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Pharr, Texas had no fire department and no equipment until Pershing passed through looking for Pancho Villa and brought down hose reels with them. When WWI started up, they left those hose reels behind

Willock Swivel-Frame Power Wagon, one of about 6 known to exist of the 49 made

some amazing and rare snowmobiles will be on display at the Volo Museum beginning Dec 26th

these are just a couple, the following posts are more, that will all be a special exhibit at the Volo.

See them all at

1968 Sno Ghia by De Tomaso

1968 Arctic Cat Panther, with factory optional side pipes

rare Montana pipes for Cat owners in the high altitudes, over 6 thousand feet, because they needed higher performance (of course) and the chrome exhaust came with carb mods and clutch work

side by side seating 1980 Ski Doo Elite


1929 Ford A Super Snow Bird

This lightweight 8 wheeler was available with 10", 12" or 15" wide tracks. (our truck wears the 15" tracks). It could travel 35 miles per hour. With no body, the lightened vehicle easily traversed deep snow and overcame 5' drifts. It was a favorite of utility workers, doctors and mailmen.

1970 Sno Pac Scatback, made for Green Bay Packer fans

The Sno Pack was produced in Green Bay, WI in 1970 by Leisure-Mor Incorporated as Scatback 20 and Scatback 26 models. They utilized both Kohler and Sachs motors. It is rumored that they were made for the Green Bay Packer football players.

The Scatback models appear to be identical to the 1970 Buzz Ski Zoom, made in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada.

The Hubert Chantrey Brough Superior, from the last known collection of unrestored Brough Superiors

The Flugboot, the flying boat of the Nazis, there was only one, that's why we've never heard of it

German sources, based in part on the testimony of nearby inhabitants and Blohm & Voss employees, claim that the BV 238 V1 was discovered by the RAF between 23 April and 26 April 1945

The Allies were reportedly concerned that Adolf Hitler could use it to escape to South America, and so an attack followed shortly afterwards, and on May 4th they staffed it and sank it

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very early roller skates

there is a plethora of new car shows, here's one on the Discovery en Espanol, cleverly called Mexicanicos

One of the above is an original 1930 hearse, the other is the first of many replicas built on an F150 chassis, built for the largest funeral home chain in Mexico.

Just when you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to extreme automotive design, Discovery en Espanol introduces MEXICANICOS, a series starring renowned restorer and mechanic Martin Vaca, who has spent more than 50 years transforming the world's most astonishing limousines.

Filmed entirely in Guadalajara, Mexico, MEXICANICOS will air on Discovery en Espanol Mondays at 10PM E/7PM P starting November 9 as part of the 'Lunes de motores' programming block, and on the Discovery Channel in Mexico starting November 10.

Whether it's repairing, transforming or building a brand new limousine, hearse or hot rod in his Guadalajara workshop, no project is too big for Martin Vaca and 'Vaca Limousines,' one of Mexico's largest conversion workshops for customized hearses and limousines.

 If it has wheels and an engine, we'll take on the challenge."  

Alabama barn find Daytona, 20000 miles

some memes just nail it

perfect advertising idea

the Bergundy Baron, a backwards racing 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Story is that Les Schwenk bought it in 65, but had so many warranty problems with he decided to make a very unusual drag racer of it. He turned the body around, and its now going down the quarter mile forever backwards

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cool looking Charger from Australia

1933 Oshkosh -TR 4X4 EarthMover

this is cool... bringing an IH back from the dead, the cab at least

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a great example of making what you want if you can't buy it

Chevrolet's Corvair Monza SS Junior

1958 Aston Martin DB 2/4 found on Cuba

Aston Martin informed Jonathan that it was one of two built with the race-spec engine, and its file for the car simply contained one index card with "Cuba?" scrawled on it.

When you just know

one of the rare service stickers

Uber compared to taxi rides, in Toronto... educational... seems taxis are subcontracted, and the company isn't responsible for anything that happens to you in that cab. Huh. Nor, are taxi cabs rated, reviewed, or critiqued by passengers, or searchable online by potential customers to see how they have been reviewed by past customers

Points out a lot of the reasons taxis aren't going to last... they suck, at everything. Uber drivers though, get reviewed, and those reviews are available before ever getting in a particular vehicle. 

I just learned something about trucks, Napco... Northwest Auto Parts Company, made 4 x 4 conversion kits for GMC, Chevy, and Fords, because the factories didn't offer 4x4 trucks (Dodge was making them in the 40s, hence, Power Wagons wor WW2 Army use)

by 1957 GM was installing them at the factory, and finally in the 60s made their own.

If you like trucks, this is one of 51 cool trucks that Popular Mechanics put together ijn a list with no rankings, no this is better than that, just a cool bunch of trucks. All of them. Well done

Tanfield in County Durham, UK has a steam railway at the rear of the engine sheds, and what is left of old carriages and engines that have rotted away over the years.

the ninety or so consequential families of V8 engines ranked according to ascending displacements.

1932 Böhmerland 600cc

The duplex frame is made from tubular steel with vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars and resembles a drag bike frame from the 1980’s. Basic but strong in design its sheer length had enough space for a uniform dual seat behind the motor and a third seat above the rear wheel.

The main frames suspension consisted of a rigid tail section that was part of the main frame member and not a secondary piece. As such to make both steering and ride quality up to the high standards he set Liebisch had to create a unique and complex front end. The fork used tubular triangular blades with internal reinforcement elements that were welded to cross bridges. Short horizontal arms and the lower ends of the strong vertical springs were attached to the lower parts of the blades. The cantilever design mean both leading arms and the yoke were effectively sprung allowing for maximum control of the front wheel.

The single cylinder displaced some 598cc making it not unlike the thumper engines of KTM and Honda, where things get crazy is the bore and stroke ratio with a massive 120mm stroke and slim 79.8mm bore.  via