Wednesday, January 03, 2007

These just mean business

The Lucas Oil dragster on display at the San Diego Auto Show, Convention Center, 2nd floor

A Terraplane dash, and cool speedo

One of a kind dash, the Tucker. On the far right, the radio... nice touch on the selector buttons

1963 Harley Topper (scooter), and trail bike

Cool rear window decal

Why I admire Will Ferrell

The guy co wrote the movie, and had two tributes that most people wouldn't notice, and probably some I missed.

First the dad's Chevelle is a tribute to Smokey Yunick, it's Smokey's black and gold, and number 13... Smokey put that number on most or all of his cars. Second, the car Will drives in the beginning of the movie is a "strawberry douche Chevy Monte Carlo" tribute to "Larry the Cable Guy" from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie