Saturday, July 04, 2009

1947 Franay Bugatti

from the Paris Fair in 1948, a powerful Bentley with special bodywork by Franay, the car seems to have disappeared without trace.

Has to be a homemade trailer... cute! (I was corrected... see below)

The trailer is of east european origin, polish or czech. Its originally intended for motorcycles, and you can see one that carries motorcycles here:

Innovative way to change the axle.. making do with what you have to achieve what you need to accomplish

interesting variety of advertising

both of these are South African

cool unusual aircraft

U S Airforce prototype, the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar

1956 Goodyear GA468 Inflatoplane

Fiat prototype

A couple of Burnelli aircraft

weekly dose of trains (not exactly every 7 days, but I'm not taking these photos, just posting what I find)

Via: Pixdaus

Found around the corner from my girlfriends apartment, reminded me to ask you, what's in your neighborhood?

I'm not very good at identifying the shoebox Fords by year... but I think this is a 1950 Custom

Lost to yesteryear, only known to us by photographs

It was called an Auto wash bowl (right there in the photo) and probably existed until the modern car wash idea. this photo is in Chicago, 1924... and they probably used this method to get the horse crap off the bottom of the cars is my best guess

1916 Chevrolet board track racer at the velodrome. You've probably never heard of a velodrome, or board track racing. Both were made obsolete when modern paving was invented.

Bizarre stuff

1939 antarctic special cruiser

Ron Elizada with a 1962 Willys zip van, after a tour as a mail delivery van in Anaheim in 1974.

the 1956 Dodge La Femme

the Futureliner exhibit and rolling display bus

1946 Detroit golden Jubilee Buick parade float

A variety of cool vehicles and stuff I wanted to show you that I got from

1939 Labourdette Rolls Royce Phantom

1969 Mercury Cyclone Gt 500 ( it's the first and only time I've ever heard of it)
A Divco dairy truck from Garden Grove

the ELC10 made by GM in Stockholm during WW2, electric powered

Good looking to me, and one of the later Edsels. Already doomed by the first run, but they did get a couple good looking designs before they were killed off. Marten commented that the 1960 Edsel is one of only 76 convertibles produced, supposedly the only one outside US.

Very cool instrument cluster and steering wheel design, in a Panhard Dyna Z1, a very exciting car built in all aluminum.

Via: is the blog of Marten, who commented that the electric three wheeler was labeled model ELC10. General Motors Nordiska is name the scandinavian GM branch in Stockholm that built these during wartime, when all other civilian production was halted. They also built a couple of electric truck prototypes. Rrad the comments for Marten's unabridged writing.
Thanks for the corrections and aditional information Marten! I believe you must be the Svammelsurium.blogg website, and I compliment your extensive coverage of cool automotive stuff! Great blog!

Once there was a guy who lost his mind and tried to make a car that was the safest thing on the road... and this is how ridiculous it ended up looking

1956-57 Cornell Aurora and Liberty safety cars

Rare and unusual cool vehicles

1899 Hautier

1908 Delaunay Belleville Tourer

1911 Aberdonia Park Royal Landau

1912 Opel Coupe Special "The Egg"
1913 Peugeot Type 150 labourdette

1935 Auburn 851 Supercharged speedster

1937 Adler Autobahn

1939 Pontiac transparent exhibit for the marvels of the new invention "Acrylic"

1944 Minneapolis Moline Udxl prototype jeep for us military contract proposal

1948 Jp Wimille

1951 Ghia Exner Bugatti Type 101

1955 Cadillac Viewmaster

1958 Jeep FC van prototype

1960 Cadillac wagon

1966 Pontiac Gran Prix prototype pickup