Saturday, July 01, 2023

This 1970 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet pace car is one of just five produced in total for American Raceways International to serve as a pace car at Michigan International Speedway events.

it was found under a tarp in 1990, and restored

I went to the nearest public scale to weigh my car, it was at EDCO, a company in waste collection, disposal, and recycling business... and the first dumptruck they started the business with is parked in front with respect

I went out and played with my old car today, (jfcoac those drum brakes are useless) to get the "before upgrade" info

it turns out that with a full tank of gas, it weighs 4200 pounds

in this photo you can see 4 splotches of white paint where I hauled it down from 60 mph, it was surprisingly consistant, as the 3 marks on the far right oh the photo show that on the last two stops it was inches different. 

I used 60 mph as the speed for the brake test based on what I remembered from the care reviews, and a 2018 Charger, for a similar car example, stopped in 102 feet. and weights 4060 pounds curb weight, also very similar

So, I measured these distances, and since 3 of the 4 tests were nearly identical, I'll ignore the one, and let you know that at best, this 69 Dodge R/T stops in 220 feet, when carefully only using brakes, in neutral, without letting the tires lock up. 

Being curious, I then tested my commuter, a 2015 Hyundai Veloster Rally, as it's as close to the best modern tires, disc brakes, suspension, and soft compound tires with ABS made I suppose, oh, sure, anything 5 times more expensive might stop 10 feet shorter, Corvettes, Porsches, etc, but, for a 25k priced car, I think it does quite well. It stopped in 90 feet. 

These tests aren't the most scientifically conducted, I used a speed limit sign as the marker to start putting on the brakes, and opened the door and reached down with a can of underground utility marker spray paint to mark where it stopped... but these are decently done to see what the brakes can do in a panic stop situation, and I hope you test yours too... or if you're in a car club, get the whole gang together and use this testing to see who needs to adjust, upgrade, etc their tires or brakes 

I hadn't seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in decades, it was better than I remembered

After its movie appearance, the car spent years stored in Japan before being bought from a Christchurch dealer by New Plymouth builder Mike Brouwers two years ago.

Ford tri plane

June banners had a pretty good variety

Thursday, June 29, 2023

the epitome of play stupid games, win stupid prizes  this idiot does the "my car drives soooo slow that I can get out, walk, sit, do push ups, then get back in... except he forgot one thing (or fakes it convincingly to try and get a video to go viral that no one would care about for any other reason) it's that the door would lock when driving over 8 mph (my car does this, many do, to prevent car jacking, car doors will lock when you start driving so no one can walk up to your car at a stop and open your door)

Maybe, I was wrong. Maybe that isn't as stupid, as this macho moron, who brought a gun he wasn't going to use, to a bus fight that the bus driver CERTAINLY WAS going to use, and the bus driver won that fight, by about 15 tons.

I think we can see from that, it's better to have a bus, than a gun, AND, don't start shit you can't win. 

there once was enough demand for a clock in a car, that the aftermarket started selling ones that would lock onto your steering column, as dash mounting was much more of an involved process

 I suppose at the time, clocks and watches were just barely becoming affordable for blue collar workers, just before widespread use of electricity made mass production cheap and simple

in the movie RRR (incredible dance scene by the way) they had a great little green car, 1931 Austin 7

great motorcycle, a BSA M20

and this scene had an incredible motorcycle repair alley