Saturday, November 11, 2017

interesting fire pit idea

cool Harley in the Coker booth

one hell of a painting on this hood

Bagses? We done need no steenken bagses!

to all those other veterans (sorry animal drs!) who put in the duty days, the port and stupid shifts, the many days awake in a row, and the early wake-ups just to wait around all day

But we slugged it all out. There were a lot of boring days, stacks of paper work, and cans of shoe polish, and then we got out of boot camp! Ha! I kill at the comedy open mike nights!

And we eventually got our discharges, now we get to swap stories and reminisce about those years when we were teens and twenties and decided to wear a uniform instead of sitting in colleges racking up student debt.

So - compliments to you vets, thanks for your service, and I hope you got treated well when you hit the civilian world. 

69 Charger by BBT Fabrications

Wyo Tech had a couple cool trucks in their booth, and this one is pretty cool looking with the panel and lace paint

the Absorber booth this year was another smashing success... how Chuck gets the AMBR winning car AND the Ridler winner? I've no idea. Damn, he has pull!

Friday when the Packard was needed for other stuff, Chuck got the Ridler winner

Not often a Studebaker gets into SEMA...

the Grand Prix of Scottsdale is on it's 3rd year!

this is one beautiful car... would you expect anything less from a blank check build by Troy Trepanier?

More than 300 applications were submitted for the 2017 SEMA Battle of the Builders contest, which were whittled down to the Top 40, then the Top 12

The last 3 cars in contention for the top prize wereTroy Trepanier’s 1929 Ford Model-A Tudor sedan, Alan Johnsons 1932 Ford Tudor and Troy Ladd's AMBR winning  1936 Packard roadster

'72 Datsun 510 widebody grabbed my attention, made by Chris Forsberg

Heard of the rock group Twenty One Pilots? (and then try to figure out where the name came from? Poof, down the rabbit hole of trivia)

the name comes from a dark play by Arthur Miller... All My Sons. Arthur Miller who married Marilyn Monroe, and whose son in law is Daniel Day-Lewis. Monroe acted in the  movie The Misfits which Miller wrote the screen play

All My Sons is about a man who caused the death of twenty-one pilots during World War II, because he knowingly sent them damaged aircraft engine cylinder heads for Curtiss P-40 Warhawks from his factory to the Army, for the good of his business and welfare of his family.

Damn, that's a dark effing premise for a play!

It opened on Broadway in Jan 1947, closed in Nov 1949 and ran for 328 performances.
It was directed by Elia Kazan, who is noted for drawing out the best dramatic performances from his actors, and he directed 21 actors to Oscar nominations.

Kazan directed a string of successful films, including A Streetcar Named Desire (written my Miller), On the Waterfront, and East of Eden, an during his career, he won two Oscars as Best Director, three Tony Awards, and four Golden Globes.

The play was made into a movie in 1948 with Edward G Robinson as the lead

Fwiw, Twenty One Pilots has 4 damn good hit songs
Tear in my heart,
Heavy Dirty Soul
the above video with Stressed Out
and Heathens

the Engle Borthers made a new cool little stoller

maybe you remember the ones from the past couple of years?

Jeff Allen's 63 Falcon, it's a lot of 2014 Mustang GT and some 1963 Falcon. I like the Falcon part. Seems to me that you've made a cool car if you start with a falcon and upgrade everything until you beat Mustangs, but if you reskin a stang, and make it look like a Falcon? You missed the point of cool old cars

makes me wonder why he wasn't at all the race tracks, with this, competing in the OUSCI events to prove he built the ultimate street / strip car.