Thursday, August 08, 2013

not often I find a old Jeep truck (Commanche I think they were named) at a car show

some cool photos from Stiff Speed

these are some really unusual vehicles in these photos, a VW mini van with a fifth wheel, and that very unusual 5th wheel hot rod / dragster I posted a couple years ago, in 2011

above photo developed in Apr 1962

those are very subtle differences!

A Ferrari Dino 246 GTS being unearthed from the front yard of 1137 W. 119th St. Los Angeles. February 1978

and wow, the 1970's\ in full groovy van lovin swing!

for a ton more cool photos:

Sunday, August 04, 2013

1954 Kenworth fire engine of Vista FD

great Mercury Marauder... I don't think I can recall seeing this year and body style. Very similar to a Lincoln grill

very damn flat! the hood scoop is from a 71 Mustang I think the owner said

looks like the small gauges are aftermarket, well done!

the flag is the same one Mercury used on the Cyclone

as found

first time I've seen the air filter decal used with the fender badge, cool idea

biggest Road Runner display I've seen

Sidecar icecream still doing good business

haven't seen this Barnfind 911 in two years, but now it has a story board

new accessory for a car show exhibit, a stock certificate, pretty cool

Best signature in a General Lee? Catherine Bach's

Coolest woodfired pizza around, an old fire engine that can come to events

I found the regular hang out of this pizza truck a couple months ago while walking around: