Saturday, August 21, 2010

Speedometer I've never come across before, a windspeed indicator mounted to the hood trim on a 40's Chevrolet

I bet it works as a bug deflector like the green one I photographed as well as a speedometer

CITY car club did something at the Xman's Cruise tha tI haven't seen at a car show before, themed bike displays

There were 2 of the 1950 Taylor Tot stollers at the Cruise for the Cause car show, one restored to original look, one has the full custom paint design

Antenna balls that ought to get together and have little antenna ball babies

Both of these were on classic 1950's or earlier cars

What kharma is represented by driving a Volvo?

Another cool local place that stands out because they decorated the outside of their business with wheeled things

For the other business I ran across last weekend that has a stagecoach, 1920's work truck, and a 1800's wagon:

Happy Centennial birthday Hunt Special... the only full size automobile that has been built in San Diego

these are the largest size tires ever factory installed according to the docents at the Nethercutt Museum
Did the Hunt brothers, who only made this one vehicle, feel the need to plaster their name all over it for posterity to remember them? Or so they would gain local recognition and drum up business?

It's part of the J Cooley collection on permanent display at the Cooley Museum in San Diego at the corner of Park and El Cajon blvd.
For my previous post on the Cooley Museum:
this was nicknamed "Alkali Ike" early in it's use, for a silent film star.

the March April issue of the Horseless Carriage Gazette has a full article on it, with photos of the original build, and the find and restoration of the Hunt.. it was stored for 45 years in a barn in Mexico

"Rule number one" and "I'm not speeding"

the Humboldt Wholesale bus... with the funky cool paint, and the VW kombi grafted to the roof

Cool paint style, and I love that the colors and designs start on the VW and flow down onto the bus.

What is this license plate?

Tamarlane has a great question no one has answered yet, what is the Monopoly race car based on? An early Indy car? A streamlined lakes racer?

From for info on the games pieces, according to the following link the design changed several times over the years anyway:

The Mullin museum is finally open, but only two days a month, on a reservation basis

The above is one of two made, the other is unrestored. A commisioned painting of it by Nicola Wood is posted here:

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Here's one amazing car from the Mullins collection, a Hispano-Suiza woody!