Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ugliest Ferrari I've ever seen..who the hell thought this was a good idea? A damn station wagon hatchback? Stupid

a really big bug was the coolest thing I saw today

Ferrari and F1

Ferrari has been the only team to compete in every F1 season since 1950, it has also won more championships than any other, McLaren is in 2nd place

Since the first F1 race (Gran Prix at Silverstone in 1950) wealthy racers have used it as a hobby... count, prince, and marquis have been in front of several names in the early days. But seriously, it was a hobby for them. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Count Giannino Marzotto thought Ferraris too heavy and too slow, so he made his own, using Ferrari chassis and powertrain and radical notions of improving aerodynamics.

he started with a Ferrari 212 Export Berlinetta engine mounted on a 166 Touring Barchetta. At least, that is what the translated text seems to say at

This absolute one-off legend is the result of a collaboration between Carrozzeria Fontana and sculptor Franco Reggiani, which was commissioned by owner and racing driver Count Giannino Marzotto in an attempt to one-up Ferrari in the 1951 racing season. The objective was to create a more aerodynamic and streamlined body, and the result was the affectionately nicknamed ‘Uovo’, or egg.

While the design may have divided opinion in the pits, once on track it was clear that this 166 was a serious adversary, competing in events all over Italy and slowly proving its worth to Ferrari. After its retirement in the mid-1950s, the car was owned by a succession of owners until 1986, when it was returned to its mother country and hidden under lock and key, being seen only briefly while on display at the Museo Enzo Ferrari.

All smart people know, when you start to spin, and you're going nowhere but deeper in mud, stop. This moron didn't get the memo

This dumbass needs a quick lesson in how to get unstuck.... here, skip the first minute

or use the log method. Log method does NOT fail

Just another day in Russia

"shower thoughts" a Facebook thing that brings up some very good facts that are rarely thought about

a good idea, even today, with the change of just leaving a post it note on the side window, or copier paper under the windshield

Peter Hagberg, of New York, went to a car dealership last week in hopes of crossing off the final item on his bucket list, purchasing a Ford Mustang GT convertible.

While Hagberg was car shopping he opened up to the car salesmen about his health struggles. The West Herr dealership responded by selling Hagberg his dream car at cost.

Days later, the West Herr auto dealership group -- 23 dealerships in all –- gave Hagberg and his wife, Jane, a check for $5,000 to help cover medical costs and pay for a road trip in the Mustang to visit their grandchildren in Maine and Pennsylvania.

“I was blown away,” Hagberg said. “It restored my faith in people.”

James Raymond is the sales manager told ABC News that he and a fellow salesman knew immediately they wanted to help Hagberg even more.

“We were both looking at each other saying, ‘We need to go a step further,’” Raymond recalled. “We were in awe of his spirit and his personality.”

Reynolds reached out to Matt Lasher, West Herr’s marketing director and the dealership donated $5000.

“We were definitely touched by Peter’s story and wanted to do something special and allow him to go on a road trip and see his family and take full advantage of his car,” Lasher told ABC News. “We wanted to surprise him.”

Raymond added, “What we did is small compared to the battles that Mr. Hagberg faces everyday.”

the million mile 2007 Tundra... Toyota has got to be happy with this accomplishment

Victor Sheppard averages over 125,000 miles per year, resulting in over one million miles logged on the odometer of his 2007 Toyota Tundra.

According to Toyota, Sheppard covers this insane amount of miles thanks to regular trips between his home in Louisiana to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Virginia for work. Surprisingly, the truck carries the original engine and transmission, along with the same paint from the factory. (Similarly, a 600k Toyota Prius taxi made the news )

 Not much in the way of major maintenance was required, aside from regular maintenance including timing belts, oil changes, and the automaker’s scheduled checkups. After breaching the seven-figure mark, Sheppard calculated the 2007 Tundra visited the dealer 117 times over the past nine years.

The Tundra is an invaluable source of longevity and reliability insight for the Toyota, already renowned for reliable and long lasting trucks.

Toyota handed him the keys to a brand-new 2016 Toyota Tundra in exchange for his Tundra so they can disassemble it and have engineers examine every component of the truck from bumper to bumper. Toyota hopes to incorporate the information gleaned from the weatherbeaten truck into future product development.

A series of photos shot by Laurent Nivalle last year, found on Southsiders blog

Thursday, May 12, 2016

best photos of 2014

Notice the manufacturers license plate, and the pair of signs on either side of the rear engine grill, that say "you've been passed by a TUCKER" . I've never seen those anywhere before