Saturday, April 29, 2017

actress Anne Harding really loved her 1929 Cord L29, her house in Hollywood at Pyramid Place had such a small driveway though, she had a turn table installed

Rudy Vallee bought the house from her in 1939

if you can't make out the turntable, here is a similar one

Elon Musk has a boring company... really. He wants to start digging tunnels underground

A boring machine showed up at SpaceX headquarters near Los Angeles where it will soon begin to bore some test tunnels, and Musk shared a brief video at TED showing how he hopes to help cities dig their way under and around gridlock.

I'm hoping he will be using it to get high speed transit line pushed through whatever mountain ranges and hills get in the way of making a monorail from LA to NY, Seattle to San Diego

Musk first introduced the world to his tunnel idea in December, when he got caught in one of Los Angeles's notorious traffic jams. Frustrated, he sent out a tweet promising to buy a tunnel boring machine and "just start digging."

Can he pull off making a new high speed rail? Maybe. So far he has accomplished some very difficult and complicated things, like making a car company that competes with Detroit and launching re-usable rockets into orbit and landing them.

the first and easiest problem to see that he;ll need to overcome is the hole in the road left when his elevator takes a car down. Obviously, that's not going to be accepted by any govt in the world. Might as well realize right now that anyone using this system will be paying a fortune to get out of the rat race, and into the new system... and so they'll most likely be driving to a parking garage, and then swiping a credit card. Then they can proceed.

I doubt this has any chance of going anywhere though, getting the US Govt or any other to issue a mining permit and then using it for transportation? Hell, too much govt red tape with the DOT (department of transportation) and potential for disaster or transfer of goods without going through customs/border patrol... see what I mean? Nice idea, at best, but lets get Musk focused back on some needed transportation issues, like high speed rail in the USA.

I bet no one living there has any idea it ever flooded that high

nice Chrysler Royal woody

a few nice woodies at Doheny. There were fewer cars than I thought for a 20th anniversary with perfect weather

1920s Los Angeles.... why did they leave the steering wheel in them?

too bad these are rarely seen in the USA

Looks like BMW is going for an Isetta 600 crossbred with a panda

nice matched woody and boat

How about that, a boat and it's factory matching trailer. I dig that. I've never heard of Kelson Boats before though

you know I love cool old outboards and original vintage touches like the sales and service stickers, right? It's rare to see them on bikes, motorcycles, scooters etc, but those are the only things I've seen these type of stickers on

nice Plymouth woody, not special in any particular way, but appealing to me. The paint color and wood color sure are nice

might not be the right colors for So Cal or Florida beaches, but I'd love to see this buzzing around backwoods roads in Northern Wisconsin, Michigan, or Minnesota hauling around a Chris Craft runabout

sweet Merc Monterey woody wagon

1941 Plymouth woodies, rough and restored - compared. The unrestored one was far more interesting to look at. The vintage stuff on it that a restoration removes is fantastic. 200 are known to exist, 3 were at Doheny today

the back of the restored ones is full of seats, and there was no point in photographing the back of them

F1 woodie truck

Where does the "Sea Country" script come from? Country Squire and something else maybe

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