to buy it again, with just 20,300 miles showing on the odometer

he was driving this in high school.... ain't that nuts to consider your local high school kids driving cars this powerful?

His first car was a 1965 Chevy Impala Super Sport he purchased from a junkyard for a $1,000 cash at age 15—cash he earned working since he was 12.

Ted Taylor’s great aunt bought this Dan Gurney Edition 1968 Cougar brand new in Pasadena

“According to the Marti Report, it was ordered for dealer stock,” Taylor says. “I think she went into the dealership, liked it, and bought it.”

Taylor “always loved this car, so when she stopped driving, I bought it from her.” He drove the Cougar daily until parking it in the 1990s, where it sat until he mounted a restoration about five years ago. It’s powered by the original J-code 302 and is loaded with options like air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes.

this Cougar's original owner used to get a lot of tickets, lost his license, and the cop who wrote him most of the tickets bought the car

Dann Allen spent years looking for a car similar to the Dark Ivory Metallic 1969 Cougar four-speed he has as a teen.

 In Chicago he found one and then some: a Dark Ivory Metallic four-speed Cougar with a ram-air 428 Cobra Jet V-8 and a convertible top, one of seven built that way per his Marti Report.

The previous owner had it for almost 30 years, “so it had good documents,” Allen says. One more document turned up during the car’s restoration when a UAW voting guide, dated May 1969, was found under the car’s carpet.

the closer we get to a movies release, the better the preview trailers get

Thursday, September 19, 2019

More underwater vehicles... hell, at this pace, maybe some real progress will be made at reducing polluted lakes and rivers!

An Arizona Game and Fish Department crew member found a rattler taking refuge in a wheel while up in the mountains

new rule!

Time for a new law.... any cop, sheriff, police, trooper, or patrolman caught on dashcam not stopping at a stop sign or stoplight, not using a turn signal, speeding, etc etc
gets EVERY ticket they EVER wrote for that summarily retroactively dismissed.

If they are going to break some law they wrote tickets for? Then OBVIOUSLY it was not some law that law enforcement officer felt mattered.

Same thing goes for serious stuff, like DUI, cops get busted for DUI, and then anyone they ever arrested for DUI gets their record thrown out. Even gets out of jail.

See how simple that is? Bad cop - no donut. No conviction record showing all those ticket quotas met, in fact, the cop's stats get a lot worse the more the cop is caught on video breaking laws.

That's right, cop breaks the law, everyone they busted for that gets cleared, gets their fines returned, gets their cars out of impound.

Suddenly, we get a system where cops ARE FORCED TO OBEY THE LAWS

and know what else is good? We citizens get to vote for the law to get made, and we drastically outnumber the police. Police don't get a choice in the matter

A Pennsylvania car collector had just sold this '26 Ford, and was retrieving it from his storage unit on Tuesday when it was demolished in a T-bone crash

Police said Long was on Washington Street at Reed Street when a car driven by another man pulled into the Model T's path. After colliding with the sedan, the antique vehicle was pushed into a third vehicle.

Long said the Model T's buyer, whom he did not identify, was driving behind him and witnessed the accident, and took home a similar, but unwrecked car, instead.

lovin' the nose art of The Turtle, "P2V-1" Lockheed Neptune, came out in 1946 after the war was over

The third P2V-1, named the TRUCULENT TURTLE, was stripped down, fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks plus an extended nose, and set an unrefueled long distance flight record in September 1947. The TURTLE flew from Perth, Australia, to Columbus, Ohio, with a crew of four Navy officers and a young kangaroo, covering 18,089.3 kilometers (11,235.6 miles) in 55 hours 17 minutes. This record stood until 1962, when an Air Force B-52H flew non-stop from Okinawa to Madrid, Spain, a distance of 20,177 kilometers (12,532.3 miles). The TURTLE is now on display at the US Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

The Neptune handled well on takeoff and landing, could climb rapidly for an aircraft of its configuration, and had good single-engine performance. It had a top speed of 485 KPH (300 MPH) and a range of 6,650 kilometers (4,130 miles). The interior was comfortable by the standards of military aircraft of the time, reducing crew fatigue on long ocean patrols. The flight surfaces of the aircraft were fitted with alcohol de-icers, and the wings could provide flotation for a time if the aircraft were ditched at sea.

Cool photo

If you're going to make a commercial, with no purpose, that isn't selling your product, but has a ton of cool old cars? This would probably be it

Several of VW vans, scooters, minis, VW Bugs, and the blue Lotus... most of them show up several times, instead of having to borrow or rent more cars, they used the same ones a couple times, like the Pink 54 Chevy

unusual looking tractor tug, the David Brown aircraft tractor