Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy holidays, and merry chistmas everyone

I believe the above image was taken by Scooter McRad last year, and is one of the best hot rod Xmas photos I've come across

Idiot who drove around the police barrier because he thought his Porsche could make it regardless of the flood level river running over the road

The next moron at least didn't risk a Porsche at the next road crossing the valley, same result though
The San Diego River floods over these 2 roads, and one more I didn't bother photographing, every year when the rain storm hits for more than one day. This happens a couple times minimum every rainy season. No one is shocked that the police put up these ribbon barriers and try in this minimulist way to keep people from trying to drive across the river.
PMC head honcho was taking photos near Fashion Valley Mall:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stars and their cars, post 1940's

No doubt you recognize James Garner
Here are Jack Benny, Rochester, and the Maxwell

Why is Elvis messing with a Messerschmitt?

Yikes, those aren't good looking glasses

Sean Connery and a Sunbeam Alpine that was his to use during a movie he was making

I hope you recognize Roy Rodgers, I doubt anyone has an unkind word to say about Roy... and he went 107 in a Chrysler station wagon on Bonnevile!

North by Northwest, Cary Grant and below Eva Marie Saint

Mick Jagger

Ringo Starr and a Facel Vega

Jackie Gleason and Buick, they sponsored the Honeymooners, and he spent all day on the assembly line building himself one

top photo from

Jackie spent time on the Linden NJ assembly line babysitting and building this Buick all the way

if you've never seen an Isetta pulling a trailer, you aren't alone, they probably never have, but if they could they'd pull Airstreams, right?

I hope that made you laugh... I'd love to have an Isetta, and an Airstream, and put that little bimmer on nitro and pull that Airstream


Would you store a one of a kind concept car so long it deteriorated, lost all value, and then sell it? Kinda stupid isn't it. The 1954 Mercury XM800

Above as restored, below as found

variety of ambulances

Cool old police vehicles and motorcycles