Friday, June 28, 2019

Coffee and donuts video

oh for pete's sake

recording a race, now, with a 1968 Super 8 home movie camera, makes for a weird, but vintage, looking movie

that lack of image stabilization is real obvious now that we've gotten used to it

long winters and lots of time to tinker with cheap parts, and welders

go big, or go home

Russell Sutton’s 14 Cylinder Yamaha XV radial engine has progressed a lot from being designed and engineered from scratch to nearly complete

a twin row, 14 cylinder radial engine utilizing 14 cylinders and heads from a Yamaha Warrior XV 1700, fitted to a crankcase and internal components designed, cast, machined and fitted, all from scratch. Should make about 500 horsepower or so and he's building it for the best reason of all, he simply wanted to.

it might get finished in a year or two, as he started this in 2013, but there has been zero new coverage since 2017 on Facebook, you tube, zip zero nada

just because it's only cgi doesn't mean a thing... someone drew up a new Henderson that was what they might have made in 1930

first time I've seen a plane match engine rpm to recording frame rate, or vice versa

the cargo train would have been all right if that passenger train hadn't come along and made things worse!

Don't know what will happen next, but I doubt it's going to be dry, or solving the problem. I'm guessing it's gonna go from bad to worse. After all... that Jeep is just fine where it is, sorta like when your parents ask what you did to get into trouble... until you answer - you ain't gonna get punished, but the clock is sure as hell ticking

Just gathering dust in Toronto

this gross polluter has missed his calling, to lay down a smoke cloud for the Batmobile

and 9 hours later, after posting these, I realize I really could have done some good this morning by getting out of my car, grabbing my portable fire extinguisher, and going in front of him and emptying the whole damn bottle all over and into his truck.

Then tell him, "Hey, your truck was on fire" even though you and I both know he's just too broke and lazy to get the engine rebuilt. I know what it is to not have the money to rebuild an engine, mine has been sitting in a garage for 17 years.

But to then drive the damn thing? And smog the whole damn city? That's just lazy or stupid, or miserable and malicious.

a Mopar OEM 2.75 inch dual mode exhaust system allows the motor to roar when being driven hard, while being a little quieter when gently used or slowly cruising at low idle

The sound of these exhaust systems on the 2015-2016 Challenger and Charger Scat Packs, and Hellcats, has become one of the simplest features to envy since the Ferrari or Lamborghini wide open exhaust when the pedal is floored.

a pair of electronic valves located near the rear of the vehicle to control the level of the exhaust noise. At idle and in light throttle situations, the valves are in their closed position to keep sound levels down. This also helps to reduce “drone” when cruising on the highway, but when you put the hammer down, the valves open and the exhaust gets a whole lot louder.

I expect a person could weld in the exhaust flaps, then wire the controllers onto any muscle car and go from a purr to a roar at will, or on command.

Just a thought.

Or maybe some company has already made such a thing, for inline with the mufflers, as I already know that there are weld on y pipes to dump all the exhaust before the mufflers for drag racing, to pick up 10-20 horsepower on the fly when off city streets

on the way to work, this was the view while I waited for ANOTHER round of green lights to come, as this traffic jam prevented me from taking a left turn and making progress

Those dirt haulers sure do take up a lot of space between stop lights, and nobody there, blocking the intersection for a couple minutes while other people had a green light, seemed to feel awkward and ashamed of being the problem

say hello to my leaky little friend.

see the shiny metal mesh area to the left of the brass color disc? That is where gas from a regular gas station ate away old diaphragm material on my Holley 4144-1 (middle carb of the Mopar Holley Six Pack installed on Road Runner and Super Bees)

So, if you're leaking gas from the front right bottom side of your Holley, and it's puddling on your intake... this is probably the culprit

the road to Altamont music festival 1969

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I learn a little something every day, and this little thing was powered by a Mercury outboard engine, and went 141 mph!

Dick Beith in his H/Streamliner off to attempt a record set at 144.36 mph. Unfortunately, the swoopy minicar’s 44 cu in Mercury outboard engine topped out at 141.50.

this is 1964

If anyone knew just how utterly true this is, it was Evel

possible solution for any county or city roads full of potholes? Hire manual labor from the unemployed. Why? Well, it's working in India!

— To bridge India’s infrastructure gaps, the government has raised public investment in roads, railways, rural development, power, telecom, housing, and “soft” areas of health care and education, creating work opportunities for an estimated seven million workers, at wages that are 70 percent higher than for average farm workers. In addition to creating jobs, there is some evidence of investment in power and roads infrastructure triggering growth in the non-farm economy in key states.

Mountain roads are still not paved, are so damaged by frost heaves and rain caused streams of water that erode the dirt roads, and have only a marginal improvement over horse drawn cart paths. THe bridges are often quick assembly military metal bridges that only last one summer, as the winter and the heavily laden cargo trucks wear them down

Due to the dirt and sharp rock roads, the tire repair workers stay busy though

If watching this is entertaining, there's a tv show on Amazon Prime I'll recommend, Hot Roads, The World's Most Dangerous Roads , because this is on the Manahli-Leh Highway in the Himalayas

It has gull wings and 6 tires, and seems to be a mic of the Phantom Corsair and an armored truck... oh, and it's a kids super hero - show car from "Legacy of the Silver Shadow"

Four ordinary kids face the extraordinary fact that a superhero really did exist in their city, and this was his car

Thanks SingerFluidMosaicist!

El Pacero! (thanks Mario!)

there is an off road privately owned dirt jump racing heaven in Idaho that's got it's own tv show on Amazon now, called Mountain Mafia... It's got too much commentary though

a lot of the coverage of the event is on youtube also.

If you watch it on Amazon Prime, I recommend you skip episode 1 of the 2018 event

1938 Diamond T Texaco tanker found in New Zealand

Stolen in the fall of 1963, this Jag was finally found 50 years later, under a workbench in Connecticut, without the body. Last month at Bonham’s Greenwich Concours d’Elegance Auction, they sold it for 12k

This belonged to a young guy who left it at home when he went to college, and it was stolen while he was at school... and only just turned up.

The parts that can be traced were left here, under the work bench... the body, seats, etc that are missing, went to someone willing to steal a car in order to get them

Mike Ghia's T3 Syncro Lightweight SWB, 9 years in the making, revealed at Busfest 2018, is about as close to making your own Unimog as it probably gets (thanks Steve!)